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Last updated on June 6, 2024

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LIFVER Anti-Scratch Marble Round Coasters, Set Of 6

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Anti-Scratch Marble Round Coasters, Set Of 6

You can use these coasters with just about any type of drink, including water, iced tea, fruit smoothies, beer and coffee. The set includes six coasters, each of which is decorated using an elegant marble pattern. A black metal coaster holder is also provided to keep the coasters neat and organized when not in use.

Overall Take

Most VersatileIn addition to being water-absorbent, these coasters are also outfitted with a cork backing that won't scratch your tables or countertops.

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JIC Gem Natural Agate Coasters, Set Of 4


Natural Agate Coasters, Set Of 4

If you love nature and appreciate the beauty within a stone, you'll want to snap up this coaster set. Although the coasters have a rough natural edge, we like that the company does supply rubber bumpers you can use at no extra cost. No two coasters are the same, and you'll love the elegant look that the polished finish provides. It is important to ...

Overall Take

Elegant AppearanceAdd a touch of elegance to your living area with this coaster set made from polished stone.

 Strong Contender

Teocera Mosaic Anti-Scratch Drink Coasters, Set Of 6


Mosaic Anti-Scratch Drink Coasters, Set Of 6

Add some color to your tabletop while also protecting the table's surface with this coaster set. Not only are these coasters affordable, but they also feature a frosted glaze that covers the artistic designs to protect the pattern from fading. The cork backing is also a plus, as it grips to surfaces to prevent spills without leaving any marks behin...

Overall Take

Easy To CleanThanks to the frosted glaze surface, these drink coasters can be cleaned in minutes with just a little water and a washcloth.

  The Best Value

Decopom Natural Cork Coasters, Set Of 16


Natural Cork Coasters, Set Of 16

These coasters come easily organized in the provided metal coastal holder. The coasters consist of 100% real cork, known for its absorbency. The cork collects moisture from iced beverages and also acts as a heat insulator, keeping your drinks hot in between sips.

Overall Take

100% Real CorkThese coasters come with a metal coaster holder to keep you organized.

Buying Guide

If you’re like most, your living room has end tables made of wood or a coffee table with a glass top. Let’s say one of your children comes along and places a cold soda on the end table. Before you know it, the sweat from the soda can has left a white ring on your beautiful end table. Picture another family member setting a coffee mug down on the glass table, but when they pick it up again, they’ve accidentally scratched the surface.

Simplemost Media

These scenarios are all too common, but there’s a simple solution. A set of coasters will protect your furniture while also giving you peace of mind. When you start your search for the perfect coaster set, consider the size of the cup or mug you plan on using with the coaster set. Smaller 3-inch coasters are better for tall glasses and children’s cups, while larger 4-inch coasters are ideal for beer mugs and oversized coffee cups.

Check what materials are used to make the coasters. Some models have cork backing, while Decopom Natural Cork Coasters are made entirely of cork. Cork has good traction and is excellent for preventing drinks from sliding across a surface and spilling. It’s also an excellent heat insulator, which means it will help keep your cup of tea hot. If the material isn’t cork, make sure that it at least provides protection against scratches.

Simplemost Media

Make sure the coaster has an absorbent outer layer that collects condensation and keeps spills from landing on the table. The Teocera Drink Coasters have a top ceramic layer that is very absorbent. They are also coated with a frosted glaze to protect the pattern underneath and to make it easy to clean up any moisture.

Take your style into consideration. If you’re an avid rock collector, you’ll enjoy the JIC Gem Natural Agate Coaster set. This set is made from real stone. Users have a choice of enjoying the set in its natural state or adding a rubber bumper to keep the coasters from slipping on a tabletop. Other coaster sets are available with artistic patterns, themed images and plain colors.

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Finally, consider a coaster set that has something extra to offer. For example, the Decopom Natural Cork Coasters come with a handy metal coaster holder. This makes storing the coasters when not in use a breeze.

What to Look For

  • Beware of coasters that contain dye. The dye can leak out and may cause a stain when it comes into contact with certain liquids. Always dry this type of coaster with a paper towel immediately if it gets wet.
  • If you get a little soda, coffee or tea on your coaster, you’ll need to clean it. How you clean it depends on the type of material the coaster is made out of, so check your product label for any special cleaning instructions. In general, slate coasters can be washed with dish soap and water, while sandstone should be flushed with water and scrubbed lightly with baking soda. If the coaster is made out of marble, stick with a cleaner that is labeled safe for use on marble.
  • You can actually make a set of coasters with your kids. Start off with a set of ceramic tiles. Choose a photo, decorative piece of scrapbook paper or picture from a magazine that you’d like to use and cut it to fit over the tile. Glue the image to the tile. Cover the top of the image with glue and wait for it to dry. Add a second layer and when that layer dries, finish with a layer of varnish.
  • When examining the price for a set of coasters, you must first look at the number of coasters in the set, and then consider the materials and designs used to make the set. The Decopom Natural Cork Coasters is quite affordable in price. The JIC Gem Natural Agate Coaster collection is worth the most, even though it has the least number of coasters, because the set is constructed from precious stones.

More to Explore

Coasters have been around for more than 100 years. The first design was actually disposable and created by the German printing company Friedrich Horn in 1880. Back then, coasters were referred to as “beermats,” and they were mainly used in bars. It didn’t take long for reusable coasters to make an appearance, and today, these coasters are used in restaurants, homes and offices, not just in taverns.

Did you know that there were so many people who began to collect coasters that a special name was created for them? If you are a coaster collector, you are referred to as a tegestologist. This name is even listed in the dictionary!

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