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The Best Keychain Accessories For Women

Last updated on December 1, 2020
Best Keychain Accessories For Women

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Your keys are likely the most essential item you carry with you when you leave the house. Unless you have just one key, you probably have a keyring to hold everything. But that keyring can easily become bulky over even a short period of time, leading you to question what all those accessories really do.

There are some accessories that can actually prove useful. Some can even save your life. A small can of pepper spray, for instance, or a metal pointed stick can give you a little extra security if you’re ever in an isolated area and feel unsafe. Still others can serve useful purposes like preventing germs or holding your favorite essential oils.

Since a keychain is something you probably always have on you, it can be convenient to add an accessory or two that you’re likely to use. However, keep in mind that every item you add increases the weight and bulk of your keychain. Not only will you have to carry all of this around, but you’ll find that you have a hard time sorting through it all to find the key you need. If you need multiple accessories, but that need varies, consider keeping one or two of those accessories in your glove compartment to switch out as the situation merits.

Our Picks For The Top Keychain Accessory For Women

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Our Take
 Pepper Spray Pick

SABRE Red Pepper Spray Keychain

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Red Pepper Spray Keychain

This keychain conceals a ½ oz can of pepper spray that has an impressive 10-foot range. The pepper spray also includes dye that will make it easy to spot a fleeing suspect. You'll also get links to free training videos that will help you learn self-defense te...

Overall Take

Concealed ProtectionThis pepper spray comes in an attractive keychain design that protects you without making it obvious you're carrying protectant around.

 Stylish Pick

Gaocar Auto Parts Leather Mercedes Benz Car Key Case

Gaocar Auto Parts

Leather Mercedes Benz Car Key Case

Genuine leather helps keep your key fob safe from scratches and other damage while also preventing you accidentally activating your vehicle's controls. The design doesn't block the RFID signal, so you can still use the features that work when the key is within...

Overall Take

Mercedes Key Fob ProtectorThis zippered pouch protects your key fob while also preventing accidental unlocking and locking when you're near your car.

 Great for Hand Sanitizer

Boao Travel Plastic Clear Keychain Bottles, 20-Count


Travel Plastic Clear Keychain Bottles, 20-Count

You'll get 20 plastic containers, each with a hook that you can attach to your keychain, gym bag, purse or other surface. Each 1.69-ounce container has a leak-proof design, perfect for holding essential oils, hand sanitizer, lotions or other essentials. The op...

Overall Take

Refillable Plastic ContainersKeep your favorite liquids nearby at all times with this set of 20 refillable plastic containers.

What to Look For

  • Make sure you occasionally conduct an inventory of all of the keys on your ring. You’ll be surprised how many you’ll find that you don’t need anymore.
  • If you opt to go with a keychain accessory for self-defense purposes, be mindful of the dangers they pose. If you have young children around, you’ll likely want to keep your keychain out of reach.
  • Pepper spray has an expiration date. Even if it hasn’t expired yet, though, experts recommend testing it every three months or so. To test it, take it outdoors on a non-windy day and press the spray button for about half a second. Keep in mind, every time you test it, there will be a little less liquid in the can, so you’ll need to buy a new one periodically even if it hasn’t expired.
  • Some jurisdictions have laws against certain types of self-defense devices. Even if your area doesn’t have a law against the type of accessory you have, keep in mind that law enforcement may scrutinize it. If you use it in a way that falls under the definition of possessing instruments of crime, prohibited offensive weapons or use of force, you could get into trouble.

More to Explore

At one time, one of the most popular keychain accessories was a lucky rabbit’s foot. To be truly lucky, though, the foot had to be a genuine foot taken from a rabbit. Obviously, that practice is now controversial, so you’re less likely to see it on a friend’s keychain as you would have been decades ago. If the person bought it from a gift shop or vending machine, it is far more likely to be fake than real, anyway.

But many don’t realize that the original superstition surrounding rabbit’s feet had far more stipulations than that it was genuine. It had to be the left hind foot, the rabbit had to have either been captured or killed in a cemetery and the foot had to have been cut off on a Friday.