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The Best Toddler Hat & Mitten Set

Last updated on June 10, 2021
Best Toddler Hat & Mitten Set

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Our Picks For The Top Toddler Hat & Mitten Sets

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Alepo Fleece Lined Toddler Hat & Mitten Set

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Fleece Lined Toddler Hat & Mitten Set

Thanks to the thick fleece in this set, your little one will stay nice and warm. The premium construction material is eco-friendly and super soft, so it won't irritate sensitive skin. Kids will not only love the style of the beanie, but also how well it fits.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this set comes in a choice of eight colors, including pink, black, blue, purple and beige.

 Disney Pick

Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Hat & Mitten Set


Minnie Mouse Toddler Hat & Mitten Set

If your little ones are fans of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, then this set is an excellent choice. The hats feature a picture of the Disney character, while the gloves spell out the character's name. Optional color patterns include red and black, black and pink, and pink, blue and yellow.

Overall Take

Durable Acrylic Knit You can order this set with either a bow or a pom pom on top.


GZMM Toddler Winter Hat Scarf & Mitten Set


Toddler Winter Hat Scarf & Mitten Set

The outer material used to make this set is a fashionable knitting. Inside, you'll find a warm and soft cotton lining. The hat itself doubles as a scarf and features an opening to fit your little one's eyes, nose and mouth.

Overall Take

Built-In ScarfThis set's elasticity allows for a comfortable fit that also keeps cold air out.

 Cute Critters

ABG Accessories Toddler Girls’ Critter Hat & Mittens Set

ABG Accessories

Toddler Girls' Critter Hat & Mittens Set

Matching this set to your child's jacket is a breeze, as the set is available in multiple colors. Each hat and pair of mittens also features a cute critter, like an owl, unicorn or koala bear. An extra pair of mittens is included with every purchase.

Overall Take

Adorable Animal DesignsIn addition to the durable acrylic knit exterior, this set features a soft inner micro-fleece.

Buying Guide

If you live in an area of the country where winters are cold, you already know the value of a good pair of gloves. For parents, though, it isn’t just about keeping your own hands warm. You have to worry about the other members of your household, including your littlest family members, as well as their little ears.

Although adults typically choose gloves for everyday use, mittens actually keep your hands warmer. Your fingers generate heat inside the mittens, promoting warmth. If you’re skiing or participating in outdoor sports, mittens will often be a better option, but as you’re going from home to work and back, you probably need your fingers to be flexible enough to easily grab on to things like your keys and your car door handle.

For toddlers, though, that flexibility isn’t nearly as important. That’s why you’ll more often see mittens on kids rather than gloves. But the same challenges can apply, especially if your little ones are heading outside to play in the snow. Fortunately, you can find many toddler hat and mitten sets on the market today that include features like finger and palm grips.

In addition to being able to grab onto things, though, you should consider how well the mittens will insulate hands against the cold. Insulation that provides warmth without adding bulk is ideal, but also pay attention to whether the mitten is waterproof. Otherwise, you could find your child’s hands get wet while playing in snow.

What to Look For

  • You’ll notice as you start looking at toddler hat and mitten sets that there are two major options for sizing. As with clothing, you can choose between small, medium and large sizes, but that limits your choices. Mittens that provide specific sizing will let you measure your child’s hand, match it to the online size chart and find a more comfortable fit.
  • Getting winterwear on and off can be a huge hassle for parents. Many toddler hat and mitten sets today are built in a way that makes it easy to get them on and off, even if your child isn’t making it easy.
  • Mittens can easily slip off once they’re on. Many mittens come with elastic or a strap that holds them snugly in place, even on smaller wrists and arms.
  • Pay attention to whether the mitten will slide snugly under the arm of your child’s coat. While playing outdoors in the winter, it can be easy for snow to slide underneath the sleeve of the coat.
  • Keeping up with two mittens can be challenging. Some mittens are attached with an anti-lost string to ensure they stay together.
  • Reflector strips on your mittens can ensure that you can find them even if you’re searching for them at night or in foggy conditions.

More to Explore

The history of mittens has been traced as far back as the 19th century, when mittens were made from buffalo leather, as well as possible buffalo hide. During that era, driving meant navigating a coach or sleigh, which required spending hours at a time outdoors in unbearably cold weather. Drivers are believed to have worn mittens that were long enough to stretch over their coat sleeves to keep both hands and forearms warm. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of mitten history is connected to a Latvian tradition where newly-married women were gifted a hope chest containing hundreds of mittens. The mittens would feature a wide variety of patterns, and those patterned mittens live on today in museums.

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