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The Best Men’s Bracelet

Last updated on October 11, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Men's Bracelets

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 Top Pick

M MOOHAM Adjustable Cord Beaded Men’s Bracelets, 3-Piece

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Adjustable Cord Beaded Men's Bracelets, 3-Piece

Coming in a pack of three, these bracelets feature natural beads and have a string that makes it easy to adjust the fit. They're comfortable, and you can use essential oils on the beads for a pleasant scent and relaxation.

Overall Take

Multifunctional ChoiceYou get fashion and functionality with these beaded bracelets that double as an aromatherapy tool.

 Runner Up

Jstyle Assorted Designs Braided Leather Men’s Bracelets, 12-Piece


Assorted Designs Braided Leather Men's Bracelets, 12-Piece

This pack of 12 bracelets offers a unique look with a variety of thick woven styles. They're mostly brown or black and look like leather. You can adjust them for a proper fit.

Overall Take

Unique DesignsYou'll find this set ideal if you prefer vintage bracelets, dark colors and bulkier jewelry.

 We Also Like

Hanpabum Assorted Beaded & Braided Leather Men’s Bracelets, 18-Piece


Assorted Beaded & Braided Leather Men's Bracelets, 18-Piece

With three collection options available, this set gives you 18 bracelets that adjust and come in various beaded and woven styles. Two collections have more natural colors, while the other features more colorful options.

Overall Take

Diverse SelectionThis set is a great option if you'd like to build a collection with multiple bracelet styles.

 Strong Contender

TIGERSTAR Natural Stone Beaded Men’s Bracelets, 5-Piece


Natural Stone Beaded Men's Bracelets, 5-Piece

This set comes with five bracelets with different types of natural beads that have unique colors and textures. They contain a stretchy cord for a custom fit. You also get a velvet bag to store them in.

Overall Take

Stylish and CasualIf you'd like causal bracelets made of a natural material, this set is a stylish choice.

Buying Guide

If you want something interesting to wear beyond a watch, men’s bracelets remain a trendy choice. Many styles exist to match your wardrobe choices for work, special events and everyday wear. You can choose small bracelets that blend in with any clothes, or go bold to make an otherwise simple outfit stand out. Building a collection of men’s bracelets will leave you with many options to express your personality and fashion sense.

Metal bracelets made of stainless steel, gold or silver remain a classic choice if you’d like something versatile. These are often elegant enough for special occasions and work and come in both dainty and thick styles. If you’d like a low-profile men’s bracelet, consider opting for a simple chain with or without a charm. If you like convenience, a cuff is easy to put on, comfortable and comes in styles with engraving and gemstones as well.

If you prefer something more casual or suitable for sports, the silicone wristband is a popular bracelet style that simply slides on your hand. These bracelets tend to come in a large selection of colors and patterns. You can also choose from options with common slogans that suit different themes and occasions. Not only are these bracelets usually durable and comfortable, but they often come in multipacks to give you variety too. 

Woven and beaded men’s bracelets are good options when you especially want a unique look. These come in both single- and multiple-color styles to fit your tastes, and they often slide on easily or are adjustable for a custom fit. Woven styles range from simple ropes to intricate braided patterns made of leather. You can choose from beaded bracelets made of both natural and synthetic beads, and some options are even designed for use with essential oils.

When buying any of these common bracelet types, make sure you consider the fit and your comfort. You should know your wrist’s measurement and allow for around half an inch additional room so the bracelet won’t be too tight. Choosing an adjustable bracelet is a great choice if you prefer flexibility. Plus, when you find a bracelet that’s sized appropriately, check its weight so you don’t get something that feels too heavy to wear throughout the day.

What to Look For

  • While wearing a single bracelet is always fine, feel free to mix things up and stack multiple bracelets. This works best if you choose a few bracelets that look like they go together and aren’t so large that they appear overwhelming in multiples. 
  • You’ll create a more symmetrical look if you just stick to wearing bracelets on just one arm. If you decide to wear some on both, try to at least evenly distribute them.
  • Wearing bracelets alongside your men’s watch is fine, but be careful to not choose a style that could scratch up your watch. For example, a metal bracelet could especially cause damage, but a silicone wristband likely won’t.
  • If you plan to wear men’s bracelets to work, make sure it’s safe and allowed considering your typical daily activities. If you work in construction and handle dangerous power tools, you should leave your jewelry at home since it could get caught in some equipment and cause a serious injury. Other jobs where you get your hands dirty or rub your wrist against things can simply ruin your bracelets.
  • Consider getting a jewelry box or specialized bracelet holder if you plan to own several bracelets. Doing so will help protect your bracelets from damage and tangles as well as make it convenient to locate them. If you only plan to own a bracelet or two, you could just use any original box provided. 
  • Since men’s bracelets accumulate sweat and dirt over time, expect to wash yours periodically. Specific cleaning instructions depend on what the materials the bracelet contains, but a mild soap and some water often handle the job safely. It’s also a good idea to keep your bracelets cleaner in the first place and not apply creams, lotions or other substances while you wear them.
  • Make sure you don’t have an allergy to any of the bracelet’s materials. Costume jewelry containing nickel can give you a rash if you’re sensitive to that material, while gold and silver are other common allergies.

More to Explore

Take a look at some interesting facts about bracelets:

  • Men were actually the first to wear jewelry in ancient times. Even the Neanderthal men likely wore bracelets, but they had to get creative and use natural materials such as animal teeth.
  • Back in 2008, discoverers uncovered a 40,000-year-old Russian bracelet made of stone.
  • While most men wear bracelets for fashion now, these jewelry accessories have had special meanings over time. For example, the ancient Greeks used bracelets for protection, while other cultures wore gold bracelets to demonstrate their wealth. People today may wear bracelets to show love or friendship or to remember an important life event.

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