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Last updated on January 12, 2023

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Scully Cotton Canvas & Corduroy Men’s Duster Coat

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Cotton Canvas & Corduroy Men's Duster Coat

This loose-fitting duster coat runs large and has plenty of room. It is made from cotton and is machine washable. The coat features corduroy cuffs and a corduroy collar.

Overall Take

Loose FittingThis duster coat runs large and has plenty of room.

 Runner Up

Jacket Collection Wax Coated Leather Men’s Duster Coat

Jacket Collection

Wax Coated Leather Men’s Duster Coat

This sleek duster coat is made from 100 percent sheepskin leather. It features a button closure and is not belted. The coat is dry clean only.

Overall Take

Sleek LookThis duster coat is made from 100 percent sheepskin leather.

 We Also Like

Outback Trading Windproof & Waterproof Unisex Duster Coat

Outback Trading

Windproof & Waterproof Unisex Duster Coat

This highly portable duster coat can be folded and zipped into a backpack. It is waterproof and also protects against cold temperatures. The coat features a moisture-wicking lining.

Overall Take

Highly PortableThis duster coat can be folded and zipped into a backpack.

 Strong Contender

Acerugs Oilskin Waterproof Men’s Duster Coat


Oilskin Waterproof Men’s Duster Coat

This duster coat has an interesting silhouette with a cape attached to the back and shoulders. It is made with waterproof materials and has a cotton lining. The coat features adjustable cuffs and a button closure.

Overall Take

Interesting SilhouetteThis duster coat has a cape on the back and shoulders.

Buying Guide

Winter outerwear isn’t always easy to choose. Puffer coats can be bulky and thick, while bombers don’t exactly help to keep your bottom half warm. Some winter jackets look frumpy and inelegant, but that’s not the case with the duster coat. This is a style of outerwear that is timeless, sophisticated and an essential for a cold-weather wardrobe.

What is a duster coat, exactly, and how did it get its name? The key identifying feature of a duster coat is that it is long. Originally, they were floor length, designed to keep the clothes away from outside dust and debris (hence the name, duster). Nowadays, while duster coats are still longer than knee length, they typically don’t quite make it to the ground. Instead, they are often at mid-calf or ankle level.

Duster jackets are usually made from wool, canvas or leather, and sometimes can be made from a combination of materials including cotton and polyester. They are not often belted at the waist, and have button closures down the center of the coat. Some duster coats have a wide lapel and collar while others have a narrower one.

These coats can make any winter outfit looks formal and elegant. From chunky sweaters to sweatpants, if you throw a duster coat on top, the style is instantly transformed into something tasteful and sophisticated. The duster coat creates a long, lean and simple silhouette that looks great at any occasion.

What to Look For

  • Length is a key aspect to consider when choosing a duster coat. Traditionally, duster coats went down all the way to the ground, but that’s not the case any more. Some people prefer the long duster coat, but others are happy with an ankle-level or mid-calf level coat. Be sure to consider your footwear when selecting the length of coat you want, especially if you like to wear heels. The height of your heels will somewhat change where the length of the coat lands.
  • A unique feature on some duster coats is the small cape on the back. Originally, this small cape helped protect horse riders from wind, rain and other natural elements, adding a little bit of extra cover. Today, the cape adds more style than function, but gives the duster coat an interesting and old-school look.
  • Is a duster coat the same as a trench coat? While the two outerwear styles do have many similarities, they are not the same. Key differences are that trench coats are often belted at the waist and have a slimmer fit than dusters, which are typically looser and unbelted.
  • When it comes to closures, duster coats typically have three or four buttons down the center of the coat. Some modern duster coats don’t have any buttons or closures at all, and the coat is designed to remain open in the front. While this looks unique from a style standpoint, it doesn’t do much to keep you warm against the elements.
  • If you like having space for your essentials in your coat, opt for a duster with deep pockets on the sides. This way, you can keep things like your phone, wallet, gloves and other important items in there. Some duster coats also have inner pockets as well.

More to Explore

How do you style a duster coat? It all depends on the look you’re going for. If you want something more formal and elegant, opt for boots with a high heel, a silk scarf and leather gloves. For those who prefer something more relaxed and casual, you can wear skate shoes and a toque. When it comes to what to wear under a duster coat, anything goes. The coat covers practically everything up till the ankles, so in many cases you cannot see what the outfit looks like underneath.

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