Tiny home with a spiral staircase in a backyard

This Home Depot tiny home kit has a spiral staircase and is under $40K

Marie Rossiter  |  June 14, 2024

This handy starter kit include all the nuts and bolts you'd need to set up the frame of this 540-square-foot-home.

woman putting on lip balm

The best tinted lip balms for moisturizing aging lips

Marie Rossiter  |  June 11, 2024

Experts share their favorite tinted lip balms that can freshen your lip color while providing moisturizing benefits.

Vegetables and tofu kebab grilling on grid grille with fresh corn, viewed in close-up against green lawn grass in background

Best portable grills for grilling on the go

Danielle Smyth  |  June 10, 2024

Bigger than a hibachi, these are great for camping, beach days and tailgating. We round up the best charcoal, gas, and fire pit grills.

air tag and tile tracker

AirTags and Tile trackers will change the way you travel

Emily O'Brien  |  June 6, 2024

AirTags act as tiny beacons of hope, tracking your luggage in case it goes off course, and giving you back some control.

boy swimming in pool

How to protect your skin from chlorine and other pool chemicals

Emily O'Brien  |  May 30, 2024

These highly-rated pre-swim barrier creams and chlorine removers for face and body can lessen the dry and itchy skin caused by swimming in the pool.

dog in pet bed

Cooling dog beds are a must for your pup in hot weather

Paige Cerulli  |  May 28, 2024

We asked veterinarians about what qualities to look for in cooling beds for dogs and how to use one to keep your dog safe in warm weather.

young woman in sunbathing tub

No pool? No problem with these inflatable suntan tubs

DWYM Staff  |  May 23, 2024

Sunbathing tubs are all the rage on social media. Whether you have a pool of your own or not, you're going to want to jump on the bandwagon.

Grandma's secret spot remover

Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover gets out all my kids’ clothing stains

Anna Weaver  |  May 15, 2024

Kids' clothing stains are difficult to remove, but this Amazon stain remover is about to cut through everything from chocolate to ink.

2 stanley cups

Stanley vs Yeti vs Hydro Flask vs $15 Walmart cup: which tumbler is best?

John Matarese  |  May 2, 2024

The Stanley tumbler is the hottest insulated cup right now. But is it really worth $50? We test it against the competition, including a $15 cup from Walmart.

beach tent with couple underneath in lounge chairs

This beach tent is a shady game-changer

Brittany Anas  |  May 1, 2024

While you could make do with an umbrella punctured in the sand, a beach tent tends to be the better investment for frequent beach-goers.

A spin brush sits on a counter.

Do those cleaning spin brushes work? We tried one to find out

Paige Cerulli  |  April 30, 2024

If you've seen a cleaning spin brush go viral, you're not alone, and we decided to find out if these gadgets are good as they seem.

california naturals lotion

I swear by this body wash for my skin dryness

Krissy Howard  |  April 26, 2024

Adding California Naturals Body Wash to my skincare routine helped me battle high desert dryness in a matter of seconds.

Zevo Flying Insect Trap

The Zevo Flying Insect Trap is my solution to housefly problems

Paige Cerulli  |  April 26, 2024

Do you have an unexplained housefly infestation you can't get rid of? Here's a product under $20 that can do the job!

shintenchi outdoor patio set

This summer’s top-rated outdoor furniture sets

Emily O'Brien  |  April 18, 2024

From wicker to wrought-iron, if you're looking for an outdoor furniture set, these beloved Amazon options are what you need.

Featured Image of 5-outlet extender from Amazon

This $13 outlet extender makes space for all your electronics

Marie Rossiter  |  April 16, 2024

If you've got everything from a cellphone to a laptop to a speaker to plug in, this handy gadget can get you even more outlet space.

Tibet Almond Stick

We put this viral wood scratch fixer to the test

Amy Barnes  |  April 16, 2024

The Tibet Almond Stick went viral, but is it really all that? Our writer tried it on everything from deep scratches to superficial damage.

A linkchef immersion blender is arranged on a counter, and the blender is used to create salsa.

We tried a 5-in-1 immersion blender to see if it really does it all

Krissy Howard  |  April 9, 2024

This immersion blender claims to froth, chop and more, but does it actually do what it says? This surprising gadget might be a must-have.

woman putting on eye cream

How to find the best eye cream for getting rid of dark circles

Marsha Badger  |  April 8, 2024

Should you use caffeine? What about vitamin C? We spoke with dermatologists to help you find the best eye cream for your skin.

We tried a perfume subscription service to see if it saved money

Brittany Anas  |  April 5, 2024

Scentbird, the subscription service that lets you test-drive perfumes, might just be the most cost-effective way to switch up your scent.

Light green garden shed with windows in front of a fence

We found the best storage sheds thanks to advice from the experts

Paige Cerulli  |  April 4, 2024

From options as low as $100 to vertical designs that save space, these are our picks for the best storage sheds thanks to expert input.

shower chair and mini ramp

Here’s what you need for aging in place, according to industry experts

Marsha Badger  |  April 4, 2024

For those planning for retirement and aging, experts offer helpful tips on what small home upgrades can make a difference for aging in place.

vegetable chopper coallage

Does this veggie chopper really save time? We found out for you

Fiona Tapp  |  April 3, 2024

The Fullstar Vegetable Chopper is an internet favorite product, so we tested it and decided it's particularly handy for some key cooking jobs.

A variety of pill organizers

The best pill organizers, the easiest way to never miss a dose

Krissy Howard  |  April 1, 2024

From wooden, easy-open options to day and night options, these pill organizers will help keep you on top of your medications.

collage of always pans

Is the Always Pan 2.0 worth the price? We tried it to find out

Marie Rossiter  |  April 1, 2024

The Always Pan is known for its 10-in-1 cooking capabilities, so our writer did everything from braising to sautéing to test it out.

soda saver

Gadget claims to keep soda from going flat so we put it to the test

Krissy Howard  |  March 28, 2024

The Jokari Pump & Pour claims to keep soda from going flat, so we put it to the test. Turns out, this little gadget might be worth the $8.

FlexiSpot chair

I tried an ergonomic office chair for my chronic back pain

Kaitlin Gates  |  March 28, 2024

Our writer tested out the Flexispot C7 Ergonomic Office Chair for two weeks for chronic back pain, and it might just be worth your money.

Caraway pan collage

Caraway cookware review: Is the set worth it?

Brittany Anas  |  March 28, 2024

From sautéing to baking, our writer tested Caraway cookware and bakeware for a whole year to let you know if it's worth the price.

cooling sheets collage

How to pick the best sheets for hot sleepers

Fiona Tapp  |  March 27, 2024

From bamboo sheets to percale, we spoke with experts to help find the best cooling sheets with some options priced as low as $35.

BugMD Zap Trap

This 2-in-1 LED light and bug zapper is perfect for your patio

Kaitlin Gates  |  March 27, 2024

If you need to keep the bugs away but also want some ambient lighting for your patio, this two-in-one LED bug zapper can do both under $40.

Cupshe clothing

Is Cupshe legit? Here’s what you need to know

Patricia Kaowthumrong  |  March 25, 2024

We ordered five items for just $123 from Cupshe, and here's what we thought about this affordable fashion brand.

Hoka and brooks sneakers side by side

Hoka vs. Brooks: Here’s what we think about each running shoe

Jennifer Graham Kizer  |  March 22, 2024

From stack height to cushioning, we tested Hoka and Brooks running shoes side-by-side for a month to find out which shoes come out on top.

Method All Purpsoe Cleaner, Shark Vacuum, and Clorox spray cleaner

Experts told us the cleaning tools they can’t live without

Krissy Howard  |  March 18, 2024

From a grease-targeting cleaner to a solution for your pet hair problem, these expert-recommended cleaning tools can make the difference.

Birkenstock collage

9 Birkenstock alternatives that cost less

Amy Barnes  |  March 14, 2024

Birkenstocks are great shoes with signature styling, but they can be pricey. If you want a similar look at a lower price, try these options.

3 cool pajama sets

The best cooling pajamas for hot flashes

Jennifer Graham Kizer  |  March 8, 2024

These PJs are great for menopause as they utilize moisture-wicking fabrics, lightweight materials, and innovative designs to keep you sweat-free.

Young woman with hair loss problem indoors, closeup

The best hair growth products for women, according to experts

Jennifer Graham Kizer  |  March 8, 2024

Hair loss in women is a common, yet worrisome condition. Here are some hair growth products you can use to treat your thinning hair.

Furbo pet camera and dog

This dog mom gave us her honest review of her Furbo pet camera

Taylor Kuether  |  March 7, 2024

Furbo, a home monitoring camera company made specifically for dogs, offers real-time updates, a clear video feed and even tosses treats.

Man looking at GPS watch

Keep your loved ones safe with the best GPS trackers for seniors

Jennifer Graham Kizer  |  March 4, 2024

Learn what medical experts recommend and the top features to look for in the best GPS tracking devices available to keep seniors safe.

viral tiny home

Take a look inside this viral tiny house that you can buy on Amazon

Kaitlin Gates  |  March 1, 2024

Looking to add a guest house, in-law suite or home office to your property? This tiny house has two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom.

These Cushionarie slides are great for people with plantar fasciitis

Marie Rossiter  |  February 23, 2024

The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Don't Waste Your Money may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.Nothing beats…

tan Bearaby blanket

I sleep with a Bearaby weighted blanket every night and here’s why

Anna Weaver  |  February 14, 2024

The Bearaby Napper offers all the benefits of a weighted blanket. It's also sustainable, attractive, breathable and cozy.

Rackets and balls for playing pickleball at the sports net on the court. 3D rendering

10 Of The Best Pickleball Shoes, According To Experts

Anna Lane  |  February 5, 2024

The best pickleball shoes for all types of players and courts include Nike, Asics, New Balance, Adidas, and more.

Best Products To Stop Hair Loss And Thinning Hair

Best products to stop hair loss and thinning hair, according to doctors

Piper Louden  |  January 26, 2024

If you've worried about thinning hair and hair loss, these doctor-recommended products could help ease your fears.

Best Walking Shoes For Foot Pain, According To Podiatrists

Best Walking Shoes For Foot Pain, According To Podiatrists

Piper Louden  |  January 24, 2024

If you're looking for walking shoes that'll keep you comfortable, these podiatrist-recommended options are some of the best.

Affordable Luggage

The Best Affordable Luggage, According To People Who Always Travel

Laura Bradley  |  January 23, 2024

From bags for quick trips to luggage for international flights, these pieces of affordable luggage will get you where you need to go.

Best Coffee Maker

The best coffee makers for every kind of coffee drinker

Sarah Kollmorgen  |  January 16, 2024

Whether you love slow and relaxing brewing or are want an iced coffee, here are the best coffee makers no matter your preference.

7 budget-friendly alternatives to the Stanley cup

Beth Shea  |  January 12, 2024

If the original is just a little too steep for your wallet, these budget friendly Stanley cup alternatives are perfect.

Pet Vacuums

The Best Pet Vacuums That Won’t Break The Bank, According To Experts

Laura Bradley  |  January 11, 2024

If you have a furry friend, you know pet hair can be a pain, but thankfully, these expert-recommended pet vacuums can help.

Drew Barrymore with beautiful coffee maker

New Drew Barrymore coffee maker lets you grind and brew at the same time

Jennifer Graham Kizer  |  January 10, 2024

Drew Barrymore's home and kitchen brand, Beautiful, has launched a new coffee maker that's a combination brewer and grinder.

child in JetBox looking out airplane window

This amazing carry-on bag turns airplane seats into beds for kids

Bridget Sharkey  |  January 4, 2024

The JetKids BedBox by Stokke is so genius that you will wonder how you survived without it for all of these years.

The best telescopes for home use, according to star-gazing experts

Sarah Kollmorgen  |  December 4, 2023

We spoke to amateur astronomy clubs from coast to coast to identify the best telescopes for amateurs and aspiring pros alike, whether you live in the city or are just a beginner.

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