Best Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids

Best Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

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Gone are the days when schoolchildren exchanged just simple paper Valentine’s Day cards. Now, the best valentines include fun little extras, like pencils, erasers, paper airplanes and more, and they come with matching envelopes. It makes the school day that much more fun, as the kids tear open their cards to see what is inside. The Valentine’s Day card-opening turns into more of an event, with everyone checking out and playing with their new gifts. Teachers can also get in on the fun by purchasing sets for their students. It’s a great way to show children that they are special.

Things to Consider

Before buying, ask your child’s teacher how many kids are in the class. After all, you don’t want anyone to be left out. Get every child’s name, and make sure that there is a card for each. When shopping for cards, check to see if a set you’re considering is age-appropriate: Younger children may not know how to put on a temporary tattoo, while older ones might think that some cards are too babyish. You don’t want your child to be embarrassed in front of their friends on Valentine’s Day!

These cards are also a great choice if you’re shopping for your own children. Many are sold in larger sets, however, so you may be left with many extra cards if you only intend to give them to your own kids. If you think your child will especially love a character or style of a Valentine’s Day card, you can purchase the whole set, give them the card and then use the remaining cards for your little one’s school classmates next year.

Tattoo Valentines

Each yummy-looking card in the Perfect Cupcake Valentine’s Day Cards set includes a temporary tattoo and a bookmark, and kids really enjoy getting these extra surprises. This set includes 32 cards, so it is perfect for larger classes. There are eight different designs, and each one looks good enough to eat.

Valentines With Trinkets

This JOYIN Unicorn and Dinosaur valentine set comes with keychains! You get 28 valentines total (14 dinosaurs and 14 unicorns) with a matching keychain that students can hang on their backpacks.

Each card in the Peaceable Kingdom Kid Power Bracelet Valentines – 28 Card Pack includes a slap-on bracelet in a matching superhero theme. There are three different designs in this pack of 28 bracelets to let kids choose the right theme for each recipient.

Valentines with Pencils

Younger kids will love these Rainbow Unicorn Valentines. The set has 24 cards that feature four different designs. Each caticorn, unicorn, llamacorn and narwhal card also includes a bright rainbow pencil. These Valentine cards are easy to assemble; simply write the child’s name on the back and pop in the pencil.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day parties or classrooms, the JOYIN 28 Pack Assorted Valentines Day Stationery Kids Gift Set includes a stationery set for each recipient. Each individually-wrapped package includes two pencils, two erasers, one stamper and a sheet of stickers.

With these Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids, you’ll be giving more than just a card, as each one comes with a rainbow-printed pencil that gives recipients something to enjoy after they’ve read the message.

Candy Valentines

Skip the valentines with the Wonka Fun Dip Valentine Card & Candy Kit, which features packaging that allows the candies to double as cards. Simply write the name of the recipient, and then write your name in the “from” field, and you’ll have both treats and valentines for the entire class.

You can also choose your own candy and fill a valentine with anything of your you’d like with these adorable mason jar valentines.

Valentines With Toys

The JOYIN Valentine’s Cards with Foam Airplanes kit lets kids make their classmates’ Valentine’s Day soar to new heights. Each card has a clever message like “You are just plane awesome!” and includes a small soft foam airplane. The planes are easily put together, without any glue required.

Designed for ages 3 and older, Kangaroo’s Flying Paper Airplanes will delight every child in the classroom and might just be the best Valentine’s Day card for kids. The set comes with 32 paper airplane Valentines in four different designs, plus stickers. Kids love folding these up and flying them over to their friends.

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