We tested these bestselling leggings that have thousands of positive reviews, and here’s our take

Clare Taylor

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Somewhere, I’m sure there’s a line graph that shows how the need for cozy, stretchy pants rises as outside temps start to cool. And right now, that line is inching its way up. So I had to make sure my wardrobe was ready.

Being a sucker for all things comfy and stylish, I decided to find out whether the best-rated leggings on Amazon are really worthy of the high praise. With some boasting prices as low as $10.99, could they really live up to their nearly five-star ratings? I had to dig deep, so I ordered four pairs — one of each top-rated legging.

I wore each pair over the course of two weeks, rotating them and washing them between wears to test the true fit and durability of the pants. Then I took pictures — and, yes, of my backside too. Integrity is important and I know the burning question when buying internet pants is: How will my butt look? I’m here for you. And you’re welcome.

Here’s what I discovered.

Amazon Essentials Women’s Standard Skinny Stretch Pull-On Knit Jegging, $20.50

Shout out to the Amazon Essentials team for thinking of the long-legged gals like me by providing leggings available in longer sizes. On initial pull-on, these jeggings are really comfortable.

Clare Taylor

At $20.50, these are the highest-priced pants in the bunch. But they kind of remind me of the $6 Target pants I bought my children when they were toddlers. You know, those kid jeans that are actually leggings made to look like jeans for kids that refuse to wear anything but soft pants? These are those, but for grown-ups. I’m not sure if that’s a knock or a compliment, because these leggings would be glorious come the holidays. More stretch, more pie.

Clare Taylor

It’s easy to understand why nearly 500 reviewers gave these pants 4.5 stars. The color is good and the pockets easily held my cell all day. I think these are a great option when you want to look like you’re wearing real pants but don’t want to actually wear real pants.

If you purchase these, however, plan to wear with a longer sweater. The belt loops can’t make up for the fact that there’s no zipper or button so I’d personally skip the crop top.

Clare Taylor

One issue to note is that even though I purchased my typical size small, these stretched out quite a bit. Toward the end of the day when these shots were taken, there was noticeable wrinkling or gapping in the knee and back thigh area. So if you like a nice tight fit, I’d recommend sizing down.

Clare Taylor

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a legging that moonlights as a jean these are for you. They’re comfortable, cute and wash really well. Grade: B+

Leggings Depot High Waisted Leggings — Soft & Slim, $10.99

Nearly 12,000 Amazon reviewers have sung the praise of these leggings, and I have to agree with them. These pants by Leggings Depot are worth every penny. And at $10.99, you don’t have to spend that many pennies to get them! After wearing and experiencing the quality of the other leggings in this trial, these were my favorite.

This pair has some weight to them, and they’re soft, but not I-feel-naked soft. Forget the pants made from tiny kittens. This fabric feels nice but also thick enough that people won’t think I’m wearing pajama pants.

Clare Taylor

I am almost exclusively a black leggings kind of girl, but this burgundy pair is really cute, and the color is as advertised. Bright, but not too bright, and a perfect little pop of color.

The waist on these pants is high. If I had to find a complaint, it might be that the band is a little thin. I usually prefer a thicker band, but I had zero issues with comfort.

I have long legs and the length of these one-size pants fit me just right. These pants don’t bunch or sag and I feel secure in all the right places. And just look — the backside shot is not too shabby.

These leggings wash beautifully and didn’t bleed on my other clothes. I’m pleased to say that the feel and fit remained exactly as they were before they were laundered. I’d definitely recommend these to friends, and would even dare say they could be compared to some higher-priced brands. Grade: A

Leggings Depot  Solid Jogger Track Pants With Pockets, $8.99-13.99 

The first time I wore these Joggers by Leggings Depot, I got compliments. The second time I wore these, I got, “hmmm are you testing pants again?”

If you’re keeping score, the latter is not exactly a “where did you buy those? …I need a pair!” It’s more of a “hmmm, why is my friend Kate wearing her intimates at school pick up?”

You have to be careful with these because, after a few washes, even with a line dry, they started to shrink up a little.

On the upside, these well-rated pants are less than $13 and super comfortable. The drawstring is a legit working drawstring and the pockets with zippers are deep and functional.

In my opinion, the bottom cuff could be a bit tighter and the overall pant material could have a bit more weight.  I enjoyed that the pair I ordered had a cute camo detail that spiced up the zippers of what could otherwise feel like a very average pair of pajama or workout pants.

Grade: B-

SATINA High Waisted Leggings — Super Soft Full-Length Opaque Slim, $13.99

I tried these Satina leggings in the “One Size”  in charcoal and, wow, are these pants soft! If you’re looking for a LuLaRoe replacement without all the funky patterns or high price tag, these are for you.

Clare Taylor

To say they’re buttery soft is the understatement of the year. These $13.99 pants are so soft, it almost feels like I’m not wearing any pants at all. I’d definitely wear these to bed or to binge-watch Netflix. But I like a bit of a stiffer, more substantial pant when I go out in public.

To me, sturdier fabric equals more support. So it’s at this moment that I’d like to divulge that I am publishing this butt shot for you. These pants do nothing to enhance my backside, and this photo is regrettable. For reference, I’m wearing the same undergarments in each of the photos in this story, and they’re only this noticeable in these leggings.

Clare Taylor

Which begs the question: If each of the nearly eight thousand reviewers had seen a shot of their own backside in these pants, would they still give them 4.5 stars?

In addition to softness being equated with a lack of support, soft can also equal hot. I spent one miserable 90-plus degree day testing these. Sweat. Lots of sweat. If you live in a cold climate, this lack of breathability likely won’t be as noticeable for you.

Clare Taylor

After all that sweat, the pants had to be washed. But, like their LuLaRoe comparison, the laundering must be done very carefully. Cold only, no dryer. If you do not heed this advice, you will end up with shrunken, pilly pants.

Grade: C


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