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The Best Turtle Bracelets

Last updated on April 4, 2022

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Turtles serve as a symbol of strength and longevity, perhaps in part because sea turtles routinely live up to 50 years or longer. But in recent years, conservationists have become concerned about their extinction, leading to requests to protect this wildlife species.

For consumers, turtle bracelets can serve a variety of purposes. Some people simply love the look of turtles and want to express that in the jewelry they wear. Still others like what turtles represent and find wearing one on the wrist gives them strength as they face life’s challenges. Then there are the people who want to join in the effort to preserve sea turtles. In some cases, those bracelets are purchased from an organization that donates money to those efforts.

Turtle bracelets also make great gifts. Some are sold in pairs so that you can purchase one for you and your significant other or best friend. You can also purchase turtles in packaging that makes them ready to gift. If you want to give the gift symbolically, you can track down turtle bracelets that include a card that explains the importance of turtles.

One thing that can really bring a turtle bracelet to life is a colorful shell. While turtles are certainly beautiful creatures, craftspeople can really bring the shell to life using jewels or stones in vibrant colors. But if you’d prefer something less colorful, you can also find bracelets with turtle charms that are in tones like silver or gold. This can provide a neutral option that will go with more of your wardrobe.

The band of the bracelet is also an important consideration. You’ll want a band that can hold up to daily wear, but also consider whether it might be exposed to water. Not all bands are waterproof, and you might splash water on yours while you’re washing your hands or doing dishes. Search around until you find the bracelet you want in a material that will be comfortable and durable.

Our Picks For The Top Turtle Bracelets

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 Top Pick

SPUNKYsoul Water Resistant Cotton Cord Turtle Bracelets, 2-Piece

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Water Resistant Cotton Cord Turtle Bracelets, 2-Piece

Made from strong cotton cord, this set of two bracelets is built to last over many months of daily wear. The turtles are made from classy, elegant stones that make it a match with a variety of clothing styles. You’ll also get a Caribbean tropical tribal bag, as well as a card about the importance of turtles, enhancing the gifting aspect of this s...

Overall Take

Gift for TwoWhether it’s your romantic partner or BFF, this pair of matching turtle bracelets is a great way to show your love.

 Runner Up

Alex and Ani Adjustable Sliding Clasp Metal Turtle Bracelet

Alex and Ani

Adjustable Sliding Clasp Metal Turtle Bracelet

This turtle bracelet is available in a Rafaelian gold or silver finish for a classy but eye-catching take on the turtle bracelet. The clasp is adjustable, so you can customize the fit to your own preferences. You’ll get a turtle charm, as well as three smaller charms.

Overall Take

Adjustable FitAn adjustable sliding clasp lets you choose exactly how tight or loose you want the bracelet to be.

 We Also Like

Exotic & Trendy Necklace & Earrings Turtle Bracelet Set, 3-Piece

Exotic & Trendy

Necklace & Earrings Turtle Bracelet Set, 3-Piece

The sea turtle theme of this bracelet lends a Hawaiian vibe that livens up any day. The bracelet is made from hemp and braided to give it durability without sacrificing comfort. The cord is adjustable to let you choose the fit.

Overall Take

Vacation VibesThis bracelet has a Hawaiian-style look to bring a tropical feel to your jewelry box.

 Strong Contender

OneSight Sterling Silver & Blue Opal Turtle Bracelet


Sterling Silver & Blue Opal Turtle Bracelet

Opal jewels accent the shell in this bracelet, which features a simple sterling silver chain and clasp. The length is 16 centimeters, but the clasp builds in a 2-inch extender to give you a little extra wiggle room. It comes in an attractive box, making it the perfect gift for the turtle lover in your life.

Overall Take

Classy and ElegantA 925 sterling silver build and blue opal jewels make this bracelet stand out.

What to Look For

  • Wrist sizes can vary widely. Many affordable bracelets are sold in a one-size-fits-all design that builds in an adjustable clasp. This allows you to customize the fit to exactly what you need.
  • Check the measurements of any bracelet you buy. Also, look at the dimensions of the turtle charm or pendant. Some can be smaller or larger than they appear online.
  • Pay close attention to a bracelet’s packaging. Some come in a simple plastic bag while others are enclosed in gift boxes or at least a bag with a card.
  • Bracelet stacking has become popular in recent years. If you’re planning to stack your turtle bracelet, track down one with a band that will look good with your other bracelets. If you’re just getting started with your bracelet collection, look to see the other types of bracelets you plan to buy before deciding on the band your turtle bracelet will have.
  • Genuine stainless steel can be durable and classy, but make sure the bracelet you choose is genuine stainless steel. You won’t want your wrist turning green the first day you sweat while wearing it.
  • Some bracelets have more of a tropical design, looking similar to the type of jewelry seen in Hawaii.
  • Turtle bracelets can communicate your commitment to environmental causes, or simply show you care about animal conservation. If that’s the case for you, you can also consider simply purchasing a bracelet that symbolizes your passion for the cause and donating funds yourself to conservation efforts. Of course, there are organizations that will donate part of your turtle bracelet purchase to a choice cause, but if you do it yourself, you have a broader selection of nonprofits.

More to Explore

Turtles are incredible, not only for their longer-than-average lifespans but also for their appearance throughout history. The earliest known turtles date all the way back to the Permian Epoch, which was more than 250 million years ago. This means turtles roamed Earth long before dinosaurs came along.

But the earliest known turtles, Eunotosaurus africanus, didn’t have shells. There were nine elongated vertebrae, along with dorsal and abdominal ribs, that might have evolved into the shells turtles are known for today. It’s believed full shells first emerged in Proganochelys quenstedi, a species that dates back 210 million years. This species bore a shell that covered the entire upper body and looked similar to modern turtles.