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The Best Suspenders For Men

Last updated on March 2, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Suspenders For Men

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Dickies Elastic Straight Clip Adjustable X Back Suspenders For Men

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Elastic Straight Clip Adjustable X Back Suspenders For Men

The blend of cotton, polyester and rubber gives these suspenders stretch while also making them durable. The metal clips reliably attach to a variety of pants types, including jeans and dress pants. They’re available in a one-size-fits-all option that covers those up to size 42, as well as a big-and-tall size for those who need a little extra wig...

Overall Take

Great for Everyday WearWith clasps that can tackle everything from dress pants to jeans, this lightweight option is great for those who regularly wear suspenders.

 Runner Up

Navisima Adjustable Elastic Metal Clip Y Back Suspenders For Men

Adjustable Elastic Metal Clip Y Back Suspenders For Men

Made with polyester and plenty of stretch, this pair of suspenders is both comfortable and attractive. The sturdy metal clips will create a firm grip that doesn’t release throughout the day. Although the length is 24 to 42 inches, the stretch can extend it up to 90 inches.

Overall Take

Understated ClassThe classic design of this pair of suspenders allows it to blend easily with any jacket or dress shirt.

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Carhartt Elastic X Back Utility Suspenders For Men


Elastic X Back Utility Suspenders For Men

These suspenders are designed for the workplace, with a variety of options, including those with reflective trim. They’re made from 70 percent polyester and 30 percent rubber with heavy-duty clips, so you can confidently wear them even while you’re working your hardest. They’re one-size-fits-all, but they come with length adjusters to help yo...

Overall Take

Durable BuildThese rugged suspenders feature heavy-duty straps and elastic to ensure they hold up even for those in labor-intensive jobs.

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trilece Adjustable Heavy Duty Clips Y Shape Heavy Suspenders for Men


Adjustable Heavy Duty Clips Y Shape Heavy Suspenders for Men

Choose from a variety of patterns and colors with this option, which is both attractive and durable. The material is 100 percent polyester with built-in elastic. The length ranges from 24 to 42 inches, with the elastic allowing it to stretch up to 90 inches.

Overall Take

Whimsical PatternsLiven things up with these fashionable suspenders, which come in a variety of fun pattern options.

Buying Guide

At one time, suspenders were the preferred method of fastening pants in place. But although belts have largely replaced suspenders, they can make a bold, fun fashion statement, especially for dressier occasions.

Unlike previous iterations, today’s suspenders come in a variety of designs and colors. You can go for bright, vivid pastels and patterns that express your love for movies, sports or any number of other interests. Of course, there are still plenty of neutrals available, including classic grays and tans and basic black or white.

Finding the right pair of suspenders can be a little tricky, though. Since torso lengths can vary from one person to another, the one-size-fits-all sizing won’t apply if you’re taller or shorter than average. Some are adjustable, but even with those, you’ll need to check to ensure you’ll be able to get the right fit if you can’t try them on in person.

It’s important to look for quality when you’re shopping for suspenders. You’ll want a pair that has enough stretch to keep you comfortable, but it’s also essential that they stay in place once you’ve attached them. If the clips aren’t strong enough to keep their grip, you could deal with them releasing your pants midway through the day.

There are three major types of configurations when it comes to suspenders. The X-shape suspenders cross lower in the back than the Y suspenders, which cross high in a way that makes them look like a Y on your back. The H configuration is far less popular, often being used by firefighters and other professions that use suspenders for comfortable support.

You’ll also find suspenders attach in two different ways. The more traditional method is with loops that fasten to buttons on the pants. If you’re opting for this type, you’ll be limited to wearing them only with pants that have suspender buttons. You can sew them on yourself, but if you’re looking for more versatility, a pair with clips that can attach to jeans as well as pants might be a better choice.

What to Look For

  • Check the durability of the clips and make sure they’ll hold the type of pants you hope to wear. If you plan to pair your suspenders with jeans, it’s especially important to go with a stronger pair of suspenders.
  • Some suspenders have built-in braces that help the clips hold your pants in place. This takes some of the pressure off the clips and gives you confidence your pants won’t lose their support.
  • Length isn’t the only consideration when you’re looking at suspenders. Extra-thin suspenders can make a bold fashion statement, but they’re typically more casual. The standard width is between 1.25 and 1.5 inches, but for those wearing suspenders for manual labor sorts of tasks, a thicker suspender of 2 inches might be a better option.
  • To make attaching the suspenders easier, start at the back before you step into the pants. Then you can simply toss each strap over your shoulder and attach at the front.
  • Wearing a tie with your suspenders can be tricky. The best route is usually to go with a pattern on one or the other and choose solids to match. The suspenders and tie should complement each other without being exact matches. One exception might be if you’re wearing your tie and suspenders under a patterned jacket.
  • You might be hesitant to wear pants without a belt, but if you’re wearing suspenders, it’s best to leave the belt loops empty. Not only does it appear cluttered when you wear both, but it can be uncomfortable to be squeezed at the waistline while also having your pants hitched up by suspenders.

More to Explore

Suspenders might have been popular at one time, but they had a few critics. One was Mark Twain, who found the garment so uncomfortable, he patented an alternative. His waistline fastener served a function similar to the belts of today, cinching garments like shirts while remaining adjustable and detachable. Twain was issued a patent for his invention in 1871.

But Twain’s invention had a far more important function in future generations. His elastic strap was soon found in garments like corsets, which were considered restrictive and uncomfortable. Many credit Twain’s ingenuity for the elastic bands now seen in all types of bras, from sports bras to fancy lace lingerie. By the time Twain’s elastic band was repurposed for bras, though, his patent had expired and he was no longer alive.

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