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The Best Girls’ Hair Bows

Last updated on August 9, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Girls' Hair Bows

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DEEKA Handmade Clip-On Girls’ Hair Bows, 20-Piece

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Handmade Clip-On Girls’ Hair Bows, 20-Piece

This girls' hair bows set will add color and style to any outfit. Each set includes 20 bows in a variety of bright colors, including yellow, light blue, purple and red. The alligator clips are easy to use, giving young girls independence, as they can place the bows in their hair all by themselves.

Overall Take

Stylish OptionThese girls' hair bows are handmade and measure 6 inches across.

 Runner Up

YHXX YLEN Lightweight Girls’ Hair Bows, 30-Piece


Lightweight Girls’ Hair Bows, 30-Piece

No matter what color your outfit, you're sure to find one of the pieces in this girls' hair bows set to match. The set includes just about every color in the rainbow, including peach, light pink, maroon and navy blue. All of the bows are lightweight and a cinch to clip into place.

Overall Take

Large SetWhether you have thin or thick hair, curly or straight, these girls' hair bows will slide right into place.

 We Also Like

Babymatch Pinwheel Design Girls’ Hair Bows, 40-Piece


Pinwheel Design Girls' Hair Bows, 40-Piece

You’ll get 20 different colors in this set of 40 bows, which comes in multiple color choices. The bows are made from high-quality grosgrain ribbon and measure 3 inches. Each bow is attached to an alligator clip to make them easy to slide into your little one’s hair.

Overall Take

Vibrant ColorsYour child will stand out with these bows, which come in a variety of bright, vibrant colors.

 Strong Contender

WillingTee Slip-On Gift Girls’ Hair Bows, 40-Piece


Slip-On Gift Girls' Hair Bows, 40-Piece

This package of bows comes in 40 different colors. Each bow is 4.5 inches wide and features high-quality grosgrain ribbon in vibrant colors. The bows are handmade, and the clip is designed to stay in a toddler’s hair throughout the day.

Overall Take

Every Hue IncludedWith 40 different colors, you'll always have a bow to pair with your toddler's dresses.

Buying Guide

If you have a young daughter, you might find yourself looking around at other little girls for style inspiration. From a young age, some parents are decking their children out in hair accessories that add an extra level of adorableness to any outfit.

But finding the right hair accessories can be tricky. Hair bows are especially attractive, but tying something into your little one’s hair isn’t the best idea. Chances are, it won’t stay where you put it, and it might take a few hairs out with it if it falls out.

Good haircare habits are key to a life of healthy hair. In fact, the damage done to a child’s hair can have a long-lasting impact. That’s why it’s important to choose hair accessories without teeth that grip the hair. You should use only covered elastic bands and alligator clips designed specifically for young hair. These clips grip without using teeth, ensuring your bows stay in place without pulling on the hair if the child decides to slide them out.

Beyond hair health, though, there are also concerns about durability. Hair bows in particular are made from delicate material that can become dirty or come apart over time. It’s important to ensure the bow is made from high-quality material, preferably with the edges protected to prevent fraying. This will give you a bow that will stand the test of time.

There’s also the issue of how the bow is attached to the clip. Most manufacturers glue them on, but the quality of the glue will make a difference in how long it stays intact. It might be worth spending a little more to ensure you don’t end up with just an alligator clip with a bow you can’t attach after a few weeks of wear.

That said, often bows come in sets, so you’ll always have a spare if one comes apart. You might be fine with a large set of bows in a variety of colors, but this may also mean that the colors your child wears most often come up missing or wear out long before the colors you reach for less often.

What to Look For

  • Hair bows come in a variety of sizes. Smaller bows can work better for toddlers or to wear in pairs, while larger bows are best worn solo, especially if paired with a ponytail.
  • Some hair bow sets come in color varieties, with two of each color. This allows you to pair them up for wearing, one on each side, either alone or as an accent for pigtails.
  • Hair bows can easily get dirty, and lighter colors can show that dirt all too well. Wash them by hand using a mild detergent and let them air dry. Before you clean them, though, look for cleaning instructions for the specific type of material. Silk, for instance, will need special care.
  • Pay close attention to both the width of the bow and the clip the bow is attached to. Bows can look deceptively larger online, but it’s also important to make sure the clip won’t be too large for your little one’s head.
  • Before buying hair bows, take a look at your child’s closet. Make sure you choose colors that will match the clothing she wears most often. It’s always helpful to have neutral colors like white and black, but your child might have more pink or red or blue clothes.
  • If you’re buying a few bows to wear for special occasions, you might not need a large set of 20 or 40. But those who plan to have their daughters wear bows every day will probably want a larger collection, if only to always have extras on hand when one is lost.

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