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The Best Belt Bag

Last updated on November 7, 2023

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ZORFIN Zippered Adjustable Strap Belt Bag

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Zippered Adjustable Strap Belt Bag

This soft, waterproof nylon belt bag offers four zippered pockets plus three card slots. It's stylish and small enough to not feel bulky. You can choose from more than 30 colors for any activity or outfit.

Overall Take

Good for OrganizationConsider this option if you want something small that offers several useful compartments.

 Runner Up

DAGITE Multi-Pocket Adjustable Strap Belt Bag


Multi-Pocket Adjustable Strap Belt Bag

Available in a small selection of solid colors, this belt bag of waterproof nylon provides several large compartments for all your needs. A mesh pad on the back improves comfort and shock-resistance.

Overall Take

Spacious DesignIf you need a spacious option that can withstand frequent wear, consider this nylon belt bag.

 We Also Like

UTO Slim Waterproof Nylon Zippered Belt Bag


Slim Waterproof Nylon Zippered Belt Bag

Lightweight and durable, this cute nylon belt bag comes in a large variety of materials, colors and designs. Many of the options have padding inside to help absorb shocks and offer water resistance too.

Overall Take

Many Style OptionsThis nylon bag comes in plenty of stylish patterns and doesn't compromise on functionality.

 Strong Contender

Sportsnew Lightweight Water Repellent Nylon Belt Bag


Lightweight Water Repellent Nylon Belt Bag

Featuring a familiar design, this bag offers plenty of space inside and has a secure inner pocket for cards. It's also water resistant and has a hole to run your earbuds through. Pick from more than a dozen colors and patterns.

Overall Take

Classic LookIf you prefer the look of a classic fanny pack ad want a lot of space, this option may suit you.

Buying Guide

Also widely known as a fanny pack, the belt bag is a storage pouch that has an attached band you can conveniently wear around your waist. You might use one in place of carrying items in a purse, backpack or pocket or as extra storage space.

This hands-free accessory can come in especially handy if you’re traveling or doing recreational activities like attending sports games and visiting amusement parks. You can find specialized belt bags as well as those for general use.

Casual belt bags can be made of many different kinds of materials and have a basic style that may feature one main compartment and a smaller zippered pocket on the front. Available in many colors and patterns, these work well for everyday use around town as well as travel and recreational activities. You can also use belt bags made of clear plastic to attend events that have a clear-bags policy.

If you’re looking for something more stylish, consider a belt bag that is made of faux leather or a quilted fabric and more resembles a small purse. These can have multiple zippered compartments inside alongside an outer pocket for small items like cards. The outside may also feature attractive embellishments.

If you plan to go hiking or work out, you might prefer a sports-style belt bag that can come in different styles. Some belt bags for runners are very thin and small so they only carry a few essentials, but also add minimal weight. Other belt bags for sports use can have slots for water bottles and be spacious enough to fit larger gadgets alongside other items. They may have additional features such as reflective areas for safety and water resistance too.

Whichever style of belt bag you choose, make sure it offers enough space to store your items without feeling bulky to wear. You should also consider the types of compartments you’ll need. For example, it can be inconvenient to dig through one large compartment for your credit card when traveling, so a belt bag with card slots or an outer pocket would be ideal.

What to Look For

  • Make sure the belt bag’s waist strap is sized appropriately to fit your waist since the size ranges vary. When you get it, you’ll want to adjust the strap so the belt bag stays on securely and comfortably.
  • It’s become trendy to wear your belt bag across your chest like you would a crossbody purse. You can also carry it on your shoulder.
  • Keep your belt bag secure while you’re out and about. First, avoid wearing it behind you since that could encourage thieves to try to take what’s inside. Second, it helps to keep money, cards and important documents in an inner pocket if you must carry them — even if this is less convenient. Otherwise, leave items like passports somewhere secure and carry copies if needed. Lastly, you might also prefer an RFID-blocking belt bag if you’re carrying credit cards.
  • If you’re going to use the belt bag for a special event, be aware of any bag size rules that apply at the venue. Make sure you know measurement requirements, since some large belt bags may exceed them.
  • Be cautious when using water-resistant or waterproof belt bags. Carefully read the manufacturer’s warranties; your items may only be protected if the bag is briefly splashed versus actually being used in a pool.
  • Some belt bags have additional features such as holes for your earphones or a key hook that you may find helpful.
  • Consider fashion when choosing a belt bag color and style. You might opt for a dressy, purse-like style for more formal use, or a colorful retro style for everyday activities. Your wardrobe can also guide you on what color belt bag would best suit you.
  • You should periodically wash your belt bag, especially if you exercise with it. You may be able to use soapy water to clean the inside and outside of the empty bag, then let it air dry. However, base your method on what materials your bag is made from and follow manufacturer’s instructions.

More to Explore

You might have noticed that belt bags have become more popular during the last few years. One reason is that these accessories increasingly appeal to people who want to carry items hands-free on the go. In addition, more celebs (think Rihanna and Kim Kardashian) have appeared donning them, and this has boosted demand for the retro accessory.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, belt bags were popular but not necessarily fashionable. They usually had a basic style, were made of polyester and often came in bright colors. While you can still find these kinds of belt bags, you have much more stylish options to choose from today. In fact, even luxury brands like Coach, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Gucci offer the accessory now.

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