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The Best Strapless Bras

Last updated on November 10, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Strapless Bra

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Niidor Adhesive Silicone Strapless Bra

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Adhesive Silicone Strapless Bra

Available in a variety of cup sizes and four colors, this adhesive bra provides essential coverage without a back or straps. The front clip allows for adjustments, and you can easily wash this bra when needed.

Overall Take

Minimalistic OptionIf you're looking for the most discrete option, consider this supportive adhesive bra.

 Runner Up

DELIMIRA Underwire Minimizing Strapless Bra


Underwire Minimizing Strapless Bra

Made to both provide strong support and help reduce bust size, this bra is convertible and has comfortable cups without seams. You get 22 color options, and the bra comes in a wide selection of band and cup sizes.

Overall Take

Broad Color SelectionThis convertible bra offers support, flexibility and plenty of color options to choose from.

 We Also Like

Wacoal Underwire Foam Cup Strapless Bra


Underwire Foam Cup Strapless Bra

Designed for women with larger cup sizes, this strapless bra has an underwire plus a band and cups designed for firm support. You can use a strap if you'd prefer. Four colors are available.

Overall Take

For Reliable SupportMade to give you support and stay put, this bra is a good choice for larger cup sizes.

 Strong Contender

Geyoga Seamless Non-Padded Strapless Bandeau Bras, 4-Pack


Seamless Non-Padded Strapless Bandeau Bras, 4-Pack

Coming in sets of four with different color combinations, these strapless bras offer comfort with the bandeau design and have no wires. You get basic support with the thin fabric that doesn't feature padding.

Overall Take

Good for Basic UseThese tube bras can meet your needs for basic support and comfort.

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a bra style that can take pressure off your shoulders and be more discrete than a traditional bra with straps, then consider a good strapless bra. Not only can this bra type still provide a good level of support, but you can find versatile options suitable for everything from everyday wear to formal events. A well-fitting strapless bra can even suffice for workouts.

Before you start exploring strapless bra options, you’ll want to get your sizing down. The band will be providing the extra support without the straps there, so getting this sizing right is crucial. You might want to get a bra with the band one size smaller than usual for a snug fit, but this can depend on the manufacturer and style. However, you should be able to go with your normal cup sizing.

There are plenty of strapless bra varieties that can be suitable for different needs. These include different methods of closure, materials used, coverage and support levels.

Many strapless bras look more like traditional bras and have front or back clasps. These can come in very supportive styles or even as push-up bras. You can find these in a variety of materials and styles, and they can provide partial or full bust coverage.

Other options come in a stretchy bandeau style that’s easier to take off and put on since there aren’t clasps. These are popular for casual wear along with exercise bras. They can both provide a snug fit and a lot of coverage.

There are also adhesive strapless bras that only cover the front for hidden wear. These can be very comfortable since not only do they have no straps, but they don’t have a band either. Instead, the bra sticks to your skin until you’re ready to remove it. Sometimes, you can find non-adhesive bras like this too.

If you’re looking for more flexibility, you can consider convertible strapless bras. You’ll get straps you can add or remove as needed. These can be a good option when you sometimes will want more support.

Thinking about your support and comfort needs will help you decide whether you need an underwire strapless bra. If you need more support, you can do better with an underwire strapless bra, but the drawback can be reduced comfort. Those needing less support or more comfort might opt for a wire-free option.

Padding is another consideration for strapless bras. Going with padding can both provide the look of more volume and improved coverage. On the other hand, a strapless bra without padding can look more natural. Either option can provide comfort, so it ultimately comes down to your preferences.

What to Look For

  • Some strapless bras come with typical band and cup sizes, and finding the right size can be easier in this case. However, others come in more general sizes like small, medium or large. You’ll want to read the sizing chart and find which size most closely matches your measurements. Also, check reviews to make sure a particular option doesn’t run irregularly since you’d then maybe need a size up or down.
  • Having your strapless bra not stay in place can be a downside with this option. Along with choosing the proper size, you can look for options marketed as “nonslip” since these usually have silicone in the elastic to improve grip. You can also consider using fashion tape if you need some extra grip.
  • If you have a larger bust, pay close attention to the number of hooks if you choose a strapless bra with them. To ensure not too tight of a fit, consider it safer to go with an option with more hooks. Also, make sure you have determined the right cup size.
  • While strapless bras can suffice for light exercise like yoga, consider a traditional sports bra with straps if you’re doing a heavy workout. This ensures you’ll get the right level of support and be more comfortable during your exercises.
  • Considering your intended wear will be helpful. If you’re looking for something plain and comfortable to wear under a t-shirt, for example, you might prefer a bandeau-style bra or a cotton strapless bra with traditional hooks. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a formal dress to a wedding or other outing, you can find fancier strapless bras that will blend in, have the right cut and provide sufficient support.

More to Explore

Did you know that the first bra was patented in 1914? While women had found methods for providing bust support long before this, Mary Phelps Jacobs from New York was the first to use the term “brassiere” for her invention that used handkerchiefs and had straps. Her idea to offer a freer alternative to the constricting corsets often worn at the time.

It was in 1948 when a man named Charles L. Langs would make a strapless bra that gave women even more flexibility. Named “Poses,” this type of bra looked like two separate cups without any straps or back band. It looked somewhat similar to an adhesive bra that can come in this style, and women sometimes used it for beach outings.

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