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The Best Faux-Leather Backpack

Last updated on November 20, 2023
faux leather backpack

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Our Picks For The Top Faux-Leather Backpacks

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Zocilor Detachable Shoulder Strap Faux Leather Backpack

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Detachable Shoulder Strap Faux Leather Backpack

Large enough to carry everyday items, this backpack has a handy shoulder strap so you can carry it like a purse. The main compartment can accomodate a tablet, and you get several pockets too. You can choose from 27 colors.

Overall Take

Suitable for Everyday UseThis backpack's size and design make it a good alternative to a regular purse.

 Runner Up

Cheruty Waterproof Design Faux Leather Backpack


Waterproof Design Faux Leather Backpack

Featuring a special design where the opening is on the back rather than front, this backpack is a good choice for enhanced security. It comes in medium and large sizes and in 32 colors. You get plenty of pockets as well.

Overall Take

Keeps Your Items SecureIf you want to keep thieves out of your backpack, consider this option with a special secure design.

 We Also Like

Kah&Kee Breathable Mesh Back Faux Leather Backpack


Breathable Mesh Back Faux Leather Backpack

Available in 10 color options, this backpack has two size choices that can both accomodate laptops. The back has mesh to help wick away sweat. You get a large compartment with multiple inner and outer pockets.

Overall Take

Good for VentilationThe mesh back this backpack features comes in handy for staying dry during your activities.

 Strong Contender

B&E LIFE Drawstring & Magnetic Buckle Faux Leather Backpack


Drawstring & Magnetic Buckle Faux Leather Backpack

Made to look more like a purse, this backpack is stylish with its gold accents. It has a simple design with a drawstring opening and pockets on the back and on the inside. You can pick from 10 color options.

Overall Take

Stylish DesignConsider this option if you prefer a backpack with a stylish and simple purse-like design.

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a stylish new backpack, getting one made of faux leather offers a very similar look to the real thing and is a more sustainable option. Plus, you’ll experience less strain on your budget than you would with real leather. These backpacks also offer variety since they come in styles for carrying items to work or school or even serve as a convenient everyday alternative to a purse.

Before you begin shopping, think about the type of faux-leather backpack you need. If you want to replace your purse, you’ll likely want a small- or medium-sized backpack that also includes a shoulder strap for versatility. You’ll also find mini faux-leather backpacks for carrying the essentials. On the other hand, you might want a traditional large backpack to carry books or your laptop around.

Many options will come in classic leather colors such as black and various shades of brown. However, you can find faux-leather backpacks in colors like pink, red, blue and white if you do some extra browsing. Many options have simple accents like buckles, metal studs or decorative zipper pulls. If there’s a shoulder strap, it may be colorful or of a different material to stand out.

You’ll want to choose a faux-leather backpack with the right pockets and compartments for your needs. You usually get a large inner compartment for the bulk of your items and possibly some inner pockets. Most options have at least one outer pocket on the front so you can put items for easy reach, and the sides might have pockets or even special compartments for water bottles or phones.

Different types of closures are also available to suit your preference. A zipper closure is a traditional option that offers good security but is still simple to use. However, you may find a bag with a drawstring or magnetic snap closure more convenient. There are also faux-leather backpacks with buckle closures that take more work to open.

What to Look For

  • Make sure your faux-leather backpack is comfortable enough for everyday use. You’ll want to carefully adjust the straps so they don’t dig into your shoulders or make the back hang uncomfortably low. Plus, while they’re less common for faux-leather backpacks, padded straps can increase your comfort, especially when you’re carrying heavier items like books.
  • Pay close attention to the quality of the faux leather. Low-quality options can easily lead to cracking and peeling with heavy use, so your backpack may not last or look as good for long. Instead, look for thick and durable options that also have good stitching.
  • If you’ll use your faux-leather backpack to carry your laptop, be sure to check the sizing. Manufacturers will often list a maximum size for laptops to make this easy to determine. Otherwise, you can check the measurements and add a bit of room for extra space.
  • A downside of faux leather is less breathability. So, if you’re concerned about your backpack making your back sweaty, consider an option that has a mesh back for ventilation. This is especially a good option if you’ll go hiking while wearing your backpack.
  • You’ll want to avoid chemicals when cleaning your faux leather backpack and instead stick with some water and a little soap. Spot cleaning with a soft cloth is ideal.
  • Since you’ll usually carry your items behind you and not in your sight, backpack security is important. Following basic tips such as keeping valuables at home or inside inner pockets, not setting the backpack down and being aware of your surroundings will help. For more security, some anti-theft versions exist with the closure on the back rather than on the front of the backpack.
  • While a basic faux-leather backpack may do the job, you can find options that integrate technology for more convenience and functionality. For example, the backpack might have a built-in USB charger for your tablet or phone. If you get one of these, be sure to check whether you need to provide your own charging cable or portable battery.

More to Explore

Faux leather has both a long and evolving history. Faux leather made of a plastic material dates way back to the 1920s when a Connecticut rubber plant started producing it. Named Naugahyde and still produced in the U.S. today, this material became appealing for its cost savings over real leather. This type of plastic-based faux leather is often named “pleather.”

As people focus more on environmental sustainability and ethics, products marketed as being made of “vegan leather” remain popular today. While vegan leather could mean faux leather made of plastic materials, it could also include cork and other plant-based items.

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