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The Best Black Satin Gloves

Last updated on July 1, 2022
Best Black Satin Gloves

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Our Picks For The Top Black Satin Gloves

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Lansian Machine Washable Classic Black Satin Gloves, 22-Inch

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Machine Washable Classic Black Satin Gloves, 22-Inch

Whether you're attending an opera or a formal dance, these black satin gloves are a must-have accessory. Since they're made using a nylon/spandex blend, they're easy to slide on and have a bit of flexibility. The gloves are elbow length and come in a variety of colors, should you wish to get a second pair in another shade.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly OptionYou'll love the affordable price tag on these black satin gloves, which makes them perfect for gift giving.

 Runner Up

Kangaroo 1920s Stretchy Black Satin Gloves, 18.5-Inch


1920s Stretchy Black Satin Gloves, 18.5-Inch

These elegant black satin gloves have a variety of uses. They look great with a 1920s flapper costume for Halloween, but can also be worn for a night out at the opera. Each pair measures 18.5 inches in length and has a flexible one size fits all design.

Overall Take

Most VersatileThese black satin gloves also come in red and white, should you wish to get all three colors.

 We Also Like

BABEYOND Pilling Resistant Black Satin Gloves, 21.6-Inch


Pilling Resistant Black Satin Gloves, 21.6-Inch

These 21.6-inch black satin gloves fall above the elbow for an extra formal look. You can choose from numerous different colors, as well as a design with open fingers and an eyelet hand design. It features breathability and pilling resistance to ensure you can wear it multiple times.

Overall Take

Pleated or SmoothChoose from a smooth or pleated arm in this 21.6-inch glove.

 Strong Contender

BABEYOND Wrinkle-Free Black Satin Gloves, 15-Inch


Wrinkle-Free Black Satin Gloves, 15-Inch

These classic opera gloves are ideal for costumes, formal events and performances. You can choose from a wide range of colors, from black to red to silver to bright green. Measuring 15 inches in length, the gloves are designed to come to the elbows.

Overall Take

Mid-Arm LengthThe 15-inch length of these black satin gloves makes them ideal if you need a glove that comes most of the way to the elbow.

Buying Guide

Few things can class up an outfit like a pair of black satin gloves. For men, they’re typically worn for costuming, whether they’re performing magic tricks or serving as a doorman at an upscale event.

Women often wear satin gloves for costuming, as well. You’ll see them at masquerade balls, on Halloween or at formal events like proms and weddings. Satin gloves aren’t limited to black or white, either. You can find them in a variety of colors to match what you’re wearing.

Black satin gloves come in different lengths, but women often look for one that’s known as “opera length.” These gloves are distinguished by their coverage area, which is typically the majority of the forearm, if not all of it. They often come all the way to the elbow, sometimes even covering it completely. It creates a classic look that has been popular for formal events for centuries.

But before you start shopping for black satin gloves, it’s important to have the outfit you’ll be pairing them with to make sure you get a good match. Whether it’s a costume, a formal gown or, in the case of men, a suit jacket, you should be able to find a pair that enhances your look.

What to Look For

  • Most satin gloves don’t have zippers or buttons that fasten. You merely pull them on.
  • Although satin gloves are usually billed as one size fits all, arm sizes can vary widely. Many use elastic to hold them in place, but check the measurements carefully. You won’t want a pair of gloves that slides down your arms.
  • Some gloves show measurements from pinky to thumb with the hand spread wide. This can help you determine if the fit will be too tight around your hand.
  • Also pay attention to the length of each finger if those measurements are provided. Finger lengths can vary, making it tough to find the right fit.
  • Satin gloves vary in length from 8 or 9 inches to 21 inches. Measure the length from your longest finger to where you want the gloves to land and look for a pair of gloves that matches those measurements.
  • The material used for satin gloves can vary in thickness. Thicker gloves might not be as breathable as those that are thinner, so if you’re in a warmer environment, you might find thicker gloves are more uncomfortable.
  • The sheen of each black satin glove can vary, so pay close attention to the look of the gloves you’re buying. You might find that a pair of gloves with a more matte appearance better matches what you’re wearing.

More to Explore

Opera-length gloves have a long history, and in fact, they have been traced all the way back to the 1600s. In a 1688 portrait of Queen Mary II, she is depicted wearing a pair of gloves that extend to at least elbow length. But they’re known to have become widely popular during the Regency era, dropping in popularity in the decades following, only to be picked up again in the late 1800s.

Elbow-length gloves didn’t disappear after the days of long dresses and corsets, though. They can also be spotted in many of the movies and photos from the mid-1900s, when elbow-length gloves enjoyed a surge in popularity. Today, they’re most often seen with costumes and in movies and TV shows set in the 1800s and 1900s.

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