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The Best Girl 5T Clothes

Last updated on October 5, 2021
Best Girl 5T Clothes

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Our Picks For The Top Girls' 5T Clothes

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Rtnnsbbfcm Girl 5T Ruffle Romper

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Girl 5T Ruffle Romper

Dressy, yet comfortable, this romper will keep your little one comfortable during the warmest months. The waistband is elastic and the spaghetti straps tie to let you adjust the fit. The lightweight cotton material is ideal for hot weather.

Overall Take

Casual and LightAvailable in a variety of fun colors and patterns, this romper is the perfect outfit for summertime outings.

 Best for Twirling

STELLE Girls’ Short Sleeve A-Line Dress


Girls' Short Sleeve A-Line Dress

This simple girls' red dress has a high-flared waist and a criss-cross pattern in the back. The material is comfortable to wear and comes in six solid colors in addition to the red. The dress is also extremely versatile and can be worn as casual everyday wear or as a way to dress up for a friend's birthday party.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly DressIf price is a big factor in your decision, you'll want to go with this affordable girls' red dress.

 Runner Up

Simple Joys Girl 5T Cotton Dress, 2-Pack

Simple Joys By Carter's

Simple Joys Girl 5T Cotton Dress, 2-Pack

Made of 100% cotton, these dresses are comfortable while still having little touches like ruffles and bows that make them dressy. There are no zippers are buttons to deal with. These dresses simply slip over the head to easily get dressed and undressed. Sizes from 2T to 5T are available.

Overall Take

Cute and ComfyYou'll get two cotton dresses in this set, with your choice of patterns and colors.

 Strong Contender

Simple Joys Girl 5T Flutter Sleeve Nightgown, 2-Pack

Simple Joys By Carter's

Simple Joys Girl 5T Flutter Sleeve Nightgown, 2-Pack

These short-sleeved nightgowns are made from lightweight 100% polyester to ensure your little one sleeps comfortably. There are no buttons or fasteners so you don't have to worry about sensitive skin with this option. The material is also flame-resistant.

Overall Take

Great SleepwearYou'll get two nightgowns in each set, available in a variety of prints and colors.

Buying Guide

If you have a toddler, buying clothes can be fun, as long as you know what you’re looking for. But there are some things to consider if you want your little one to be safe and comfortable, including the type of material and any buttons or fasteners that are included on the clothing.

One of the top things to look at as you’re shopping is seasonality. Chances are, the clothing you buy this summer won’t fit by next summer, so you’ll be starting the whole shopping process over again. You’ll want items your child can wear during the hottest summer months, but if you’re buying for fall and winter, you’ll need something your child can wear throughout the winter and maybe even early spring months.

The weight of the fabric comes into play no matter what time of year your toddler will be wearing the clothes, though. Lightweight cotton and polyester will keep a child comfortable whether she’s sleeping, playing or tagging along with you on errands. Also make sure the clothing is free of tags to avoid skin irritation.

Since kids quickly outgrow their clothing, you probably will want to find ways to save on their outfits. You might want pieces you can mix and match to make the most out of the clothing you buy. You can also wait for sales to get the most bang for your buck. If you know what size your toddler will be wearing next year, buying at the end of the season can help save you money.

To stretch your child’s wardrobe, purchase play clothes to wear around the house or during outdoor recreation. This will keep those dressy clothes looking nice longer. If your child’s play clothes get ripped or snagged during playtime, you won’t be as upset about it if it’s an older piece of clothing or something set aside for play, anyway.

It’s also important to consider the clothes your child wears at bedtime. Find something that’s lightweight enough to keep your child cool and comfortable. Ideally, it won’t have snaps or buttons that can irritate during sleep time. Also look for nighttime clothing that’s flame retardant for safety.

The biggest decider of any clothing purchase is how it looks. You can often find an outfit you like in a variety of colors and designs, so make sure you cycle through all the options if you’ve found a set you like but don’t particularly care for the pattern or color. You can also find sets of shorts, pants, skirts, rompers and dresses to create the wardrobe you want for your toddler.

What to Look For

  • Toddler clothing is typically designed for comfort and safety above all else, but you can find plenty of eye-pleasing outfits.
  • Where the outfits will be worn is essential. Know before you shop what your child’s daily routine is, as well as what events are coming up. You might have a summer filled with outdoor events, at which point you’ll need more lightweight outfits than if you’re spending the summer mostly indoors.
  • Tags can be especially irritating to young, sensitive skin. Most youth clothing now eliminates this pesky item. If not, be prepared to remove the tags before your child starts wearing the outfit you’ve purchased.
  • Often, toddler outfits will come in sets, letting you build your little one’s wardrobe quickly. This can help save you money, although you might prefer to try one outfit from the brand before committing to two or more.
  • Most children’s clothing is machine washable, but to extend the life of your garments, wash on cold and hang to dry. If there’s a label, follow the care instructions on it.
  • Buttons and zippers can not only be uncomfortable for your toddler, and they can also make teaching your child to dress more challenging. Toddler clothing that slips on and off without the need for fasteners can make this easier.
  • When you are ready to move your child to clothing with fasteners, look for those your child can manage herself. Velcro and snaps are easier, and they’ll satisfy your little one’s requests to dress herself.
  • As adorable as delicate materials like silk and cashmere can be, they’re high maintenance and often pricier than cotton or polyester. You can find plenty of attractive outfits in materials that are easier to maintain.
  • Most toddler clothing is available in a range of sizes. If your child can’t try the item on in person, check to make sure other buyers have reported the clothing is true to size to know whether you need to size up or down. You might be able to jump to a standard kids’ size 5 rather than a size 6T.
  • Once your toddler is potty trained, you might want to start looking for clothing in the kids’ section. Toddler clothing has extra room in the rear area for diapers, so a 4 or 5 in children’s clothing might fit better. You’ll also find, in pants, that toddler sizes are tapered at the ankle whereas children’s pants aren’t. The best thing about children’s sizes is that your child might take longer to outgrow them than she did with toddler sizes.
  • Once your child is potty trained, consider how easy it will be for her to potty when she needs to. Rompers and jumpsuits can be particularly difficult unless they have snaps in that area. You might want to settle for dresses during those crucial potty-training years.

More to Explore

Today, clothing is divided into girls’ and boys’ sections, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, before the 1920s, the same outfit could be worn by all your children, which was useful for hand-me-downs. Until around the 1940s, boys would even wear dresses until the age of 5 or so.

Even once boys’ and girls’ fashions were split into separate groups, it took several decades to catch on, and today, those gender separations seem to be fading. Girls can wear blue and boys can wear pink without making some sort of statement. Some manufacturers are realizing the many benefits of making clothes that can be worn by all kids, and the trend is quickly catching on with the many parents who don’t want to encourage old gender stereotypes.

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