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The Best 80s Accessories For Women

Last updated on January 19, 2022
Best 80s Accessories For Women

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Our Picks For The Top 80s Accessories For Women

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Blulu 80s Costume Fishnet Gloves & Accessories Set For Women, 3-Piece

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


80s Costume Fishnet Gloves & Accessories Set For Women, 3-Piece

With this accessory set, you've got half your retro costume in the bag. The neon colors stand out against an outfit of almost any color and each item is one size fits all. The lightning bolt earrings make a perfect complement to that blown-out '80s hair.

Overall Take

A Nice Basic SetWear this 3-piece neon accessory set for instant retro appeal.

 Runner Up

Blulu 80s Costume Lace Headband & Accessories Set For Women, 5-Piece


80s Costume Lace Headband & Accessories Set For Women, 5-Piece

Turn back the clock with this complete set of '80s accessories. The headband alone is enough to turn you into a pop diva, but the fishnet gloves truly complete the picture. Mix and match the stretchy bracelets with other gear for a truly vintage look.

Overall Take

Pretty in PinkThis set turns any top into a costume from an early MTV video.

 We Also Like

Dreamdanceworks 80s Costume Tutu Skirt & Accessories Set For Women, 7-Piece


80s Costume Tutu Skirt & Accessories Set For Women, 7-Piece

You don't even have to change out of your pants to go full retro with this complete kit. Just slip on the stretchy tutu and you're ready for the disco spotlight. The earrings, bracelets and leg warmers are other eye-catching highlights in this brightly-colored set.

Overall Take

Full Retro EnsembleFrom the tutu to earrings, this kit provides everything you need.

 Strong Contender

BRT Bearingshui 80s Costume Leg Warmers & Accessories Set For Women, 12-Piece

BRT Bearingshui

80s Costume Leg Warmers & Accessories Set For Women, 12-Piece

Bright and surprisingly durable, these pieces will complement any retro costume. The leg warmers will fit most any size, and there are more than enough necklaces and bracelets to mix and match. You also get the fingerless gloves, lace bow and lightning bolt earrings.

Overall Take

Plenty of ColorThese bright, fun '80s accessories go especially well with leggings.

Buying Guide

Was there any decade with fashion as instantly recognizable as the 1980s? For those of us who lived through it, that might be the most complimentary way to describe those day-glo colors and blown-out hairstyles, but one thing is for sure: It’s a lot of fun to re-create.

Whatever the occasion, an ’80s theme allows for a lot of fun music and an opportunity to bust out classic moves like the running man or the moonwalk. First things first, though: You’re going to need to look the part from top to bottom.

When it comes to shoes, you’ve got no shortage of options. If you’re going for a classic “valley girl” look, you can climb into some bright stiletto heels. If that’s going to cramp your dancing style, you can go the more comfortable route and wear some jellies — these are a little harder to find these days, but sure to make an impression. If you really want to go casual, a pair of high-top Reeboks or classic Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers can be the foundation for a tomboyish approach.

Those sneaks will pair well with a pair of high-waisted jeans. Extra points if they’re stonewashed or acid-washed and the cuffs are pinched together and rolled up. For a more colorful outfit, there’s nothing more quintessentially ’80s than a pair of leggings and some leg warmers. Adding a tutu over any of these might have been seen as a bit much in the actual 1980s, but there’s no such thing as overkill for a theme party

Choosing a top can be the most fun. Band T-shirts under a black leather jacket are the perfect punk combo, or you can pile on the lace with a bustier and oversized blazer. Don’t have anything in your closet that immediately screams retro? You can always stretch out the collar of an old sweater (or cut if off) and wear it off the shoulder.

Of course, none of these ensembles are complete without the accessories. Some of these can be things you already have in your closet — just add more of them. Pile on the brightly-colored bracelets, for example, or put on your longest dangly earrings. There are tons of accents you can add to your hair: A headband goes great with those stretch pants, or you can find an oversized bow a la Madonna in “Desperately Seeking Susan.” If you haven’t put your hair up in a scrunchie in a while, now would be the time. And when it comes to the ’80s, fishnet doesn’t just belong below the (oversized, elastic) belt. Buy some fishnet gloves or put a mesh top over that T-shirt to complete your rad ensemble.

No matter what part of the outfit you start with, remember one general rule: You can never have too much neon. While the ’80s were all about the accessories, it was the colors that really made them work. Stay away from basic blacks unless they’re a bustier, jeans or fishnet stockings — and only then if you layer lots of neon accents on top of them.

What to Look For

For those too young to remember it (or Gen-Xers who’ve taken pains to forget), here are some accessories you may want for a complete ’80s outfit.

  • Leg warmers. Let’s get physical!
  • Fingerless gloves, like Madonna used to wear.
  • Plastic bangles or jelly bracelets.
  • Large, funky earrings in neon shades.
  • Mesh or lace accents.
  • Fanny packs.
  • Banana clips.
  • Fedora hats.
  • Bolo ties.
  • Wide, elastic drop belts.

More to Explore

MC Hammer’s iconic “Hammer pants” sometimes get lumped in as a part of 1980s fashion, but they didn’t really become a craze until after the release of his breakthrough hit “U Can’t Touch This” in 1990. Parachute pants, however, were very much a thing in the 1980s. Hammer’s ultra-wide pants were a variation of the nylon leggings worn by breakdancers in the early days of hip-hop.

But those hip-hop pioneers didn’t completely invent these loose pants with the drooping crotch and tapered legs, either. Harem-style pants originated in Persia, India and Turkey hundreds of years ago and were rediscovered by Victorian women in the 1800s looking for more practical clothing. They got inspiration from Swiss sanitoriums, where patients preferred baggy pants under skirts.

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