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The Best Purse Organizer

Last updated on October 12, 2023

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ZTUJO Zippered Purse Organizer Insert & Tote Shaper

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Zippered Purse Organizer Insert & Tote Shaper

Available in more than 20 colors, this organizer is made of felt and features 13 pockets plus a keychain to secure your items. You can choose from mini through extra-large sizes along with slender options to fit any handbag.

Overall Take

Many Size OptionsConsider this organizer if you're looking for a wide variety of size and color choices.

 Runner Up

Vercord 13 Pocket Purse Organizer Insert


13 Pocket Purse Organizer Insert

This spacious organizer features 13 pockets of various types and sizes with zippers or snaps. Choose from more than two dozen styles including plain colors plus dotted, animal-print and flower patterns. The nylon item folds up when not in use.

Overall Take

Variety of StylesYou'll like this nylon organizer, with 13 pockets in plenty of fun colors and patterns.

 We Also Like

Olunsu Structured & Pliable Felt Purse Organizer Insert


Structured & Pliable Felt Purse Organizer Insert

Suitable for medium through extra-large bags, this structured, lightweight organizer has a special divider with three pockets that you can remove. It's made of durable felt and features several open compartments and slots in multiple sizes.

Overall Take

Supports CustomizationThis structured, economical organizer provides flexibility with a removable divider.

 Strong Contender

OMYSTYLE Lightweight Felt Purse Organizer Insert


Lightweight Felt Purse Organizer Insert

This lightweight wool and felt organizer comes in medium through extra-large sizes with slender options available. It has plenty of compartments, plus a detachable pouch divider. Choose from more than a dozen solid color options.

Overall Take

Basic and FunctionalThis insert for purses is made of fade-resistant material and has a detachable pouch.

Buying Guide

If you have a purse with a large open compartment, a purse organizer can give you flexibility and convenience. This accessory goes into your handbag and includes compartments you can use for loose items that would otherwise be harder to find in your purse.  You also get protective benefits, since the organizer prevents things from spilling directly into your purse and also helps your bag keep its shape. And you can easily switch your organizer to another purse, making sure you don’t forget anything.

Picking the right purse organizer size is crucial, because you want it to fit properly. Many manufacturers make this accessory for medium, large and extra-large purses, but you can sometimes find mini and small sizes as well. You’ll want to know your purse’s height, length and width before you start shopping.

The number and types of compartments you get will vary widely. Some purse organizers offer at least a dozen, but some have more than 20 for different purposes. Look for small slots for credit cards and larger outer pockets for items like phones. The inside of an organizer usually has one or more large open sections, plus pockets in the middle or on the sides. Some pockets are zippered for security, while others are open. An organizer might also have some removable compartments.

Most organizers are made of a soft and lightweight material that offers durability without adding too much weight to your purse. Felt is a very soft option, while nylon versions can offer the benefit of water resistance. If you want something more luxurious, you might opt for an organizer made of suede leather. Keep in mind that organizers made of any of these materials sometimes have cardboard for reinforcement, and this generally adds some weight.

When considering the color of your purse organizer, you’ll find that solid colors are the most widely available. You can choose the color to match your purse, if you like. However, you can also pick something more creative — like your favorite color or even a pattern of flowers. In any case, your purse organizer will be mostly out of sight, so you don’t need to worry about coordinating with clothes or accessories.

What to Look For

  • For convenience, you can find some purse organizers that have a built-in keychain so that you don’t lose your keys.
  • Keep in mind that purse organizer sizes aren’t universal, so a medium in one brand will often have different dimensions in another. This emphasizes the importance of checking the particular manufacturer’s size charts. Some of these charts will also show different purse models that the organizer will fit into, but you should also measure your own purse’s height, length and width to be sure.
  • When your purse organizer gets dirty, you’ll usually spot clean it per the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid putting one in the washing machine or immersing it entirely in water. You’ll also want to avoid heat since some materials, like felt, can shrink.
  • The flexibility you get with purse organizer compartments will vary. Some products have a whole compartment you can remove and use as a pouch for small items or even as a wallet. Others may have a divider with small pockets on it, and you could remove it if you’d prefer a larger open compartment.
  • Even if you get a matching size, you’ll want to consider how much handbag space the organizer will take up. Some organizers are rigid with a wide base. These stay open and take up much space regardless of the items you actually put in the organizer. Others are much more flexible so that you can partially fold them when possible and save some space in your handbag.
  • Some purse organizer options can also function as standalone bags with a handle, so you might consider these for versatility.
  • To get the most out of your purse organizer, you’ll want to do some planning; do an inventory of your items, throw out trash, and then group the remaining items by type or function to determine where you’ll put them inside the organizer. Once you’re ready to start putting items in, consider accessibility and keeping the most-used items in easy reach or in outer pockets. Very small or valuable items may go best in a zippered compartment.

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As long as humans have needed to carry items around, bags have been around to carry them. Ancient hunter-gatherers were using pouches and bundles made from fiber to store food and tools as early as 38,000 B.C.E. In ancient Rome and during the Renaissance, people carried drawstring purses hung from belts.

Women once carried items they needed in pockets hung from waist ties beneath their skirts. However, in the 1790s, high-waisted gowns made such bulky pockets visible, and having one became a fashion faux pas. Not everyone was on board with the first handbags, however; because women’s pockets had once been worn under skirts, they were considered undergarments, so handbags were considered vulgar. Some women, including early American feminists, also fought the loss of pockets, since they felt purses weren’t nearly as practical.

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