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The Best Corsets For Plus-Size Women

Last updated on February 28, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Corset For Plus-Size Women

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Manladi Elastic Neoprene Corset For Plus-Size Women

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Elastic Neoprene Corset For Plus Size Women

Available in sizes up to 6XL (45.3 inches), this spiral steel-boned workout corset can be worn during weight-reducing exercise or whenever you need shaping. It features 2.5 millimeter-thick neoprene, an anti-slip interior grid, fabric closures and soft material.

Overall Take

Versatile OptionShape your waist, improve your posture and feel more confident with this waist-training corset.

 Runner Up

SHAPERX Steel Boned Faux Leather Corset For Plus-Size Women


Steel Boned Faux Leather Corset For Plus Size Women

SHAPERX's faux leather black steampunk corset has a steel-boned underbust and spiral steel boning throughout, plus hook-and-eye front closures and a laced-up, grommeted back. This costume corset offers attractiveness and more comfort than you might think.

Overall Take

A Retro-Futuristic LookThis vintage, faux-leather garment will make you the center of attention whenever you wear it out!

 We Also Like

Acelitt Hook & Eye Closure Corset For Plus-Size Women


Hook & Eye Closure Corset For Plus Size Women

Affordably priced, this polyester-spandex girdle also has an integrated triple waist trainer belt and fabric fasteners. It offers compression, lumbar support, breathabilty, and comfort. If used while you take steps to lose weight, it may help shape your body.

Overall Take

Longer Length; Excellent CoverageKeep this stretchy corset on during any activity for shaping, warmth, and waist-cinching benefits.

 Also Great

Zhitunemi Cotton Lined Corset For Plus-Size Women


Cotton Lined Corset For Plus Size Women

Made with a cotton interior lining, Zhitunemi's shiny satin and spandex corset/bustier is made for showing off, with a row of hook and closures in the front and a sexy lace-up back, plus plastic boning inside. It comes in sizes up to 6XL.

Overall Take

Smooth and SilkySmooth out your silhouette with this inexpensive corset, which you can buy in various colors.

Buying Guide

People wear corsets for many reasons. Some do it to create a certain body silhouette without bumps and bulges; others use corsets as back support or as cosplay. Modern corsets can be empowering and attractive worn either inside clothes as a shaper or outside as a fashion statement. 

Some corsets start right below the bust and end at the top of the hips, while others have bustiers in them, as well. Look for styles with soft linings, as these will feel better against your skin. You can also find old-fashioned styles with plastic or steel boning included, but these might not be all that comfortable.

Corsets with built-in waist trainers are trending, and many claim that they work well to temporarily redefine bodies to a desired shape. These high-compression garments will feel much tighter around the waist, and you control how much with laces, Velcro or other kinds of closures. It’s important with waist-training corsets to get a proper fit and to follow manufacturer guidelines on how to use them.

Do not wear corsets that cause any pain or severe discomfort, because that is a red flag that you may be harming yourself. You should also never be short of breath when wearing a corset, and you should absolutely never wear one while pregnant. Corsets may require some breaking in, though.

Some corsets are pretty enough to wear when you go out, but none are what you might call demure. If you feel confident, go ahead and wear your corset in front of other people. Some have lace, ruffles, satin and other features that pair well with clothing. They also come in different colors, so if you find one that you like, order more than one for variety.

Check your waist size with a measuring tape before ordering your corset; most product listings include size charts that you can look over. If the corset includes a bustier, you’ll also need to measure your bust size. Even if you think you already know both sizes, it makes sense to check again before ordering, as sizing varies for different brands. Looking at customer reviews may also help you determine what size is right for you.

What to Look For

  • The primary purpose of a corset is not comfort: it is to support your body while providing shape. However, it should not be uncomfortable; your body should be able to adjust to a properly-fitted corset after it has been broken in. 
  • Inexpensive corsets with plastic boning are not as pressure-resistant and will not hold up as long as those with metal boning.
  • If the corset is lace-up, make sure it includes high-quality grommets; otherwise, the eyelet holes could tear.
  • Well-made, sturdy corsets can provide back support and help to improve your posture. But if you have a back problem, consult with your doctor before wearing one.

More to Explore

Corsets, an undergarment shaper popular in Western countries from the 16th-20th centuries, are making the fashion rounds again, and shows like Netflix’s “Bridgerton” have fueled the fire.

The history of corset-like garments dates back to 1600 B.C., with sleeveless bodices that eventually evolved into undergarments reinforced with whalebone ribs that compressed the natural waist. Whalebone was eventually replaced by steel, and corset shapes have also changed based on fashion. Men wore them also, although during some time periods they were considered necessary attire for women.

Opinions about corsets have changed over the years. Some people may see corsets as throwbacks to an era in which women used extreme measures to obtain fashionable figures. But some historians now believe that the wearing of corsets may have been a different experience for every woman — not always oppressive or detrimental to health, and sometimes even a positive thing.

And corsets have never exactly gone out of fashion, even though many modern women don’t wear them. For example, celebrities like Madonna performed in stylized corsets in the 1980s, followed by others like Lady Gaga. They are still a staple on runways and for regular men and women everywhere.

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