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The Best 3-Hook Bra Extender

Last updated on June 13, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top 3-Hook Bra Extenders

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Wingslove Hook & Loop Material 3-Hook Bra Extenders, 3-Count

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Hook & Loop Material 3-Hook Bra Extenders, 3-Count

You’ll get three bra extenders in this set, each with three pairs of hooks, each spaced ¾ inch apart. The material is velvety soft for a comfortable wearing experience, and the colors are beige, black and white to cover the most common bra colors. The design blends well with the strap of standard bras to create a seamless look.

Overall Take

Comfortable MaterialThe velvety smooth material of this bra extender keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

 Runner Up

Chanie Cushioned 3-Hook Bra Extenders, 3-Count


Cushioned 3-Hook Bra Extenders, 3-Count

Smooth, flat hooks keeps these bra extenders comfortable throughout your wear. You’ll get three three-hook extenders, each with spacing of ¾ inches. The design has a little extra stretch to keep you comfortable, and machine washability makes for easy cleanup.

Overall Take

Easy to MaintainThe cotton material makes these bra extenders machine washable.

 We Also Like

Maidenform 100% Nylon Fabric 3-Hook Bra Extender


100% Nylon Fabric 3-Hook Bra Extender

Made from 100 percent nylon, this set of three bra extenders will blend well with all your favorite bras. You’ll get a nude, white and black extender made to fit bras that have ¾ inch spacing between hooks. These extenders are hand wash only, so you’ll need to remove them from your bras if you machine wash them.

Overall Take

Durable BuildThe design of these bra extenders ensures they’ll hold up over many uses.

 Strong Contender

SHIXUAN Polyester 2-Hook & 3-Hook Bra Extenders, 6-Count


Polyester 2-Hook & 3-Hook Bra Extenders, 6-Count

Some bras have two hooks per row, while others have three hooks. These extenders are designed to accommodate both, with three of each type. You can choose from a variety of neutral colors and pastels to create the set that works for you.

Overall Take

Versatile OptionThis set includes extenders for both your three-hook and two-hook bras for a versatile set.

Buying Guide

If you’re wearing a bra, how comfortable are you right now? If you’re like most women, that bra you wear every day is the wrong fit. Weight fluctuations can also influence how your bra fits. If you’re like many women, your weight can even change slightly depending on the time of the month. Water retention can cause that morning’s perfect-fitting bra to feel a little tight as the day progresses.

There are two sizing considerations when choosing a bra: cup size and band size. The cup size can change from one year to the next, but it’s less likely to change throughout the day like the band. To determine your band size, you measure the circumference of the area just below your breasts, where the band rests.

The good news is, most bras feature adjustable bands. You’ll probably have a selection of three sets of hooks spaced along the area of your bra where you fasten it closed. You can try all three and see which feels best, but what happens when you reach the farthest set of hooks and the fit is still to tight?

Traditionally, at that point, bra wearers would simply toss the old bra and go shopping for a new one. But bras aren’t cheap, and you probably don’t own just one. Going up a size means shelling out hundreds of dollars for multiple bras, then tossing out the ones that no longer fit. If your size issues are due to water retention or pregnancy, you’ll have to make sure to buy bras that give you a little wiggle room throughout the day.

That’s where a good bra extender can come in. Bra extenders hook into your existing bra hooks to give you three extra sets of hooks. These can be great for getting some extra wear out of your existing bra. But they’re especially useful if you’re pregnant or dealing with temporary water retention issues. You can even keep the extender on hand in case you need them in the future.

What to Look For

  • Many extenders are designed to be left on your bras as you toss them in the washing machine. But some are marked hand wash only. If you don’t hand wash your bras, keep that in mind as you’re shopping since removing the extenders before each wash can be an inconvenience.
  • Most bra hooks are spaced ¾ inch apart, with bra hooks spaced between 1.3 cm and 1.6 cm. But if you want to ensure an exact fit, measure your bra before you order and compare those measurements to the dimensions listed on the extender.
  • As with bra straps, extenders can vary in comfort level. Look for one with hooks that lie flat so that they don’t press into your skin. You’ll also want to make sure the material of the extender is comfortable. A silky or velvety texture can keep your mind off your bra and on what you’re doing.
  • Before ordering an extender set, take a look at your bra selection. You’ll want extenders that somewhat match your current bras. You can easily find all the standard colors like white, black and nude, but there are other color options available, as well.
  • Some extenders build in a little extra stretch to give you some flexibility beyond the three sets of hooks.
  • If you have bras that only have two hooks per row, you can find extenders designed for those narrower straps. They aren’t as common as the three-hook bras, but they are available.
  • Bra extenders can be a great gift, especially for expectant mothers. They’re small enough to tuck into a gift bag.

More to Explore

If you’re pregnant, you may find yourself spending more time thinking about bras than you want. As your milk comes in, you’ll likely need to reevaluate your existing bra collection. Extenders can be a great way to wear your current bras, but it’s also important to reconsider bras with underwiring or extra-firm cups. Those types of bras can block milk ducts and lead to issues.

Maternity bras are designed specifically for the unique needs of a mom-to-be. You’ll get padded straps and pliable cups that will conform to the shape of your body as your milk ducts continue to develop. Once you’ve given birth, nursing bras can ease the process of feeding your new family member and keep you comfortable throughout those early months.

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