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Last updated on November 11, 2022

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MEVECCO 14K Gold Plated Beaded Chain Anklet

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


14K Gold Plated Beaded Chain Anklet

This dainty anklet will make an impression on others, but you may well forget you have it on. The gold plating can hold up to continuous wear, even in the shower. You can also choose where to clasp, so it will fit a variety of ankle sizes.

Overall Take

Thin Yet DurableThe material holds up well against breakage or discoloration.

 Runner Up

XIJIN Handmade Colorful Beaded Anklet, 8 Count


Handmade Colorful Beaded Anklet, 8 Count

Each anklet in this variety pack comes in complementary colors, so you can wear just one or several together. They're perfect with casual outfits and active summer days. There is an extension chain on them if you need to adjust for size.

Overall Take

Bohemian Beach WearBrilliant beads make these a good pick for summer wear.

 We Also Like

LOYATA 14K Gold Plated Evil Eye Anklet


14K Gold Plated Evil Eye Anklet

The thin gold chain here is set off nicely by a cubic zirconia charm. You can wear it on long walks or first dates with equal confidence, as it goes with a wide range of outfits. The clasp can latch onto most any loop you need, and the plating won't tarnish easily.

Overall Take

Adjustable and AdorableGive your outfit a touch of class with this anklet.

 Also Great

Softones Silver & Gold Chain Anklet, 16 Count


Silver & Gold Chain Anklet, 16 Count

With 16 anklets in this set, you'll never be short on accessory options. They all have a similar, slim profile so you can wear several on one ankle if you want a layered look. Each is adjustable and suitable for everyday use.

Overall Take

Mix and MatchThis variety pack contains something for every age or style.

Buying Guide

There’s always a place in a fashionista’s closet for big, sparkly necklaces and dazzling, dangly earrings. But sometimes, it’s the subtle touches that really make an outfit. Case in point: The anklet, an edgy but delicate accessory that’s rarely gone out of style since it became popular in the U.S. around the 1930’s (though it’s been a fashion staple for far longer in the Eastern hemisphere).

An anklet can be made of many different materials, but as the portmanteau name implies, it’s a bracelet made to be worn around the ankle. You might find delicate gold chains decked out in jewels or a handful of colorful beads on a thin length of string, but the basic effect is the same. Anklets are a subtle way to draw extra attention to your legs and/or footwear, and they can work with a wide variety of body types.

How you wear them depends on your personal style, but most anklets look best when they’re just a little loose. You don’t want something that’s going to get tangled in your shoelaces or drag on the ground, but a little slack is the norm. To that end, you’ll want to measure your ankle first to get your size. Doing so is easy: Wrap a tape measure around your leg just over the ankle bone (or use a string, mark it off then hold it up against a ruler). Add about a half-inch to the result so the anklet has a little breathing room, and you’ve got your size.

Standard anklets will be anywhere from 8-10 inches, but don’t fret too much if you can’t find anything in your exact size. All but the most simple styles will usually come with a clasp that will allow you to adjust the size. If you’ve got a wider leg, look for those with an extender that will add an extra inch or two. If you’re on the dainty side, shop for something that can clasp onto any available loop. Just make sure the excess chain doesn’t hang too low, where it can easily get tangled or broken.

Metal anklets with silver or gold plating are the most popular variety, and the best ones go equally as well with dressy outfits as they do a pair of shorts and sneakers. Thin, delicate chains are undeniably chic, but make sure they’re durable if you plan on wearing them long term. Flimsy chains are all too easy to lose if they break, and a cheap material can tarnish easily if you take it into the shower or the ocean. Those with an allergy to heavy metals will want to make sure they’re buying sterling silver, platinum or stainless steel. A lot of inexpensive jewelry that professes to be silver will actually be an alloy that contains some nickel, which can irritate sensitive skin types.

Another alternative is to avoid metal altogether — especially if you’re heading to the beach. Colorful beads and tiny shell anklets can fit that carefree vibe perfectly. They also tend to require a lot less care, and you can easily layer them for a fun look.

What to Look For

So where exactly can you wear an anklet? The short answer is just about anywhere — though you may want to do a vibe check if you plan to wear them at work. Button-down office spaces might frown on this most carefree of accessories.

Otherwise, you can pair simple, dangly anklets with most anything. If you really want them to have the most impact, work from the bottom up. Make sure they don’t clash in color or material with the shoes you’re wearing, since your footwear will be the second thing people look at once that anklet catches their eye.

More to Explore

In India, anklets are more timeless than trendy. Indians have worn them for centuries, and the anklets of married women were often adorned with tiny bells. Not only was this cute, it was practical: When family members would hear the bells, they could tell the lady of the house was on the way and it was time to show the proper respect.

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