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The Best Nike Shox

Last updated on October 23, 2020

We looked at the top 8 Nike Shox and dug through the reviews from 16 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Nike Shox.

Best Nike Shox

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Our Picks For The Top Nike Shox

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 Best Overall

Nike Men’s Shox BB4 Basketball Shoes

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Men's Shox BB4 Basketball Shoes

Whether you play basketball or work hard at the gym, these Nike Shox are the way to go. They are shock absorbing, which is important when you're jumping and moving your feet around quickly. Consumers will also appreciate the phylon foam midsole, which adds a layer of comfort.

Overall Take

Best for Physical ActivityThese Nike Shox offer a solid grip on gym flooring, as they are made with a rubber traction outsole.

" Traction is still awesome on there even on dusty courts. The rubber never glazed over and hardened even after 15 years. Still has that squeak and stop performance I love."
"A couple of wearers have noted that the shoe fits a bit snug. Does not offer enough cushioning, a couple of reviewers have stated."
 Breathable Pick

Nike Shox R4 Men’s Training Sneaker


Shox R4 Men's Training Sneaker

If you enjoy running, playing sports or working out, these Nike Shox are a great buy. They have a rubber sole that provides extra traction when moving across smooth surfaces. The mesh tongue and perforated detailing also add to the breathability of this shoe.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsDesigned with perforated detailing, these Nike Shox are highly breathable.

" A good number of purchasers have noted that the low-top shoes from the Nike brand are comfy, especially with such well-padded tongues."
"The stiff upper makes my feet feels jailed within the shoe! Being non-stretchy in nature, I couldn’t move my toes as freely as I wanted to and that made it kind of uncomfortable for me."
 Supportive Pick

Nike Shox TL Shoe


Shox TL Shoe

Comfortable is the best word to describe this pair of Nike Shox. They are made with a foam midsole and a breathable mesh. Just like the other Nike Shox sneakers, this pair is outfitted with Nike Shox technology for added impact absorption.

Overall Take

Increased StabilityYou'll enjoy extra support with these Nike Shox, as they feature a TPU plate between the midsole.

" Lots of testers agree that the Nike Shox TL sneakers are comfortable on foot, even for standing and walking all day long."
"Some still feel it lacks overall stability. Heavy."
 Stylish Pick

Nike Women’s Shox R4 Leather Trainers


Women's Shox R4 Leather Trainers

This pair of Nike Shox is designed to stand out. It features four column shox with a leather upper that is sleek and stylish. The high-quality construction also means that the sneakers are designed to withstand daily physical activity, so you won't have to replace them prematurely.

Overall Take

A Bold LookAcross the bottom of these Nike Shox is a plate that provides a seamless transition from heel to toe.

" Have a decent retro style that’s unique and a standout, several users say."

Buying Guide

Active individuals who participate in sports, running and intense workouts will want to consider Nike’s line of Shox sneakers. Although Nike first released Shox in 2000, the sneakers have begun to make a comeback. The design and support technology have been improved upon and the shoes are now better than ever.

All of the sneakers in the Nike Shox line are constructed with special columns at the heel. These columns are designed to absorb shock during physical activity. The columns also help the heel spring back, which can add a bit of speed when running or competing in a race.

The underside of the Nike Shox is made using rubber for better traction and support. Some models, like the Nike Shox TL Shoe, also have a TPU plate between the midsole and the shock-absorbing technology, as this adds stability to the sneakers. Others include a bottom plate with a secure base to make it easier to transition from heel to toe.

Consider the type of physical activity you’re involved in when browsing Nike’s line of Shox. The Nike Men’s Shox BB4 Basketball Shoes, for example, are specifically designed for individuals who shoot hoops, while the Nike Shox R4 Men’s Training Sneaker are better for runners.

If breathability is important, look for Nike Shox that are made with perforated detailing along the leather upper. The Nike Women’s Shox R4 Leather Trainers have this feature, as well as a flexible mesh tongue. The sneakers are also lightweight, so you won’t feel like you’re dragging your feet.

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Our experts reviewed the top 8 Nike Shox and also dug through the reviews from 16 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Nike Shox.

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What to Look For

  • If you find the Nike Shox don’t have as much cushioning as you’d like, you can purchase cushioned insoles to place inside the shoes.
  • Nike Shox tend to be more narrow in the foot, which means they may feel too snug for individuals with wide feet. Wide sizes are not available.
  • Individuals who aren’t sure as to their exact shoe size can measure their foot in inches from the back of the heel to the tip of the longest toe. Consult Nike’s sizing chart to locate the shoe size that fits the length of your foot in inches. If you find yourself in between sizes, you’ll always want to choose the larger size.
  • From time to time, you’re going to need to give your Nike Shox a good cleaning. Nike recommends first brushing off any dirt and debris using a soft-bristled shoe brush. Fill a bowl with warm water and a squirt of liquid laundry detergent. Use this homemade cleaning solution to wipe down the shoe’s laces and then the outsoles and midsoles of the shoes. You may need to use the soft-bristled brush to tackle tough dirt and grass stains. Finish by tackling the shoes’ uppers. Grab a lint-free towel and wipe away as the solution from the laces and shoes and set them out to air dry.
  • Never use bleach on your Nike Shox, as it could discolor or break down the shoe’s construction materials.
  • Nike warns against placing your Shox in a washer or dryer. This may lead to the sneakers needing to be replaced prematurely.
  • You’ll find Nike Shox range in price based on the specific model, design and construction materials used. The Nike Men’s Shox BB4 Basketball Shoes are the most affordable, while the Nike Shox R4 Men’s Training Sneaker have a more moderate price. You’ll pay the most for the Nike Shox TL Shoe and the Nike Women’s Shox R4 Leather Trainers.

More to Explore

Did you know that Nike is actually the name of the Greek river goddess Styx? It’s true! Nike was considered the personification of victory. Here are a few more little known facts about this popular shoemaker.

  • Carolyn Davidson is the designer of the famous Nike logo. She was originally paid just $35 for her creation.
  • LeBron James was paid $90 million by Nike in 2003. The contract lasted seven years.
  • Dan Wieden came up with Nike’s famous slogan “Just do it.” He actually got the idea from the last words of Gary Gilmore, who was executed for murder back in 1977.
  • The first video on YouTube to reach 1 million views was actually a Nike commercial.
  • Michael J. Fox, when playing Marty McFly, wore special shoes to ride a hoverboard in Back to the Future: Part II. It was Nike who designed the shoes.

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