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The Best Robes for Lounging

Last updated on March 19, 2024
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Just Love Machine Washable Sleepwear Robe

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Just Love

Machine Washable Sleepwear Robe

A scalloped texture and plush velour make this robe cozy and luxurious. It has a tie closure and side pockets for extra convenience while you’re wearing it around the house. The hem falls in the knee area, with sizes available from XS-3XL.

Overall Take

Great for LoungingIf you’re the type who spends hours relaxing in your robe, you’ll love this super-soft option.

 Runner Up

Richie House Women’s Warm Belted Robe

Richie House

Women's Warm Belted Robe

We love how soft and warm this robe is. The waffled inner-layer and cuffs give this robe a luxurious look that will have you stylishly lounging.

Overall Take

Textured PickThis robe is a warm and well-made bathrobe that looks lovely.

 Best Long Robe

NY Threads Shawl Collar Fleece Robe For Women

NY Threads

Shawl Collar Fleece Robe For Women

With a tie closure and shawl collar, this fleece bathrobe is soft and cozy to keep you warm during even the chilliest months. Machine washability makes it easy to keep clean, and two front pockets give you a place to store your smartphone and other valuables. You can choose between seven different colors and sizes from Small to X-Large.

Overall Take

All-Around FunctionWith a shorter length, this robe is ideal for people who find typical robes have sleeves that creep too far over the wrist.

  The Best Value

Turquaz Linen Machine Washable Pocketed Robe


Linen Machine Washable Pocketed Robe

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Buying Guide

Robes are one of the most useful pieces of loungewear that exist. A robe can cover you up immediately after you get done with a bath or a shower, helping you to stay warm while simultaneously drying any damp parts that you might have missed with a towel. A robe can be thrown on quickly if you need to step outside to get the mail or let your dog outside in the chilly morning air.

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Generally, a robe is a large and comfortable garment that swaddles you and provides warmth and comfort. Robes come in many shapes and sizes with materials that range from thick and warm to thin and sexy. Determining which type of robe is right for you can be tough due to how many options there are to choose from, but follow along and we’ll help you narrow down a few of the most common differences in each type of robe.

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The material that a robe is made from might be the most important factor in determining how comfortable you will feel while wearing it. The thicker and softer versions of robes are very soft to the touch and trap a lot of heat in to keep you toasty while you wear it. This combination of features might be perfect for someone who is often chilly and looking for a warm place to snuggle into for warmth, it’s even more convenient than ever when the source of comfort and warmth is literally attached to your body. If you’re more hot-blooded though, some of the thicker fleece robes will be too much for you. Hot-running people would want to look for a lightweight cotton robe, one that is similar in weight to a t-shirt, or an even lighter satin or silk robe. These lightweight robes still provide coverage and privacy while still letting your body-heat escape so you can remain cool.

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Robes can come in unisex sizing, but often they are separated into men’s and women’s for reasons of style and proper fit. If you’re looking for a robe that looks good on you and fits your body in a flattering way, it’s best to find one cut in a way that will help you achieve your desired look. A men’s robe will have a longer distance between the shoulders and the waistband, placing the pockets down lower for longer arms. A women’s robe will likely have pockets that land higher and they usually come in a couple of different lengths, some ending in the thigh region with others going all the way to the calves or ankles.

The pockets on your robe can end up being a very handy utility to have, but not all robes have pockets on them. If you think you’re the type of person who would make use of the pockets, be sure to look at styles that incorporate that feature. Similarly, hooded robes can offer a benefit to some people who can see themselves popping that hood up commonly, while others might not see the use in having a hood. One good thing about a hooded robe like the Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Fleece Robe with Hood is that they can make you look like a mysterious wizard.

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Robes are very similar to the Japanese kimono and the terms can sometimes be interchangeable. A kimono-style robe usually references the fact that it is made from a satin or silk material and can range from being a classic solid black color to a fun multi-colored oriental theme. Kimonos still vary greatly in length and style, but many of the more popular options are aimed at being a little sexier than a thick, plush robe.

What to Look For

  • Follow the washing instructions on your new robe or you could end up shrinking a comfortable, oversized robe into something that barely fits around you and ends up sitting unused in your closet.
  • Search for all the numerous color options that are offered in different styles of robes to find one that matches your personality or the personality of your home.
  • Be mindful of the overall length of the robe. There can be cases where a robe is too long and nearly drags on the ground, or possibly the robe is way too short and doesn’t provide the coverage you want.
  • Baggy robe sleeves can sometimes find their way into your morning eggs or, even worse, knocking over a hot cup of tea or coffee. The sleeves can be much larger than you are used to, so be aware of where they are and maybe roll them up if you do find yourself performing a task where they would get in the way.

More to Explore

The term “kimono” does now refer to the large robe-like garment that we associate it with today, but the term held a much vaguer definition when it originated. The word simply means “something to wear” when broken down in its native tongue, Japanese. This definition still sounds like a great way to describe a modern-day robe though, because it really is just something you can throw on at any time for full-body coverage.

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