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The Best Bucket Hats For Women

Last updated on October 19, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Bucket Hats For Women

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The Hat Depot 100% Cotton Bucket Hat For Women

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The Hat Depot

100% Cotton Bucket Hat For Women

This high-quality bucket hat for women is made with 100 percent cotton. It is ideal for any outdoor activity. The hat is available in different colors and prints.

Overall Take

Premium QualityComfortable, cute and stylish, this hat is an ideal accessory to keep in your rotation.

 Runner Up

UGUPGRADE Embroidered Bucket Hat For Women


Embroidered Bucket Hat For Women

This cute bucket hat for women features a smiley face. It is made from lightweight fabric that offers sun protection. The hat is rollable and fits in any bag or pocket.

Overall Take

Cute DetailTurn your frown upside down with this adorable hat.

 We Also Like

adidas Originals Washed Logo Bucket Hat For Women


Originals Washed Logo Bucket Hat For Women

This eco-friendly bucket hat for women supports sustainable cotton farming. It is made from 100 percent cotton. The hat features an embroidered logo.

Overall Take

Sustainable Choice Classic and sophisticated, this hat works with any outfit.

 Strong Contender

FURTALK Washed Cotton Bucket Hat For Women


Washed Cotton Bucket Hat For Women

This adjustable bucket hat for women features an inner Velcro strap that can be used to tighten or loosen the fit. The hat also has a chin strap. It features a sweatband to keep you dry and comfortable.

Overall Take

Adjustable OptionThis bucket hat for women has an inner Velcro strap for sizing.

Buying Guide

Bucket hats are no long just for fishermen. Today, bucket hats are worn by all kinds of people. While they were originally designed to wear in inclement weather and keep rain and wind off people’s faces, they are now a fashion statement. They can be worn to the beach, while just out for a stroll and out and about town. The name of the bucket hat is derived from its shape. The domed shaped crown of the hat resembles a bucket of sorts. Attached to that is the downward shaped brim that covers the entire perimeter of the hat. This shape makes the bucket hat ideal for sun protection, as both the face and the back of the neck are covered.

When it comes to choosing a bucket hat for women, fit is important. The crown of the hat should fit snugly on your head; it should not be so small that it sits on top of the head, nor should it be so big that the brim covers your eyes. Instead, the brim of the hat should be slightly above eye level, so that it doesn’t block your view but does offer you a good amount of sun protection.

There are endless colors and patterns available for bucket hats for women, so it all depends on what works with your style. For example, if you’re more a classic girl, then get a bucket hat that is plain black or grey. This will be neutral and will work with many different outfits. However, if you like bold fashion statements, consider a bucket hat in an eye-catching color such as red or dark green. You can even go with a bucket hat that has a print or pattern, such as rainbows, tie dye, stripes or polka dots.

What to Look For

  • When it comes to materials, you’ll find bucket hats for women are often made with 100 percent cotton. This material is soft and comfortable to wear, holds up well over time and doesn’t retain heat. Bucket hats are also made of other materials such as tweed, twill and terry cloth among other types. Many people these days want to choose a fabric that will keep them cool and protect them from the heat of the sun rather than a hat that will keep rain off their face.
  • If you’re often out in windy weather, consider getting a bucket hat that comes with a chin strap. This little strap is adjustable so you can tighten it under your chin to ensure the hat stays securely on your head. Some chin straps are detachable so you can remove them if you don’t want them. Others can be tucked inside the hat and sit on or near your head while you wear the hat.
  • Some bucket hats for women have adjustable sizes. There is often a small Velcro strap on the inside of the hat that you can tighten or loosen based on the size of your head and the fit you want for your hat. This is also a handy feature if you share your hat with others and they can adjust the size based on their needs.

More to Explore

How should you style a bucket hat for women? While you may think it goes best with cargo pants and a windbreaker, you’re not just limited to that fisherman style. Bucket hats are entering mainstream fashion, which means you can wear them with just about anything. For example, if you’re heading to the beach, consider wearing your bucket hat with a sun dress over your bathing suit. You can also wear a bucket hat with a pair of casual shorts and t-shirt while you’re lounging in your backyard. It will also work with jeans and a sweatshirt while you’re going for a leisurely evening walk.

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