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The Best Thermal Underwear for Women

Last updated on January 6, 2024

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Our Picks For The Top Thermal Underwear for Women

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WEERTI Fleece-Lined Top & Bottom Thermal Underwear Set

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Fleece-Lined Top & Bottom Thermal Underwear Set

Thanks to the wrist and ankle closures, wind and cold breezes are kept out of this thermal underwear set. Each piece is soft and made with an inner fleece lining for extra warmth. Ladies will love the slim fit, crew-length neckline and choice of popular colors.

Overall Take

Lightweight Yet WarmThe four-way stretch of this thermal underwear set makes it a comfortable and form-fitting option.

 Maternity Pick

Ekouaer Breastfeeding Thermal Pajamas For Women


Breastfeeding Thermal Pajamas For Women

The tummy on these thermal pajamas for women is designed to grow with your baby. Once baby is born, the buttons provide easy access for breastfeeding. Of course, moms are sure to appreciate how soft and comfortable the pajamas are, as they are made from a warm fleece.

Overall Take

Designed for New MomsYou can get these thermal pajamas for women in a variety of solid colors, as well as a few patterns, like striped gray or floral pink.

 We Also Like

Thermajane Crew-Neck Thermal Underwear Set


Crew-Neck Thermal Underwear Set

Stylish and form fitting, this thermal underwear set has a bit of stretch to it. Ladies will love the crew-neck design, as well as the softness of the fabric. The material is also breathable and tagless, which is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this thermal underwear set comes in a choice of 13 fun colors, including purple, pink, yellow, royal blue and teal.

  The Best Value

Just Love Cotton & Polyester Thermal Pajamas For Women

Just Love

Cotton & Polyester Thermal Pajamas For Women

With a thin but effective design, this thermal pajamas for women set can be worn underneath your clothing without adding bulk. Cleanup is a breeze, with a machine-washable fabric that resists shrinking and fading. The material is a poly-cotton blend that will keep you warm and comfortable on long winter days.

Overall Take

For LayeringThis thermal underwear set is designed for wearing underneath your clothes.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re going to spend a day out skiing on the slopes, hiking in the brisk weather or working in the yard, wearing a good pair of thermals, also known as thermal underwear, underneath your clothes is the key to being comfortable and warm. Thermals not only help your body heat stay at the right temperature, but they are also good for wicking away moisture so your body feels dry.

When you’re looking to buy a set of thermals, begin by thinking about the function you want them to provide. For example, if you will be active while wearing the thermals, you may begin to sweat, so find a pair of thermals that is designed to wick away moisture to avoid feeling damp with sweat. Getting thermals that are stretchy is also key if you are going to be active, so that you have a full range of movement in your clothes. If you won’t be able to shower or change clothes frequently, such as when you’re on a hiking trip, then it’s important to find thermals with bacteria-resistance properties.

If you’ll be outside in particularly chilly temperatures, look for thermal underwear sets that are made from heavy fabrics. Low-density weaves are important for trapping warm air close to your body to keep you toasty and insulated.

Synthetic materials such as polyester, lycra, nylon and spandex are mixed with natural fibers for thermals that can stand up to extremely cold weather. They can also wick away moisture while retaining heat. Thermal underwear that is made of wool is also a great fabric option for moisture management.

If you’re going to be highly active in moderately cold weather, opt for thermals made from silk, which has a luxurious feel and soft texture. Cotton thermals are an affordable option, but they are not as warm as other fabrics, nor are they as good at wicking away moisture.

What to Look For

  • Getting the perfect fit for your thermals is key. If it’s too tight, it will feel restrictive and it won’t provide a full range of movement. If it’s too loose, you will look bulky with a large layer underneath your clothes. Ideally, thermals should fit like a second skin, so that it insulates your body without having any extra fabric. A snug fit not only looks good under your clothes, it also traps heat that your body generates and doesn’t let it escape. This leaves you feeling warm and toasty in chilly conditions.
  • There are many different types of thermals, such as T-shirts, pants, long-sleeve shirts, briefs and even full-body suits. The type you need will depend on the function you want it to provide. Keep in mind that while one-piece suits are excellent at keeping you warm, they can be difficult to maneuver when you need to use the bathroom.
  • When buying thermals, comfort is of the utmost importance. Opt for thermals that don’t have seams or those with seams that sit completely flat. Because thermals are worn so close to the body, an abrasive seam can cause irritation on your skin if you’re wearing the thermals for an extended period of time.
  • If you haven’t worn thermals before, you may be wondering how they will fit under your pants. The key is to have a lightweight fabric that fits snugly on your body. Pull the thermal waist up above the waistline of your pants so that you can do up your pants with ease.

More to Explore

Thermals are often referred to as “long johns,” but do you know how they got that strange name? The inventor of thermal underwear was John Smedley of Derbyshire. In the 18th century, Smedley had a family-run clothing manufacturing company where they made thermal underwear.

Another John, John L. Sullivan, the boxer known as Boston Strong Boy, later apparently popularized thermals because he always entered the boxing ring wearing only his long underwear.

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