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The Best Women’s Trench Coat

Last updated on September 22, 2023

We looked at the top 11 Women's Trench Coats and dug through the reviews from 1 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Women's Trench Coats.

woman in red trench coat

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If you’re looking for a timeless piece of outerwear to add to your wardrobe, look no further than the women’s trench coat. This type of jacket is highly versatile, looks great with different types of outfits and can easily be styled for casual or formal occasions.

What classifies a coat as a trench coat? It’s all in the structure. A typical trench coat is double-breasted with a belt at the waist and straps on the shoulders. It’s often made from a type of thick cotton fabric. The origins of the trench coat go back to the military, which is why the design is so functional and practical. Often, trench coats have a back vent to enable ease of movement, as well as storm flaps to add additional protection against the elements.

In terms of length, trench coats vary from short to long. Trench coats on the shorter side end at the hip or mid-thigh. They are ideal for women who are petite. Medium trench coats go to about the knee, and these are the most common in terms of length. They look good on any height. The long trench coat goes to near the ankle. Often, this length works best on tall women.

While traditional trench coats have a double-breasted collar, some also have a single-breasted collar. For women, the double-breasted design makes the chest look broad, so some people prefer the single-breasted style. There are some women’s trench coats that are buttonless as well, so they are worn open at the front. This ensures the chest area doesn’t look bulky.

Our Picks For The Top Women's Trench Coats

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Product Overview
Our Take
 Top Pick

Wantdo Double-Breasted Waterproof Women’s Trench Coat

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Double-Breasted Waterproof Women's Trench Coat

This eye-catching trench coat is a stunning pink color. It is ideal for fall and spring weather and keeps you cozy and warm. The coat is machine washable and made from waterproof fabric.

Overall Take

Eye-Catching LookThis women’s trench coat is a stunning pink.

 Runner Up

Chrisuno Mid-Length Detachable Hood Women’s Trench Coat


Mid-Length Detachable Hood Women's Trench Coat

This practical women’s trench coat has a removable hood. It is made from water-repellent and windproof material. The coat can be worn with or without the belt.

Overall Take

Practical DesignThis women’s trench coat has a removable hood.

 Waterproof Pick

Wantdo Double-Breasted Trench Coat


Double-Breasted Trench Coat

This long coat for women combines function and comfort. It's constructed from 100% Terylene that is waterproof, which means you can wear it in the sun and in the rain. The coat offers two deep pockets and has a removable belt and two adjustable cuffs.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this long coat for women comes in a choice of 10 colors, including light blue, gray, red and pink.

 We Also Like

NANJUN Slim-Fit Double-Breasted Women’s Trench Coat


Slim-Fit Double-Breasted Women's Trench Coat

This weatherproof women’s trench coat holds up to the wind and rain. It features a semi-gloss look which is elegant and sophisticated. The coat has a slim fit.

Overall Take

Weatherproof MaterialThis women’s trench coat holds up to the wind and rain.

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Our experts reviewed the top 11 Women's Trench Coats and also dug through the reviews from 1 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Women's Trench Coats.

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What to Look For

  • Traditional trench coats were first created in drab colors to camouflage with the background. However, that is no longer the case. Now, women’s trench coats are available in everything from black to bright pink. If you want to increase the versatility of your trench coat, opt for a neutral such as camel or grey. For a pop of color, choose a blue, red or dark green.
  • In terms of fabrics, you have many options from cotton to wool to leather. It all depends on the climate you’re in, how much moisture you get and when you plan to wear the trench coat. For example, if you live in a warm climate, you can go with a lighter fabric. If you live in a frigid climate but only wear the coat from the house to a car, you can opt for a leather material.
  • If you want to wear your trench coat in the warmer months, consider tying the belt at the back and keeping the front of the coat open. This creates an elegant silhouette while allowing you to feel cool and comfortable during temperate weather. This is also a great way to show off your outfit while still keeping your coat on.
  • The trench coat looks great with both casual and formal outfits. You can wear it over jeans and a sweatshirt, with flats or trainers. It looks equally good over a dress and pumps.
  • When choosing a size for a trench coat, be sure to consider the layers you’ll be wearing underneath. If it’s cool outside, it’s likely you’ll also have a full-sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, sweater or more on underneath. This will create more bulk so you may need to go up a size.

Women's Trench Coat Rankings

1. Wantdo Double-Breasted Waterproof Women’s Trench Coat

Overall Score: 10.0
Reviews Included: 1

3. Wantdo Double-Breasted Trench Coat

Overall Score: 9.2
Reviews Included: 1

4. NANJUN Slim-Fit Double-Breasted Women’s Trench Coat

Overall Score: 9.1
Reviews Included: 1

5. London Fog 3/4 Length Trench Coat

Overall Score: 9.0
Reviews Included: 1

6. Uaneo Relaxed-Fit Puff Sleeve Women’s Trench Coat

Overall Score: 8.5
Reviews Included: 1

7. FARVALUE Belted Water-Resistant Trench Coat

Overall Score: 8.3
Reviews Included: 1

8. Tanming Notch Lapel Wool-Blend Trench Coat

Overall Score: 8.2
Reviews Included: 2

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What is the difference between a trench coat and a pea coat? While the two types of outerwear certainly share many similarities, there are a few key differences. The trench coat is typically belted at the waist, while the pea coat doesn’t have a belt at all. Trench coats are typically longer around the knee, while pea coats sit higher up at the hip or mid-thigh. Most trench coats have a waterproof quality, while pea coats are usually made from wool and are not waterproof. However, both types of coats have a classic and elegant quality about them.

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