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The Best Chic Hair Barrettes to Elevate Your Look

Last updated on March 15, 2024

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Our Picks For The Top Chic Hair Barrettes To Elevate Your Look

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WILLBOND Retro Clasp Hair Barrettes, 6-Pack

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Retro Clasp Hair Barrettes, 6-Pack

This set includes six barrettes, each featuring a tortoiseshell design in a variety of neutral shades. With an acrylic and metal build, these barrettes will last through many wears. The design is lightweight, so you’ll be able to wear them all day without discomfort.

Overall Take

Versatile OptionThis barrette works with a variety of hair thicknesses, giving you multiple styling options.

 Runner Up

Mistofu Acrylic Tortoise Shell Hair Barrettes, 3-Pack


Acrylic Tortoise Shell Hair Barrettes, 3-Pack

With strong springs and an anti-slip design, this barrette will hold up over many wears while also staying in place once you've closed the clasp. You'll get a set of three barrettes, each featuring neutral colors and a braided design. The large hairpin makes the barrette perfect for those who have thicker hair.

Overall Take

Attractive DesignThe unique braided design of these barrettes help them liven up any outfit.

 We Also Like

LAXIAR Pearl Fashionable Hair Barrettes, 18-Piece


Pearl Fashionable Hair Barrettes, 18-Piece

This set of 18 barrettes and hair pins offers a variety of shapes to match all your different looks. The faux pearl design makes this barrette great for wearing both with casual and dressier outfits, and could even work for special occasions like proms and weddings. The set comes with a gift box that makes it easy to wrap.

Overall Take

Classy and ElegantDress up any outfit with this set of 18 barrettes and hair pins, each featuring a faux pearl design.

 Strong Contender

HYFEEL Wide Curved & Removable Inner Bar Hair Barrettes, 3-Pack


Wide Curved & Removable Inner Bar Hair Barrettes, 3-Pack

The barrettes in this three-piece set are large enough to hold ponytails, thanks to the removable inner bar. The material is cellulose acetate with an automatic clamp for durability. You'll get barrettes that are tortoiseshell, ivory and blue in this set.

Overall Take

Wide VarietyWhether you're looking for neutral tortoiseshell, brilliant blue or classy ivory, this set of barrettes has you covered.

Buying Guide

Trends in hair clips and barrettes have come and gone over the decades. But even when they aren’t the biggest fashion trend, a good pair of barrettes can come in handy. You can use them to hold your hair in place while you style your hair or wash your face. They can also be useful for keeping your hair out of your face while you’re doing household chores or working on an important project.

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One of the biggest challenges in finding hair barrettes is getting the right fit. Hair can vary in thickness, and the barrette that works great for your friend or relative might be too tight or slide around when you put it in your own hair. You might try dozens of hair barrettes before you find the right ones for your hair type.

But it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Some barrettes now come with removable inner bars that let you customize the fit of your barrette. That means one barrette can work for clipping small sections of hair or an entire ponytail, giving you more bang for your buck. But if you’re buying a barrette for ponytails, you’ll likely look for different features than you would with a barrette you’re wearing for smaller sections.

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The look of your barrette will play an important role in your selections, too. But as you’re dazzled by flashier barrettes, keep the colors of your wardrobe in mind. You’re more likely to regularly wear a barrette in neutral colors that matches more of your clothing than one in brilliant, bright hues. If you do opt for a barrette with a flashier pattern, make sure you have items in your closet that will pair with it.

As you choose barrettes that appeal to your tastes, also keep materials and fit in mind. For best results, choose a barrette that will hold up over the months and be comfortable during the hours you spend wearing it.

What to Look For

  • The best barrettes feature clasps made from metal. The upper side will likely be plastic, but the mechanism that holds the barrette in place needs to be made from a durable material.
  • Chances are, you won’t need a metal that can withstand excessive moisture. If you routinely insert your barrettes in wet hair, this can corrode certain metals over time, but for the most part, you should be able to get plenty of use out of a barrette even if the metal isn’t made to endure water exposure.
  • The weight of your barrette is an important consideration. Over the course of the hours you’ll be wearing it, a heavier barrette could become uncomfortable. It might even cause headaches. Even a couple of ounces can make a big difference when you’re wearing something for hours at a time.
  • If you’re looking for barrettes you can gift to someone else, attractive packaging can make a big difference. Sure, you’ll likely want to wrap it up anyway, but having barrettes that are attached to an attractive paper backing can enhance the presentation.
  • Some barrettes feature a removable inner bar for those occasions when you want to use your barrette as a ponytail holder. This gives a barrette versatility.
  • Having a barrette that slides around can be a pain. You’ll want a barrette with a snug fit so it stays in place once you’ve clipped it into your hair.
  • Consider how a barrette will look in your hair. A flashy, bulky barrette might appear attractive in its packaging, but you might prefer something that sits closer to the scalp when you’re wearing it.

More to Explore

Hair accessories have a long history. Long before women decorated their hair with scrunchies and barrettes, hair was bound with rings made from solid gold or clay. In ancient Egypt, people used similar accessories made from alabaster, pottery or jasper.

Of course, hair accessories were a large part of 17th- and 18th-century fashion. Hair ribbons can be easily spotted in portraits from the era, and men often added ribbons to their wigs in colonial times. Hairpins were an important part of Victorian-era hairstyles, as women were expected to keep their hair tidy.

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