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The Best Fleece Vest For Women

Last updated on December 8, 2021
Best Fleece Vest For Women

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Amazon Essentials Elasticized Shoulders Fleece Vest For Women

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Amazon Essentials

Elasticized Shoulders Fleece Vest For Women

This fleece vest is made from 100% polyester for a machine washable build that will make care easy. The midweight polar fleece fabric is lightweight enough to be comfortable while also keeping you warm. The shoulders are elasticized to give you freedom of movement, and the vest falls at hip length to make it great for wearing with your favorite pai...

Overall Take

Fun Color OptionsWith fun colors and prints, this fleece vest will have you looking stylish while staying warm.

 Runner Up

Columbia Benton Springs Zippered Hand Pockets Fleece Vest For Women


Benton Springs Zippered Hand Pockets Fleece Vest For Women

Made from 100% polyester, this vest has MTR filament material to give you warmth without adding bulk. It’s a great choice for outdoor activity where you need freedom of movement, but you can also wear it as an everyday vest. The zipper closure and two pockets make it a convenient way to stay warm each day.

Overall Take

Everyday WearIf you're looking for a fleece vest you can wear every day, this versatile option is the one for you.

 We Also Like

Outdoor Ventures 4-Pocket Fleece Vest For Women

Outdoor Ventures

4-Pocket Fleece Vest For Women

This polyester vest is machine washable with anti-pilling properties that will ensure it holds up after many months of wear. The fleece on both sides is soft to keep you comfortable while you’re wearing it. Interior and outer zipper pockets give you room for storing your valuables while you're working or playing outdoors.

Overall Take

Plenty of StorageWith two zippered pockets and two inner pockets, you’ll have handy places to store your keys, phone and other items.

 Strong Contender

Fuinloth Midweight Contoured Fleece Vest For Women


Midweight Contoured Fleece Vest For Women

Available in a variety of solid colors, this 100% polyester vest features soft fleece that keeps you comfortable and warm. The standing collar and contoured side seams create a stylish silhouette. Sizes are available in extra-small to XX-large to help you find the perfect fit.

Overall Take

Great For LayeringThe lightweight build of this vest and shorter length make it great for layering beneath coats or jackets.

Buying Guide

If you’ve seen people wearing vests in the wintertime, you might wonder how they could possibly stay warm without any sleeves. In truth, vests can be just as good at protecting you against chilly weather as a long-sleeved coat or jacket.

Vests work with your body to provide warmth where you need it. When the temperature drops, your body boosts blood flow to your core, which is the very area your vest protects. When your core is warm, your circulation remains more consistent, which means your arms and legs stay warmer naturally.

The best thing about a vest is that it’s less restrictive than a coat. Your arms stay free to move around, which is vital if you work outdoors. You also don’t have to haul a bulky coat from one place to another. Some choose to wear a vest in addition to a coat or jacket to enjoy the circulation benefits while also keeping their core even warmer than it would be with just a vest.

But not all vests are created equal. As outerwear, a vest needs to be made of material that protects against cold temperatures. Chances are, you’ll want it to be lightweight, so fleece is a great option. Fleece is actually a type of polyester known as polyethylene terephthalate, which has a variety of benefits when you’re cold. It lets moisture evaporate, is breathable and insulates you against both the chill in the air and humidity.

Fleece is made from plastic instead of the coats of sheep, so it is a more animal-friendly option. With polyester fleece, manufacturers heat petroleum until it makes a thick syrup, which is then spun into threads. Those threads create an insulating fabric that is lightweight and breathable, yet warming. The properties make it popular with athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a way to stay warm without restricting movement.

What to Look For

  • Most fleece vests are made from 100% polyester. However, some might have accents or trim made from other materials. Check to make sure your vest is machine washable before buying.
  • Although most fleece vests are somewhat lightweight, they do come in various thicknesses and builds. Lighter doesn’t always mean warmer, and heavier vests could restrict you a little more.
  • Vests come in different fits. Some offer a little extra wiggle room for wearing over bulky clothing like sweaters. If you plan to wear lighter-weight clothing, look for a vest that fits a little more snugly.
  • Although most vests fall at hip length, some are shorter, while others are longer. Keep in mind your own preferences and how you typically dress. You might find that a longer vest goes better with your favorite pair of leggings.
  • You don’t have to settle for solids. If you like to liven things up a little, look for a vest with fun prints. You can also find them in a variety of colors. For everyday wear, though, you might want to go with a neutral option that will match your wardrobe.
  • Pockets come in handy with your coats and jackets, and the same goes for your vest. You can find plenty with exterior pockets, though if you really want to secure your valuables while you’re wearing your vest, look for one with interior pockets.
  • Polyester can be prone to pilling after multiple wears and washes. Some vests are designed with pill resistance, but you can’t go wrong with washing your vest on gentle and hanging it to dry. You should also avoid washing your polyester clothing with jeans and other heavy items.
  • When the weather turns extra chilly, you might want to layer your vest between your clothing and your coat or jacket. This can be a great option in the coldest months of the year, giving you that extra insulation you need around your core without burdening your arms.

More to Explore

The origin of vests as a fashion statement can be traced all the way back to the 1600s when King Charles II of England came up with the clothing item as a way to look a little fancier than the king of France, King Louis XIV.

The vest started as a knee-length garment meant to be worn underneath the long coats that were popular at the time. Before the vest came along, men wore lace and muslins under their coats, and the vest was designed to save money without sacrificing fashion.

The plan to compete with King Louis XIV only managed to make the competition fiercer. France soon began wearing vests with fancy embroidery to outdo their English counterparts, and the vest continued to evolve over the years.

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