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The Best Workout Clothing Sets

Last updated on November 20, 2023
workout clothing sets

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Our Picks For The Top Workout Clothing Sets

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Sytiz Seamless Biker Shorts & Crop Top Workout Clothing Sets

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Seamless Biker Shorts & Crop Top Workout Clothing Sets

Available in small to large sizes and in 16 colors, this option gives you matching high-waisted shorts and a crop top with short sleeves. The stretchy material allows your skin to breathe and wicks away moisture.

Overall Take

Quick Drying MaterialIf you'd like a basic set that doesn't restrict movement and dries quickly, this option is a good choice.

 Runner Up

Toplook Seamless Biker Shorts & Sports Bra Workout Clothing Sets


Seamless Biker Shorts & Sports Bra Workout Clothing Sets

This set includes both a sports bra and pair of shorts in 18 color choices. The bra has padding and is supportive, while the shorts have a high waist and don't ride up when you bend. You can get this in small to large sizes.

Overall Take

Flexible and SupportiveYou get support along with flexibility during various exercise activities with this bra and shorts set.

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niyokki Seamless Biker Shorts & Crop Top Workout Clothing Sets


Seamless Biker Shorts & Crop Top Workout Clothing Sets

Featuring 14 color choices, this set provides a short crop top and some high-waisted workout shorts. The ribbed nylon material dries fast and offers durability. The set comes in small to large sizes.

Overall Take

Extra Durable MaterialThe durable nylon material makes this set a good choice if you want your workout clothes to last a long time.

 Strong Contender

Jetjoy Seamless Leggings & Sports Bra Workout Clothing Sets


Seamless Leggings & Sports Bra Workout Clothing Sets

Available in 21 styles, this set comes in combinations with different types of tops and bottoms. The clothes are seamless, flexible and durable. You can choose from extra-small to large sizes.

Overall Take

Many Combination OptionsConsider this versatile workout clothes set if you want many top and bottom styles and color choices.

Buying Guide

Whether you like to do yoga, go jogging or play volleyball, you’ll want to wear the right workout clothing so that you feel comfortable, have the right level of support and can move around freely. Buying a workout clothing set can help you quickly get started building your collection with the essentials. These sets include at least two items including top and bottom pieces. Some go beyond to offer mix-and-match pieces that can suit your workout clothing needs around the year.

Before deciding on a workout clothing set, think about the types of activities you usually do since some clothing pieces suit specific exercises better than others. Next, consider the seasons and weather so that you can get pieces that are warm or cool enough for your comfort. Lastly, if you already have some workout clothes, it helps to look at your current pieces so that you don’t buy something you already have.

Workout clothing sets can feature a variety of tops. Some sets include a compression crop top or workout bra that offers good support during rigorous activities, while others feature a tank top or short- or long-sleeved workout shirt. Some sets also provide you with a workout jacket that comes in handy in case you get cold. You’ll want to choose the right top that fits your preferences and the indoor or outdoor environment where you’ll exercise.

The bottoms included in a workout clothing set can be either shorts or leggings. Shorts are the least restrictive and especially feel comfortable when you’re working out somewhere warm. Leggings, on the other hand, are a good idea for cooler workout settings and a popular option for activities like yoga and Pilates. Whether you get shorts or leggings, you might prefer that they have a compression feature to offer support and help you feel less sore. You might also prefer bottoms with a lifting effect.

Pay attention to the type of fabric used for the workout clothing set and the comfort features you get. Spandex, polyester, nylon and moisture-wicking cotton are very popular materials with unique benefits. For example, Spandex is very stretchy, polyester is good for wicking away moisture, nylon is durable, and cotton is most suitable for low-intensity workouts. In any case, you’ll want clothes made of fabric that dries quickly, offers breathability and doesn’t look transparent. You may also prefer seamless items.

What to Look For

  • Manufacturers design workout clothing to fit closely to your body for activities, so you’ll need to consider the tight fit when you choose a size. You can check the size charts for the particular set and consider going with the larger size if you’re between two sizes. You can also choose one size larger if you prefer your workout clothes to be a bit looser and more comfortable.
  • Workout clothing sets often have all of the pieces in the same color, so you won’t have to worry much about anything not matching. However, others will use two tones such as black for the bottoms and another color for the top.
  • You’ll find workout clothing sets in neutral, pastel and bright colors, so you can pick whatever fits your taste and needs. For example, if you’ll participate in a race or group activity where you want others to identify you easily, you might choose a bright color for improved visibility.
  • Workout clothes get sweaty easily and need frequent washing. You’ll want to take some special considerations in mind to effectively clean your workout clothes to prevent damage and shrinkage during the process. You might opt to pre-soak the clothes before you throw them in the washer and use the cold water setting to avoid damaging the material’s elasticity. Hang-drying your clothes is the safest option, but if you use the dryer, avoid high heat settings and skip out on the fabric softener.
  • If you want your workout clothes to last longer, avoid leaving them scrunched up in a gym bag and instead let them air out flat after you’ve completed your workout. Also, you’ll want to avoid continuing to wear them for too long after your workout since you’ll want to allow them to dry out as soon as possible.
  • While you can expect a workout clothing set to include some basics, you’ll likely want to continue building your collection with extra items. For example, you’ll want a good pair of shoes that are appropriate for the type of activities you do along with some socks made to wick away moisture. Many workout clothes sets don’t include a jacket, so you might want to get this separately if you’ll do outdoor workouts in the cooler months.

More to Explore

Workout clothing for women definitely has evolved to become more comfortable over the last 130 years. Women back in the late 1800s would work out in heavy dresses that had tight waists and easily made them sweat.  During the 1920s, workout clothing became somewhat less restrictive where women would wear skirts with flannel blouses, but these clothes still didn’t offer breathability.

It was during the 1930s when you’d start to see women working out in shorts and lighter cotton shirts, and activewear would evolve into leotards and pajama-like sets during the 1950s. The 1970s and beyond would bring workout sets featuring satin shorts and halter tops. During the 1990s, you’d see the iconic colorful and loose-fit tracksuits before the next century would bring the modern workout clothing styles popular today.

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