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The Best Amethyst Ring

Last updated on October 21, 2021
Best Amethyst Ring

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Peora Precious-Metal Handcrafted Amethyst Ring For Women, 0.5-Carat

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Precious-Metal Handcrafted Amethyst Ring For Women, 0.5-Carat

This delicate ring showcases a genuine .50 carat amethyst flanked by four rhinestones. It’s perched atop a rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver band filled with channel-set rhinestones.

Overall Take

A Royal GemstoneYou’ll appreciate the fine craftsmanship and sparkle of this lovely ring.

 Runner Up

JewelryPalace Women’s Sterling Amethyst Solitaire Ring


Women's Sterling Amethyst Solitaire Ring

Catch the attention of everyone nearby with this stunning, large purple gem. The band of this ring is made of 925 sterling silver. The main stone size is 8 millimeters by 6 millimeters, so it's definitely a statement piece.

Overall Take

Purple BeautyNot an understated ring by any means, this gorgeous accessory will add some glamour to your outfit.

 We Also Like

Silvershake Women’s Amethyst Heart Sterling Celtic Ring, 1-Carat


Women's Amethyst Heart Sterling Celtic Ring, 1-Carat

This 1.05-carat, heart-shaped amethyst ring is accented with four Celtic love knots forged from 925 sterling silver. This is a unique design that is sure to look gorgeous on your finger.

Overall Take

Irish StyleMake a real style statement when you wear this ring, which is sure to be like no other.

 Strong Contender

Blue Apple Co. Amethyst Eternity Band Women’s Ring

Blue Apple Co.

Amethyst Eternity Band Women's Ring

This pretty eternity band is ringed with small, simulated amethyst stones set in 925 sterling silver. It also comes in different band and stone colors, and you can buy several to stack up next to each other.

Overall Take

All the Way AroundYou will absolutely love the look and feel of these minimalist, lovely bands.

Buying Guide

Many people love the color purple, and amethyst is one of the most popular kinds of purple gems in the world. In addition, it’s a birthstone. Amethyst is actually a variety of quartz, and it is more economical than other birthstone gems like diamonds, emeralds or rubies.

Amethyst is also a durable stone, and it is used in all kinds of jewelry, from rings to bracelets to necklaces. This purple stone is associated with many things, including royalty, serenity, peace, calming energy, grace and trust.

Amethyst stones can be set in different metals, but they are often found with silver. It is best to choose rings made from sterling silver for longevity and to prevent allergic reactions. Look for a 925 stamp inside the band to denote sterling silver.

Silver naturally contains copper, which can have a detectable smell when there is a lot of it present. The 925 sterling silver is a better quality than some other silver varieties, because it has a larger amount of silver (92.5%) and less copper and other alloys. No one wants their finger to turn green from a poorly made ring.

Not all amethysts are a deep purple; others can be light enough to the point that they are almost opaque. And while some of these gems are a true purple, some can be reddish purple or even more of a violet hue.

You may prefer one that is deeply saturated, or something with less saturation that looks lighter and more delicate. There are also amethyst rings that have cabochons. These gemstones are shaped and polished into dome shapes that are flat on the bottoms, rather than faceted. Jewelry like this can also have abalone shells that are purple; some of these are especially pretty and come with natural, reflective whorls.

Round and oval amethysts are the most popular shapes for these gems, but you can find others that are square, rectangular and heart-shaped. Many of the rings on the market have additional smaller stones in their settings. Diamonds and rhinestones look nice in a ring and can dress things up a bit.

Amethysts are usually economical stones, but they should have a lot of sparkle. Like other gems, they are sold in different sizes that are measured in carats. A .5 carat amethyst is a decent, modest size for a center stone; amethyst bands will have a larger number of smaller stones.

What to Look For

  • Be sure to size your finger before buying any kind of ring, or ask your recipient for their ring size.
  • Check to see if it shows a 925 stamp somewhere on the band. This will let you know the ring is sterling silver.
  • Amethyst looks great in traditional, modern and unique rings, so pick the style that speaks to you or would best suit your intended recipient.
  • Amethyst engagement rings are popular these days, especially the diamond halo style with pave bands.

More to Explore

Though many people associate amethysts with royalty and serenity, this gemstone also symbolizes many other things.

Ancient Romans wore the stone to fend off the god Bacchus, who had intoxicating powers. The word “amethyst” is derived from the Greek word “amethystos” which translates to “not drunken.” Therefore, the purple stone has stood for sobriety in some cultures.

Then, in the Middle Ages, bishops wore amethyst jewelry to symbolize celibacy and piety. It seems like amethysts stand for a whole slew of things, so you can pick whatever you are drawn to and go with that when providing a reason for your choice.

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