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The Best Striped T-Shirt

Last updated on October 11, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Striped T-Shirts

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Amazon Essentials V Neck Lightweight Solid & Striped T-Shirts, 2-Pack

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Amazon Essentials

V Neck Lightweight Solid & Striped T-Shirts, 2-Pack

Including two t-shirts with a v-neck style, this set lets you choose from several combinations with stripes, animal prints or solids. These blended cotton shirts have some stretch to them. Choose from XS to XXL sizes.

Overall Take

Convenient SetThis convenient option lets you get a pair of striped and non-striped shirts.

 Runner Up

Daily Ritual Scoop Neck Drop Shoulder Striped T-Shirt

Daily Ritual

Scoop Neck Drop Shoulder Striped T-Shirt

This women's t-shirt is made to fit loosely and comfortably and features a scoop neck design. You can choose from a few stripe colors as well as get a sustainable material option. It comes in XS to XXL sizes.

Overall Take

Comfortable and StylishConsider this striped t-shirt if you want something that feels comfortable and has a stylish design.

 We Also Like

Nautica V Neck Stretch Cotton Striped T-Shirt


V Neck Stretch Cotton Striped T-Shirt

Available in 13 colors, this t-shirt has a v-neck design and features a button on the sleeve with some options. The elastane adds some stretch to the cotton material for flexibility. You can choose from XS to XXL sizes.

Overall Take

Flexible to WearThis t-shirt has some stretch for improved comfort and comes in several color options.

 Strong Contender

Milumia Ribbed Knit Crewneck Striped T-Shirt


Ribbed Knit Crewneck Striped T-Shirt

This t-shirt comes in 25 color options including both classic and bold patterns along with mixed stripe pattern options. It's made to fit close to the body and has a crewneck style. You can get it in XS to XL sizes.

Overall Take

Large Color SelectionIf you prefer variety, this option has over two dozen stripe color options to consider.

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for something with a classic pattern that can easily fit in with the rest of your wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with a striped t-shirt. Suitable for any occasion where you’d wear casual clothes, a striped t-shirt offers you comfort and pairs especially well with jeans or another pair of solid-colored bottoms. There’s also a lot of diversity in how bold or subtle you want the stripes to look.

These t-shirts can come with vertical or horizontal stripes where the latter is most common. You’ll often hear the debate that vertical stripes provide an elongating effect while horizontal ones can create the look of a wider body. However, either type of stripe pattern can look flattering on your body, so you should pick what fits your fashion tastes.

You’ll have many options when it comes to the width and color of the stripes on your t-shirt. If you want something subtle, you might opt for thin stripes in two alternating colors such as white and gray or white and black. Thicker stripes stand out more and tend to give your t-shirt a more casual look. If you’d like something more interesting and bold, you can consider t-shirts with stripes in several colors such as red, blue, white and yellow.

Just like when you shop for any t-shirt, you’ll also need to consider the sleeve length for the climate and intended wear. Short-sleeved striped t-shirts are a wardrobe staple for the warmer months, and you can still wear them with something over them when it gets cooler. You’ll also find plenty of warmer options with three-quarters sleeves or long sleeves.

In addition, you’ll choose from a variety of striped t-shirts with different necklines. Both crewneck shirts with a round neck and v-neck t-shirts with a lower cut are very popular. Some other common variations include scoop neck styles that are both wider and cut lower and boatneck styles that reveal more of your shoulders. You may prefer having a mix of these styles in your wardrobe.

You should also make sure the striped t-shirt is made of a comfortable and quality material. T-shirts made of 100% cotton are popular for being soft, durable and breathable. However, you can also find polyester shirts that feel light, dry fast and are easy to take care of. Some shirts also contain material that adds stretch.

What to Look For

  • While you can always wear a striped t-shirt with a solid-colored skirt, shorts or pants, you might be surprised that stripes can look good with other patterns. For example, you might pair the t-shirt with something featuring a dotted or floral pattern, though mixing stripes and plaids gets trickier. In any case, you’ll want to take care so that the colors don’t clash; sticking with simpler prints helps with this.
  • Make sure that your striped t-shirt is long enough for your needs. It’s most common for the shirt to fall where your hips start, but you can also find crop tops as well as longer t-shirts that create a unique look. Some striped t-shirts are even oversized to use as sleepwear.
  • You can find striped t-shirts with ribbed and non-ribbed knits. The difference is you’ll see and feel vertical lines on the ribbed fabric due to the texture, and it will be made stronger and stretchier.
  • Whether you’re ordering a striped t-shirt for your child or yourself, make sure the fit is right. The shirt’s maker should provide a chart with measurements for each of the sizes, but not all shirts fit true to their size. For example, some t-shirts containing stretchy materials like Spandex may fit tighter than a 100% cotton shirt.
  • If you have concerns about shrinking, keep in mind that polyester t-shirts are less prone to this problem than cotton ones are. You can help keep your cotton t-shirts in good shape if you avoid washing them in hot water and either let them air dry or use a low dryer setting.
  • You won’t want the stripes on your t-shirt to fade, so you should take some steps to keep them vibrant. Throwing some vinegar in the wash can help as well as using a special detergent that’s designed to keep colors from fading. You’ll also help protect your striped t-shirt if you turn it inside out before throwing it in the washer or dryer and carefully follow the maker’s instructions for care.
  • If you prefer eco-friendly apparel, look for striped t-shirts made of a sustainable material.

More to Explore

Because it’s relatively simple to make a pattern going back and forth with a couple of thread colors, striped textiles have existed as far back as ancient times. But while the pattern isn’t associated with controversy now, this wasn’t the case during the Middle Ages. Back then, striped clothes were often associated with criminals and others with a negative reputation in society. Other people who wore them stood out for their bold fashion choice.

Stripes would find wider popularity during the 1800s when they were associated especially with sailors and fishermen. During the 1900s, Coco Chanel would make shirts with horizontal stripes a popular choice for women. Striped t-shirts now remain popular with both children and adults.

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