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The Best Mom Jeans

Last updated on August 29, 2022

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Levi Strauss Gold Label 5-Pocket Tapered Mom Jeans

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Levi Strauss

Gold Label 5-Pocket Tapered Mom Jeans

These super-casual pants are easy all the way around. The distressed patches make them great for weekend outings and they're comfortable enough to wear just lying around the house. Washing them is a snap and they won't discolor easily.

Overall Take

Distress to ImpressThe causal fit and look says "TGIF".

 Runner Up

Luvamia Balloon Tapered Stretch Fabric Mom Jeans


Balloon Tapered Stretch Fabric Mom Jeans

There's just enough rise in both the waist and ankles with these. The extra tapered shape lets them work well with both heels and sneakers. The fit is plenty comfortable and there is a small amount of stretch in the waist.

Overall Take

Classy Tapered LegsMix it up with these versatile mom jeans.

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Little Vintage Girls Roll-Up Capri Cuffs Mom Jeans

Little Vintage Girls

Roll-Up Capri Cuffs Mom Jeans

The thicker material is a great complement to the baggier fit of these jeans. Which is not to say they're shapeless; the straight leg style keeps the waist looking small. There's ample stretch where it counts and the denim is very durable.

Overall Take

Roomy and ComfyThe straight fit gives these a universal appeal.

 Also Great

Blue Age Butt-Lifting Straight Leg Mom Jeans

Blue Age

Butt-Lifting Straight Leg Mom Jeans

These high-cut jeans work great for those with a little extra in the waist. The denim has a clean look that can suit a lot of different outfits, and the "cutoff" cuffs keep it casual. If you need extra room, there's spandex material in the waist that can stretch another inch or two.

Overall Take

Hugs Those CurvesAccentuate your waist with these.

Buying Guide

We all know that no clothing style is ever going to stay passé forever. Trends come and go and come back again with every new generation, but it’s hard to think of a garment that has staged a comeback like mom jeans.

That’s mostly because they were never really chic the first time around. Back in the ’80s and ’90s, the term “mom jeans” wasn’t much of a compliment. It was a pejorative term for a certain style of blue jeans that rode extra high on the waist and were a little baggy (if not completely shapeless) down the legs. But through the years, moms indeed kept wearing them. They were clued into something that their too-trendy kids couldn’t see: That these jeans were super comfortable and could actually be worn most anywhere.

In recent years though, mom jeans are finally having their moment in the sun. And thanks to clothing companies hopping on the bandwagon, they’re hardly seen as shapeless anymore. So how do you know if they’re right for you?

First off, you should know that there’s no hard and fast definition for “mom jeans.” Most people still think of them as high-waisted jeans that have some extra leg room, and more retro takes on the style might add tapered legs as well. You can often see them with cuffed or rolled up bottoms that come up above the ankles, though that adjustment might edge them into the designation of “boyfriend jeans.” (Another retro style that’s having a moment.) All those details aside, mom jeans tend to work best on pear or rectangular body types where the high rise can slim down the hips.

The fit, of course, is your primary concern. Mom jeans are all about comfort, so look for ones that give you plenty of room to move. That includes the waist as well as the legs. Jeans that squeeze too tight around the top aren’t just a pain to wear; they ruin the whole slimming effect. If you’ve got a bit of extra tummy pouch to cover up, shop for jeans that have an extra high waist.

Pick a length that suits your style, too. The great thing about mom jeans is that they look just as good with a casual set of heels as they do with a nice pair of loafers or sneakers. Full length jeans with hemmed cuffs will be a more versatile pant that you can wear to most casual occasions, but rolled-up or frayed cuffs will give your outfit an extra touch of laid-back style. Subtle patches, worn spots, holes and other “distressed” touches work especially well on this style of jeans if you’re going for a bit of edge.

While you’re shopping for style, don’t forget to get up close (or zoom in) and check for signs of quality denim. If the stitches around the pockets and waist are doubled up or make an end-over-end chain pattern, that’s usually a good indicator of craftsmanship. Mom jeans typically look good with heavier denim, which is a bonus because it’s also more durable. Look for medium or better fabric weight — anything above 12 ounces, if it’s listed on the label. And while it’s very common for women’s jeans to incorporate a bit of Spandex to stretch out the waist, don’t overdo it. A mix of more than 2 percent Spandex will make your jeans a lot more likely to wear out and sag prematurely.

What to Look For

Are your jeans a little stiff? Don’t send them back right away. As with anything made of denim, they’ll usually take a little breaking in to get fully comfortable. (If they don’t, you might be looking at thin and/or cheap denim.) After a wear or two, those jeans should move right along with you. If they don’t, you can speed up the process by letting the pants soak in a mix of cold water and vinegar for about an hour. This will also help keep brighter-colored jeans from fading or bleeding in the wash.

More to Explore

Still doubt the power of mom jeans? Consider that none other than Marilyn Monroe wore high-waisted, straight-legged jeans for years, most notably in films like “Clash by Night” (1952). With such a fashion icon flaunting them, it’s surprising how long they took to catch on.

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