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Last updated on February 7, 2024

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Dr. Scholl’s Dynamo Moisture-Wicking Women’s Clogs

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Dr. Scholl's

Dynamo Moisture-Wicking Women's Clogs

Made from 100% leather, these clogs keep you comfortable while also being durable. A rubber sole gives you slip resistance, making them a great choice for those who work in potentially slippery conditions. The outsole doesn’t leave marks behind as you walk, and the moisture-wicking lining keeps you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Overall Take

Sturdy and ReliableThis clog provides both support and skid resistance to keep you stable throughout the work day.

 Runner Up

Dansko Slip-Resistant Lightweight Women’s Clogs


Slip-Resistant Lightweight Women's Clogs

A 3/4-inch platform gives you a little lift with these clogs. They’re made from 100% leather with a rubber sole for both comfort and stability. The lightweight midsole helps keep your feet cool, and a removable footbed makes them easier to dry out between wears.

Overall Take

Wardrobe StapleThe neutral, versatile design of this shoe makes it a great everyday option.

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Bjork Maja Wood Outsole Open Back Women’s Clogs


Maja Wood Outsole Open Back Women's Clogs

A leather sole and printed leather upper make this clog attractive without sacrificing comfort. The outsole is made from natural wood and has a rocker bottom that naturally moves the foot forward while you’re walking. It’s available in a large variety of colors, including some metallic options.

Overall Take

Comfortable DesignThe wider toe box and natural wood outsole make this clog extra comfortable. Plus, there are many color choices.

 Also Great

Eagsouni Breathable Quick Drying Unisex Clogs


Breathable Quick Drying Unisex Clogs

An ethylene vinyl acetate sole keeps this clog lightweight and breathable. The footbed includes particles that massage your feet as you walk, and the outsole easily bends for premium comfort. The sole features wear resistance and skid prevention, making this shoe great for wearing indoors or outside, including on the beach or near the pool.

Overall Take

Fun DesignsA variety of fun designs sets this pair of clogs apart from other options.

Buying Guide

Clogs may have a long history, but they’ve grown especially popular in recent years. Brands like Crocs have popularized the design, attracting converts who want something unique in the shoes they wear around the house or on the job.

One area where clogs have especially taken off is in nursing. Nurses have shifted to colorful, fun clogs to go with their colorful, fun scrubs and scrub caps. It’s a great way to express individuality in an environment where dress codes veer toward comfort and sterility over stylishness.

But design is important when it comes to a pair of clogs. Improperly designed clogs can be heavy, taking away from any comfort they might offer. It’s important to look for a pair of clogs that are lightweight to make it easy to walk around for extended periods.

Breathability is an important feature in any pair of shoes. Without proper ventilation built in, clogs can trap heat and moisture, leading to an uncomfortable and even unsafe environment for your feet. Look for clogs either made from breathable fabric or with a design that encourages airflow to avoid conditions that could lead to odor and fungal infections.

Clogs can be more functional than fashionable, but there are some that are attractively designed. You can find clogs in various colors and patterns to express yourself. Also look closely at the toe box to make sure there’s plenty of room to wiggle your toes while also conforming enough to stay on your feet while you’re walking around.

The soles of your shoes are important, too. You’ll want a slip-resistant underside, and some clogs even feature soles that don’t leave a mark as you’re walking in your yard or on the beach. If you’re wearing your clogs in the workplace, you’ll especially want to pay attention to the traction your shoes will provide. If you regularly encounter slick spots while you’re working, this can give you some extra security.

What to Look For

  • Leather is a classic material that provides both durability and comfort. Leather also offers a breathability you won’t get from other material types. But leather can be sensitive to moisture, so leather clogs might not be the best option for wearing to the beach or pool.
  • Look at the underside of any clogs you buy. Make sure you’ll get traction if you find yourself working in slippery conditions.
  • Many clogs feature interior lining that can help with moisture. This moisture-wicking property can help keep your feet cool and dry throughout the day.
  • If you plan to wear your clogs as an everyday fashion choice, look for one that’s more neutral in design to give you the versatility you need.
  • If you’re looking for a little lift, a clog that features a platform design is a great option. Having all the lift in your heel area can hold your foot at an awkward angle, potentially leading to foot problems. Platform shoes put the lift across the footbed to honor your foot’s natural arch.
  • Some clogs feature a bottom that naturally rocks, propelling your foot forward as you walk. This can put a little more spring in your step, although it might take some getting used to. Consider practicing walking around the house before you take your new clogs in public if you go for this option.
  • If you plan to wear your clogs outdoors, take a close look at the soles. You’ll want something sturdy enough to traverse rough terrain like gravel or concrete. You’ll also want to make sure the shoe will fully support your weight while you’re walking around. A lack of balance could lead to a twisted ankle.

More to Explore

Although clogs date back centuries, their design is thought to have been inspired by the calceus senatorius sandal seen in Ancient Rome. Calceus senatorius were worn by the Roman senators who passed laws and featured four black thongs to secure them to the wearer’s foot.

The oldest surviving clog dates back to the 1200s and was found in the Netherlands. By the 1300s, though, clogs became high fashion in Europe, serving as a shoe similar to those Roman sandals that would cover the entire foot, leaving less skin exposed to the elements. Early clogs were handcrafted from a single square box of wood. The wood was wet before being axed and smoothed into the shoe shape necessary to become footwear. Woodworkers, known as bodgers, gravitated toward balsa, beech and sycamore woods for their durability.

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