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The Best Eyeglass Chain

Last updated on October 11, 2023

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BILIONE Leather Strap Eyeglass Chains, 6-Count

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Leather Strap Eyeglass Chains, 6-Count

Coming in a pack of six, these simple chains are made of leather and have adjustable connectors. You can choose from four packs that offer different colors and braided and non-braided options.

Overall Take

Change It UpConsider this pack of eyeglass chains if color and style variety is important.

 Runner Up

LJZspangle Silicone Non-Slip Buckle Eyeglass Chains, 5-Count


Silicone Non-Slip Buckle Eyeglass Chains, 5-Count

This option gives you five chains that come in different colors and are made of leather. They're made for durability, a strong hold and simplicity. You also get a small screwdriver and ear grips for your glasses.

Overall Take

Comes with ExtrasThese simple chains come with a few eyeglass accessories as well.

 We Also Like

AllenCOCO 18K Gold Plated Eyeglass Chain


18K Gold Plated Eyeglass Chain

Available in several gold-plated options alongside faux leather, this chain looks more elegant than plain rope styles. It offers a secure fit and durability. It also has special clasps that let you wear the chain as a necklace.

Overall Take

Elegant ChoiceYou get multiple elegant options for this chain plus flexibility for other uses.

 Strong Contender

ONESING Metal & Plastic Beaded Eyeglass Chains, 4-Count


Metal & Plastic Beaded Eyeglass Chains, 4-Count

These chains come in packs of four and feature either plastic or metal beads. You can choose from 13 sets with different bead styles, sizes and colors. Each chain is adjustable and features simple loop connectors.

Overall Take

Unique LooksConsider these chains if you want something more creative and like the look of beads.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re concerned about losing your glasses or just want a convenient way to keep them close, an eyeglass chain is a great accessory to have. It simply connects to the temples of your glasses so that you can either wear them on your face or around your neck. This accessory can come in handy when doing activities where your glasses could fall off and break, as well as during events where you might only want to wear them sometimes but don’t want to fish them out of a case. However, you can also consider a glasses chain for everyday uses such as holding your reading glasses or sunglasses.

Eyeglass chains come in many styles. Some are plain metal chains that are low profile and provide a classic look that will suit any setting. Designed to offer a fashion statement alongside functionality, other chains have more elaborate styles that consist of colorful beads or are made of fabric that might have patterns. Leather, faux leather and rope eyeglass chains are also available in many colors and can be a more economical option if you’d like something casual.

While eyeglass chains can usually hold up to typical everyday wear, you can find particularly durable options designed for sports use. Some of these use a wider strap that less resembles a chain. These often use materials like nylon and spandex to make issues like chafing during extended wear less problematic. So, if you want something for active use, you might get more comfort and peace of mind with these.

Eyeglass chains usually come universally sized to comfortably fit most frames, so you shouldn’t need to take measurements. However, some will specify a certain range of frame sizes or even certain frame brands. The chain itself also may or may not be adjustable. If you want control over how long or how tightly the chain will hold your glasses, it’s worth going for an adjustable version for that flexibility.

What to Look For

  • Eyeglass chains usually measure 25 to 30 inches long, though some shorter versions exist. The length is important since a chain that’s too long can be annoying to wear unless it’s adjustable, while a short chain might not offer the best comfort.
  • While you could just buy an individual eyeglass chain, some products include six or even more in a pack as a more economical option. These are good if you want multiple color options, and some packs even give you a mix of styles with different materials. Plus, you wouldn’t get inconvenienced as much if one chain breaks since you’d already have extras on hand.
  • If you have an eyeglass chain with rubber connectors, you’ll usually just slide the hole on each connector through the temple tips on your glasses and stop around halfway up the temple. Eyeglass chains that use clips just require opening each clip and closing it securely where you want it on the temple.
  • Always make sure that your eyeglass chain is connected tightly to your glasses and isn’t slipping off.
  • While eyeglass chains do offer some security, take precautions if you plan to keep your glasses on during an extreme activity like riding a roller coaster. You could end up losing or breaking your glasses even with the strap attached. Plus, you might get asked to remove your glasses for the ride anyway.
  • You should clean your eyeglass chain regularly since sweat can build up on it. You’ll want to take special care of metal chains since they can rust and beaded chains since they could break more easily.
  • If you participate in water activities, you can find special eyeglass chains with attachments that make your glasses float if they fall off. Some options let you swap out the ends, so you can alternate between regular and floating options.
  • Some eyeglass chains have lobster clasps as well so that you can remove the rubber connector and use the chain for other purposes. For example, you might connect the chain to the straps on a face mask for convenience. You could also use a stylish eyeglass chain as a necklace or wrapped bracelet.

More to Explore

Check out these fun facts about eyeglasses and the importance of eyeglass chains:

  • Did you know that you could spend 153 days in your lifetime – or 10 minutes daily — looking for lost items like your glasses? This shows how an eyeglass chain can save you both time and hassle.
  • The use of glasses in the United States includes 42% of men and over 50% of women. In the end, around 64% of Americans with eyesight issues use glasses compared to the 11% who use contacts.
  • Did you know you’re most likely to misplace your glasses at home than at any other location? Other popular locations for losing them include public transportation vehicles, beaches, gyms, hotels, restaurants and the workplace.

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