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The Best Backpack Pins

Last updated on October 14, 2022
Best Backpack Pins

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Our Picks For The Top Backpack Pins

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KILIPOL Assorted Nickel-Plated Backpack Pins, 20-Piece

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Assorted Nickel-Plated Backpack Pins, 20-Piece

This backpack pins set includes a total of 20 mystery-themed pins. Each is iron crafted with a nickel plating that is sure to stand out. The pins are also nice and lightweight with a brooch-style that is easy to install on a variety of materials.

Overall Take

Most VersatileThese backpack pins also look great attached to hats, jackets, vests and suitcases.

 Runner Up

GDERFANEY Ghostly Gift Backpack Pins, 5-Piece


Ghostly Gift Backpack Pins, 5-Piece

Get ready for Halloween with this set of ghost backpack pins. The set includes a total of five pins, each of which is constructed using a high-quality alloy that is strong and durable. You'll find the pins more humorous than scary.

Overall Take

Affordable Price TagYou'll find these backpack pins are easy on any budget.

 We Also Like

Hicarer Zinc Alloy Cartoon Backpack Pins, 20-Piece


Zinc Alloy Cartoon Backpack Pins, 20-Piece

This set includes 20 small backpack pins, each featuring a cartoon-like image. Designs include a rainbow, leaf, mountain, banana, avocado and many more. Each pin is made of zinc alloy to ensure durability, and the clasp on the back prevents the pin from falling off without you realizing it.

Overall Take

Fade-Reducing DesignDurable material ensures this pin will resist fading even after extended daily use.

 Strong Contender

RipGrip Nickel-Plated Feminist Backpack Pins, 7-Piece


Nickel-Plated Feminist Backpack Pins, 7-Piece

You'll get seven backpack pins in this set, each sized 1 by 1.5 inches, with a 1.5-mm-thick profile. Each pin includes a bright, high-quality image that depicts female-centric messaging, with sayings like "girl power" and "more cats, less cat-calling." You'll get a durable pin as well, with iron-crafted material and black, silver or gold-colored ni...

Overall Take

Girl Power MessagingShow the world your spunky strength with this seven-piece set of pins that include sayings like "girl power" and "the future is female."

Buying Guide

If you carry a backpack for school or work, you know it can be tough to find one that expresses your unique style. With a good backpack pin, though, you don’t have to shop for a pattern that fits your personality. Simply attach a pin to the part of the backpack that others see, and you’ll be set.

Instead of just one pin, though, you can cover your backpack in pins. Manufacturers even make it easy by selling backpack pins in sets. You can find sets that include 20 pins or more, allowing you to display a variety or change things up every now and then.

A large set of backpack pins also means you can share some with friends. Better yet, have your friends order their own sets and trade with each other to extend your collection.

Durability is an important consideration with any pin you buy. Enamel paint-on pins not only resist fading but also hold up against daily use. For that reason, you’ll find enamel is the most common material used for backpack pins. Look for a pin set that advertises that it’s hand-painted if you’re especially concerned about wear and tear.

What to Look For

  • Most pins feature a variety of designs in a set, but each pin will have a similar look to it. Shop around until you find a set with at least a few designs that appeal to you.
  • It can be difficult to judge the size of a pin through pictures. Make sure you check the measurements and know what you’re getting before you order.
  • The backing of a pin is especially important. Look for one that has a clasp that locks onto the back of the pin. This will ensure it stays in place as you’re walking around throughout the day.
  • If you plan to distribute your pin set as gifts, pay attention to the way it will be packaged before being sent to you. Some arrive attached to cards, with each pin stored in a separate sealed plastic bag.
  • Enamel is the most popular material for the painting on backpack pins. But the material itself is important as well. Look for a pin made from alloy, and consider it a bonus if it’s coated in silver- or gold-nickel plating.
  • You can vary up the look of your backpack by investing in several different sets of pins, each featuring its own unique style. Pin them onto your backpack together to liven things up a little.

More to Explore

There are two major types of enamel pins: hard and soft. A hard enamel pin is made from die-struck iron metal, which is then heated to a high temperature and polished, creating a smooth surface. Soft enamel is also made from die-struck iron metal, but it’s electroplated and potentially coated in epoxy. Soft enamel has a thinner feel than what you see with hard enamel pins.

The size of your pin plays a role in how much detail the designer can put into it. A smaller pin offers a more subtle look and can even be combined with other pins on your backpack to make a statement. However, larger pins give more room for artwork, making it easier to craft more intricate designs.

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