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The Best Dress Socks For Men

Last updated on January 4, 2022
Best Dress Socks For Men

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Our Picks For The Top Dress Socks For Men

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Dickies Dri-tech Breathable Dress Socks For Men, 12-Pair

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Dri-tech Breathable Dress Socks For Men, 12-Pair

You’ll get 12 pairs of socks in a cotton-polyester blend with just a little spandex and nylon for stretch. The fibers are designed to keep moisture at a minimum to help keep you comfortable and dry. The socks have a reinforced heel and toe for durability and compression support in the arch area.

Overall Take

Business and CasualThis set of 12 pairs of black socks can take you from work to play without having to change.

 Runner Up

Goodthreads Patterned Reinforced Dress Socks For Men, 5-Pair


Patterned Reinforced Dress Socks For Men, 5-Pair

The thin but durable design make these socks comfortable to wear with tennis shoes, loafers or dress shoes. You’ll get five pairs in each pack, each in a cotton-nylon blend to provide maximum breathability and flexibility. The socks have a reinforced heel and toe area to help prevent annoying holes.

Overall Take

Fun DesignsIf you’re in a place where you have to take your shoes off, you can show off your feet with pride with these fun patterned socks.

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Amazon Essentials Embellished Cotton-Blend Dress Socks For Men, 5-Pair

Amazon Essentials

Embellished Cotton-Blend Dress Socks For Men, 5-Pair

In this set, you’ll get five pairs of socks, each in a combination of subdued patterns and solids. The elastic band and built-in spandex will help the sock stay in place, while the mostly cotton fabric keeps your feet cool and comfortable. You can machine wash them without worrying about them stretching or wearing out.

Overall Take

Great for the OfficeThese black dress socks work well for professional settings, whether you wear dress pants or more casual pants like jeans and khakis.

 Also Great

Hanes FreshIQ Cool-Comfort Dress Socks For Men, 6-Pair


FreshIQ Cool-Comfort Dress Socks For Men, 6-Pair

If you’re looking for a thinner sock that still provides cushioning where you need it most, consider these socks. You’ll get six pairs in each set with a knit that’s a polyester and cotton blend with spandex so the socks will hold their shape. The moisture-wicking fabric and advanced odor technology are designed to keep your feet dry and odor...

Overall Take

Eliminate Stinky FeetBuilt-in technology helps keep odors at bay to give you confidence as you remove your shoes.

Buying Guide

As useful and versatile as casual socks can be, sometimes you need a pair of dress socks. If you’re wearing dress pants or even khakis, a more formal pair of socks is likely in order.

But finding a good pair of traditional dress socks can be a struggle. They tend to be made from thinner knits, which means you might not find them as durable as your thicker casual socks. And despite that thinner design, they also might not have the breathability you need.

A little searching can help you find the features you want while still ensuring you look professional or more formal when needed. First, there’s the material. Manufacturers today tend to use a polyester-cotton blend that gives you both durability and a lightweight, comfortable feel. Some even pack in more advanced features like moisture-wicking and odor-battling fabric.

Length is also an important feature. Most men’s dress socks come in either calf- or knee-length. If your calf-length socks tend to drift downward, you might want to try a knee-length option. Whatever length you choose, make sure the elastic band is strong enough to hold your socks in place.

Color is another consideration. Black is always a safe choice, but if you ever wear tan, navy or brown shoes and pants, you’ll find you need something aside from black in your sock drawer. Make sure you have at least a couple of pairs of dress socks in every color you might need for the dress pants and shoes in your closet.

Bold, unique patterned socks have become a big trend. This may work well in some environments, but go for muted patterns if you want to play it safe. You should also make sure you have solids for when you need something that doesn’t distract.

What to Look For

  • Foot odor is a relatively common issue, and it can be worse if you spend your day in socks and shoes. To battle the problem, start by keeping your feet clean, but you can also change your socks frequently and go barefoot when you’re hanging out at home. You also may be able to find odor-resistant socks that will help.
  • Your socks usually remain safely tucked away behind your pants. But keep in mind that there could be an occasion where you have to unexpectedly remove your shoes. You might end up in a client’s home, for instance, or your lunch at a new restaurant may require shoe removal. Make sure your socks are in good shape and replace any with holes, just in case you find yourself shoeless.
  • Socks are often sold in multiples. You can get a good deal by buying five or more sets at once. If you have multiple pairs of identical socks, you’ll also save time trying to match pairs after laundering.
  • Holes most commonly form in the toe and heel area of a sock. For this reason, manufacturers now sometimes reinforce those two spots. This can extend the life of a pair of socks, saving you money over the long haul.
  • Consider the shoes you’ll typically wear with your dress socks. Thicker socks can provide additional support when you’re wearing those less-supportive dress shoes, but with better shoes, you might want to look for a lighter, thinner sock that keeps your feet cool.
  • Moisture-wicking material can make a big difference in absorbing sweat throughout the day. This will help keep your feet dry, preventing issues and keeping you comfortable.
  • If you go from work to the gym or vice versa, keep in mind that the best socks for working out aren’t the same as the type of socks you’d wear for work. This is especially true if you engage in activities like running since thin socks can cause friction between your foot and your shoe, leading to blisters.

More to Explore

With some looks, socks may seem like a garment you can skip, but socks actually serve an important purpose. Going barefoot or wearing sandals in hot weather can be comfortable, but doing so eliminates the protection you get from a good pair of socks. Without socks, your foot rubs freely along the bottom of your shoe, irritating the skin and possibly even causing blisters.

The cushioning provided by a pair of socks is also valuable. With the right pair, you get a little extra padding and help with arch support. And although it’s obvious that you’ll want to wear socks to keep your feet warm when temperatures turn chilly, socks can also help absorb moisture when your feet are hot and sweaty. If you change your socks often, you can keep your feet dry even on the hottest days.

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