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The Best Men’s Ski Socks

Last updated on February 8, 2022

We looked at the top 10 Men's Ski Socks and dug through the reviews from 16 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Men's Ski Socks.

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Our Picks For The Top Men's Ski Socks

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WEIERYA Cotton & Spandex Men’s Ski Socks, 2-Pack

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Cotton & Spandex Men's Ski Socks, 2-Pack

Premium, moisture-wicking cotton mixed with chinlon and spandex make this a warm, comfortable option. You can choose from several different designs to show off your personal style on the slopes. The midweight thickness gives you the insulation you need without crowding your foot in your ski boot.

Overall Take

Great for BeginnersA comfortable cotton build makes this a great option for those who are still learning to ski.

" High cotton content is designed to help keep your feet warm. The moisture wicking properties keeps your feet dry and comfortable."
"Depending on the user if they are shorter, the socks could be too long."
 Runner Up

Hylaea Merino Wool Men’s Ski Socks, 3-Pack


Merino Wool Men's Ski Socks, 3-Pack

With a fit that suits men, women and youth, these merino wool socks will give you comfort combined with moisture-wicking technology. The material is designed to resist odor buildup and keep your feet both dry and breathable. A thick terry loop added to the forefoot, heel and toe will keep friction to a minimum while also absorbing shock while youâ€...

Overall Take

For Serious SkiiersBuilt-in shock absorbers will help keep your feet safe even during the most intense skiing sessions.

 We Also Like

AKASO Thermolite Technology Men’s Wool Ski Socks


Thermolite Technology Men's Wool Ski Socks

Those looking out for the environment will love these ski socks, which are made from 100 percent recycled materials. Merino wool will help keep your feet warm and dry while you ski, and a seamless design ensures your socks won’t irritate your feet. Thick terry loop stitching will help protect your feet, shins and calves, absorbing shock while als...

Overall Take

Stabilizing OptionThese socks feature a built-in terry loop that helps prevent your feet from sliding around, giving extra stability.

" AKASO snowboard socks are made of Merino wool which provides thermal insulation. These socks wicks moisture away and provides the ultimate comfort."
 Strong Contender

PureAthlete Arch Support Men’s Ski Socks, 3-Pack


Arch Support Men's Ski Socks, 3-Pack

Merino wool gives you the warmth you need while also wicking moisture to keep you comfortable while you ski. They feature spandex to ensure they stay up while you’re wearing them. The midweight thickness won’t inhibit movement but will also ensure you have the protection you need.

Overall Take

All-Day WearThe padded areas in pressure points and stay-up technology make this ideal for all-day wear.

" These stocks stay up, they are comfortable and keep your feet light. Free anti odor technology."

Buying Guide

Skiing is a fun, healthy sport that lets you enjoy the great outdoors even during the chilliest of months. But your body temperature heats up during physical activity, so it can be easy to forget the frigid temperatures around you. As outdoor winter sports have become more popular, more young, healthy individuals have fallen victim to frostbite, which is a danger any time you’re exposed to extremely chilly temperatures.

Of course, when you’re skiing, your body isn’t directly exposed to the elements. You bundle up in layers of clothing designed to protect your body tissue. But one area that can easily be forgotten is your feet. You’ll want socks that properly insulate your legs, ankles, feet and toes against the frigid temperatures without inhibiting movement.

Ski socks are designed specifically to give you protection from the elements without sacrificing your skill on the slopes. But it’s also important to make sure your chosen sock fits comfortably inside your ski boot. That’s why, if possible, you should pinpoint your favorite type of ski sock before you start shopping for ski boots.

There are different types of material used to make ski socks, but typically you’ll see merino wool or polyester. Wool is known for its warming capabilities, but in recent years, polyester and polyester-nylon blends have become increasingly popular in apparel designed for warmth. Some people are allergic or sensitive to wool, and polyester fabrics can provide the same breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

The key property in both merino wool and polyester is that both fabrics retain their warming properties even when wet. That’s crucial for socks you’ll be wearing in the snow. It’s important to avoid getting caught up in the thickness of the sock. With the right fabric, a thinner build will be fine. Thicker socks can inhibit circulation, especially when your foot is tucked inside a snug-fitting boot, which is another reason it’s important to try on your socks with your ski boots before you hit the slopes.

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Our experts reviewed the top 10 Men's Ski Socks and also dug through the reviews from 16 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Men's Ski Socks.

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What to Look For

  • Although your socks might not be very visible with your ski pants and boots, it can be fun to look for a pair with patterns. You’ll be able to continue to wear them after your ski trip and show off your fun style.
  • As valuable as a thick pair of socks can be for warmth, it’s important to look for a thinner sock that builds in warming properties. A merino wool or polyester sock that’s midweight will keep your feet and legs warm without crowding your foot when it’s tucked inside your boot.
  • Ski socks often use a style of knitting known as a terry loop, which creates reinforced stitching in certain areas. This will typically be concentrated on impact-typical areas like toes, heels and shins. This gives you a little extra protection if your foot runs into an obstacle while you’re skiing. But with this type of stitching, you’ll also get more structure in your sock and better support for it staying upright.
  • Odor can be a problem with warmer socks. Look for a material that’s designed to keep that odor to a minimum.
  • Although socks are typically separated into men’s and women’s sizes and styles, women can wear men’s socks and vice versa. It’s just important to know how to convert the sizes.
  • For a sustainable solution, look for ski socks that are made from recyclable materials.
  • You’ll likely want to thoroughly clean your socks between uses. Most ski socks should be machine washable, but check the care instructions before buying to make sure.
  • Ski socks are typically knee-length to ensure your calf is fully covered while you’re skiing. Since the length differs, look to make sure your socks will land where you want them to. This is especially important if you’re more petite or taller than average.

More to Explore

Winter sports have been around throughout civilization. Nordic cave drawings depict a man on skis holding a stick as early as 4500 to 5000 years ago. But skis have been discovered in Russia dating back 8000 years. In those times, people attached bones of large animals to boots using strips of leather. But skis are thought to have been a mode of transportation rather than a sport.

Skiing took a major turn in the 1700s, when members of the Swedish Army competed on skis, with Norwegian scouts even using skis on spy missions. In the mid-1800s, the first skis and bindings were developed. These skis made it possible for their wearers to navigate while traveling on them.

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