Wine Enthusiast Freestanding Slimline Silent Wine Refrigerator

Last updated date: March 22, 2020

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Wine Enthusiast Freestanding Slimline Silent Wine Refrigerator

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Overall Take

In our analysis of 36 expert reviews, the Wine Enthusiast Wine Enthusiast Slimline Wine Refrigerator placed 6th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note July 6, 2020:
Checkout The Best Wine Cooler Refrigerator for a detailed review of all the top wine cooler refrigerators.

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What experts liked
This dual-zone wine cooler can chill up to 18 standard-size bottles.
- Top Ten Reviews
The unit is very stylish despite being in the budget price range. The refrigerator has a very accurate temperature operation. The dual-zone operation means that the user can store both whites and reds in the same fridge. The freestanding operation gives the user flexibility with placement.
- Home Wine Fridge Reviews
Even for a mid-range capacity cooler such as this 18-bottle wine fridge, dual temperature zones are always a plus. It has a nice and functional slim profile to its design, ensuring it fits well into the narrowest of spaces earmarked for convenient wine storage.
- Wine Cooler Lab
If you’re looking for something affordable, this 18-bottle wine cooler from expert-recommended brand Wine Enthusiast is great. Its door is only half opaque; the bottom opaque half protects bottles for longer-term storage, while the top glass half shows bottles ready to serve.
- New York Mag
It is sleek and compact. The wine cooler is equipped with 2 separate cooling zones. While one of the zones can hold 10 bottles, the other zone can hold 8 bottles. Each zone has a number of shelves that can be removed to match your requirements.
- Eden Winery
What experts didn't like
The wine fridge does not quite offer the silent operation that is promised. There have been complaints about a consistent hum when the fan changes speed but it is not much of a bother. The shelves are a bit crammed together, making it unsuitable for larger, oddly shaped wine bottles.
- Home Wine Fridge Reviews
Then there isn’t a lock to keep them safe from prying hands. The bottom cooling zone doesn’t have a light. Bigger bottles are a very tight squeeze, so much so that we’d go against trying to fit any of your bigger bottles in this unit.
- Wine Cooler Lab
The wine enthusiast wine cooler is designed with a door that cannot be reversed or locked. The shelves are not designed to hold large sized Bordeaux bottles, unless removing one of the shelves, which reduces the bottle holding capacity. It requires an open area to vent out the hot air.
- Eden Winery

From The Manufacturer

Wine Enthusiast has nearly 35 years of experience designing products by and for people who love wine. Our brand focuses on exclusive products that enhance your wine lifestyle, whether you are a new wine enthusiast or a true wine connoisseur. Our Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator creates the perfect environment for ideal storage and taste. A wine enthusiast knows how complex each bottle can be and how important it is to store and serve your wines at the right temperature. The dual zone wine fridge design allows just that - perfect conditions for every bottle in your collection. The temperature is easily adjustable in each zone. The 54-66 degrees F in the top zone makes for ideal storage of 10 bottles of reds and whites. The bottom zone, adjustable to 44-66 degrees F, can provide the perfect storage area for reds and white, and at the cooler point, is perfect for serving most whites. Indulge your taste buds and impress your guests with perfect wine flavors every time. Every wine connoisseur knows how important it is to properly store your wines in order to preserve every ounce of flavor and all the subtleties that come in a complex bottle of wine. Whether to enjoy your dinner with a perfect glass every time, or to impress your guests’ taste buds with a special wine selection. Elegant, energy-efficient and convenient wine storage every day of the year. The Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator is a freestanding fridge that measures 37.5" H with hinge x 9.87" W x 20.25" D and features an elegant design in black metal, reflective smoked glass and a stainless steel rim. It holds up to 32 regular sized bottles, 16 in each temperature zone, and has 7 pull-out chrome shelves to allow for adjusting to different bottle sizes. For ease of use, there is a digital touchpad to adjust temperature, while the cooling technology is silent and energy-efficient. Style: 272 03 18 05 is FREESTANDING ONLY - DUE TO STATE REGULATIONS - DOES NOT SHIP TO CALIFORNIA

Overall Product Rankings

An Overview On Wine Cooler Refrigerators

Whether you frequently host dinner parties, or you simply enjoy a glass of wine with your meals, a wine cooler refrigerator is an excellent purchase. You’ll be able to keep your favorite wines at an ideal temperature, so that they are ready for consumption at a moment’s notice.

Before you browse the available wine cooler refrigerators on the market, you need to take a look at your kitchen or dining space. There are larger models that sit right on your floor, vertical units that fit in between a counter and a table and miniature models that rest right on your counter or tabletop.

Determine how many wine bottles you’d like the wine cooler refrigerator to hold, assuming you have the space. There are units that fit just 12 bottles, as well as coolers that can hold 15 and 18 bottles.

Check the temperature settings next. There are single zones with adjustable temperatures between 52 and 64-degrees Fahrenheit, as well as dual zones that allow you to keep white wines colder than your red wines. Look for an easy-to-use digital display that also has a button that turns on an internal light, so that you can view the bottles in the evening light.

Consider a wine cooler refrigerator that is energy efficient, has low to no vibration and runs quietly. It’s an added bonus if the model also keeps out UV light and has a secure door seal to prevent moisture.

Homes with small children will need a wine cooler refrigerator with an automatic child lock. This type of lock will activate a few seconds after the cooler’s door has closed to keep young ones from accessing a bottle when parents aren’t in the room.

DWYM Fun Fact

Back in Biblical times, wine was stored in wineskins that were typically made from goat skins. Later, archaeologists discovered clay jars that were used to hold fermented fruit juices, like wine.

It is believed that the first wine cellar existed more than 3,700 years ago in the city of Tel Kabri. Amazingly, this cellar is believed to have held as many as 3,000 wine bottles. Thanks to the invention of electricity and refrigeration, we can now store our wine in specially designed wine coolers.

The Wine Cooler Refrigerator Buying Guide

  • Not all wine coolers have door locks to keep children out.
  • Larger bottles might not fit on certain wine racks. You may need to remove a rack to store them, which means the cooler won’t be able to hold its listed number of wine bottles.
  • White wines are typically stored in cooler temperatures than red wines. If you prefer white wine, keep this in mind as you browse the available wine cooler refrigerators, as some have limited temperature settings.
  • Wine cooler refrigerator prices vary by the number of bottles they hold, as well as the number of extra features they have. When comparing prices, it’s a good idea to divide the overall price by the number of bottles the unit holds. If the unit has extra features, you’ll want to take that into consideration after you know the price per bottle. On the lower end of the price range, you’ll find the hOmelabs Freestanding Single Zone Wine Cooler. The Ivation Thermoelectric Countertop Wine Cooler is moderately priced, while the NutriChef Compact Countertop Wine Cooler is the most expensive.