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The Best Travel Pillows

Last updated on March 15, 2024
Best Neck Pillow

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Our Picks For The Top Travel Pillows

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Trtl Ergonomic Adjustable Travel Pillow

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Ergonomic Adjustable Travel Pillow

This machine-washable travel pillow comes in tons of fun colors and two sizes — adult and junior. It promises to keep your head in an ergonomic position while you sleep upright, and can easily be adjusted to make your trip more comfortable.

Overall Take

Adjustable DesignThis travel pillow will help you stay comfy during your next long trip. And when you get home, simply tosh it in the washing machine.

 Runner Up

MLVOC Sweat-Resistant Support Neck Pillow


Sweat-Resistant Travel Pillow

Designed to reduce neck pain while traveling, this travel pillow has an adjustable rope for a snug fit. There's no need to worry about your new pillow collecting germs during your trip, as the pillow is machine washable. As an added bonus, the pillow comes with earplugs, an eye mask and a handy travel case.

Overall Take

Easy to CleanThis neck pillow comes with a few extras, like a cute carrying case and a set of earplugs.

 Strong Contender

BCOZZY Children’s Cozy Travel Pillow


Children's Cozy Travel Pillow

No matter what your sitting position, this travel pillow will help you feel comfortable enough to catch some ZZZs. The pillow is made to wrap completely around your neck to provide both neck and chin support. It's also ergonomically designed to reduce pressure on your spine and shoulders, so you wake up without any aches or pains.

Overall Take

Added Chin SupportAdults will love this travel pillow, which promotes a healthy posture while sitting in an office chair, a home sofa or a seat on an airplane.

 Also Consider

Dreamtown Kids Plush First Travel Pillow

Dreamtown Kids

Plush First Travel Pillow

Not only is the Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow one of the more affordable travel pillows on the market, but it's also a top pick for its category. Parents can feel confident giving this pillow to their little ones, as it is 100% hypoallergenic and mold and mildew resistant. It also receives high marks for comfort.

Overall Take

Best Toddler PillowThis 100% hypoallergenic Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow is safe for your little traveler.

Buying Guide

Whether you travel by plane, train or automobile, chances are your journey is going to last at least a few hours. As long as you aren’t the driver, you’ll be able to rest your head and catch a few ZZZs. Travel pillows are the perfect solution, as bed pillows are just too big to realistically transport. When shopping for a comfortable travel pillow, there are a few things to look for.

Determine who you’re buying the pillow for. There are pillows for adults, as well as children. A good choice if you plan on bringing your kids along is a pillow that resembles the children’s bedtime pillow that they have come to know and love. It’s nice if it is also machine washable.

Look to see what type of support the pillow offers. You want a pillow that is going to prevent your neck from getting stiff and your muscles from getting sore. There are also models that have added chin support to keep your head from falling over as you drift off to sleep.

Simplemost Media

Ask yourself what type of material you prefer? The two most common types are cotton and memory foam. Cotton is soft and comforting, while the memory foam is able to conform to your specific body shape.

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Review the travel pillow’s uses. Some pillows are simply made for the neck and head, while others can also be used to support the back or to prop up a leg.

Simplemost Media

Consider a travel pillow that comes with a few extras. The MLVOC Memory Foam Travel Pillow also offers customers a handy set of earplugs and an eye mask for quieting the senses. It also includes a travel bag to keep all of the pieces together.

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What to Look For

  • Always read the product label to locate the cleaning instructions. Many travel pillows are safe to throw in the wash, but some aren’t. You don’t want to accidentally damage the pillow and have to shell out money for a new one.
  • Make sure the travel pillow doesn’t take up too much space so you have room in your luggage for more necessities. Another option is to choose a travel pillow that can be attached to your luggage.
  • When it’s time to replace your travel pillow, consider a few alternative uses for it. You can use the pillow as a knee guard while gardening, a pet bed or even simply use the outer fabric as a rag for cleaning.

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  • When comparing the price of travel pillows, you’ll need to take into account size and extra features. One that comes with a travel case, earbuds and an eye patch, like the MLVOC pillow, will cost more than a pillow that doesn’t have all these features. Others that have more of an intricate design may also be higher in price.

More to Explore

  • When we think of pillows today, we picture comfort and softness, but the first pillows used were literally hard as a rock. Back in 7,000 B.C., the ancient Mesopotamians used stone pillows. The Egyptians and Chinese followed suit. It wasn’t until the Industrial Era when pillows began to be used in households, and by this time, the pillows were soft.
  • In Hollywood, filmmakers would incorporate pillow fights into pictures to show conflict. The more feathers that flew out of the pillows, the more conflict was conveyed to the audience.
  • In Korea, Lee Jin-gyu actually married his life-size body pillow with the image of Fate Testarossa on it.
  • One of the more common pillow fillers in Asia is buckwheat.

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