J-Pillow Head Elevating Easy Carry Travel Pillow

Last updated: October 28, 2022

In addition to supporting your neck, the J-Pillow Travel Pillow also offers chin support. It's smaller than most travel pillows, so you don't have to worry about it taking up much space in your carry on. When you're not busy traveling, you can use the pillow at home while watching television, as it works well to reduce muscle tension and soreness.

J-Pillow Head Elevating Easy Carry Travel Pillow

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Product Details

Key Takeaway: This J-Pillow Travel Pillow provides added chin support while you doze.

In our analysis of 236 expert reviews, the J-Pillow Head Elevating Easy Carry Travel Pillow placed 12th when we looked at the top 18 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Ingenious chin support keeps head from falling forward, provides neck support by filling gap between head and shoulders making it the best patented travel support pillow for travel and home. IDEAL FOR TRAVEL — Conform and twist it in several positions. The design is perfect for full support while sleeping upright without getting a stiff neck, making it perfect for Airplane flights, cars, bus ride, trains, camp. PERFECT FOR THE HOME – Crafted for relaxing the head and neck muscles when watching TV or reading and for stabilizing the head for people having trouble holding the head up and need support or to sleep in an upright position. SUPER SOFT AND BEST SUPPORT — Supports and keeps head elevated in perfect position for restful sleep. Winner of the prestigious British Invention of the Year. EASY CARE AND CARRYING — Handy snap-loop fastener attaches to luggage, durable machine washable, more flexible than standard memory foam travel pillows.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

It is machine washable.
The J Pillow has a soft fleece outer fabric and a typical foam (not memory foam) inner core. It’s easy to put on and off and is versatile enough to be a one size fits all product.
On the upside, it did keep my neck from flopping around while I napped.
I was very impressed by the construction of the J-Pillow Travel Pillow. It’s an extremely high-quality travel pillow, from the luxuriously plush pillow cover to the “3D” polyester fiber filling on the inside.I absolutely love the plush material J Pillow chose for the outer cover. It strikes the perfect balance between comfort and air circulation – I tend to get quite sweaty when using a travel pillow that’ s constantly around my neck, but that just doesn’t happen when I go with the J Pillow.
J-Pillow promotes it’s use as a lumbar support pillow, and this really works for me. Its wonderful for reducing back strain at my old creaky desk chair.
The most impressive feature of the J-Pillow is definitely the design. Now, we all can ceremonially burn our old inferior neck travel pillows that didn’t actually support our necks. The design really supports the head unlike a normal travel pillow would.
The unique shape will fill the gap between your head and shoulders to give you the best neck support with a travel pillow. The shape also allows you to conform and twist the pillow in different positions as needed, customizing it to fit your head and neck perfectly.
- Tuck
Can be used in various different ways to find the ideal position for your seat.
This J Pillow is one of the best travel pillows for anyone who suffers with a stiff neck. The J shape supports the back of your head, the neck and your chin simultaneously, preventing your head from dropping and giving you all round support to prevent muscle strain.
- T3
The soft, cuddly fabric on the exterior feels nice to touch whereas the inside is made of polyester fiber. You will be happy to hear that the whole pillow is machine washable, so no worries about keeping it clean and free of germs.
Apart from protecting the head and neck from injury and helping users to enjoy uninterrupted sleep when traveling for long distances, J Pillow travel pillow is a perfect accessory for relaxing in bed or a sofa.
The pillow is waterproof which makes it more durable.
Its snap-loop fastener makes attaching it to your luggage possible to keep it safe.
The lightweight item can be compressed down into a ball for ease of packing and there is also a convenient loop fastening that lets you easily affix it to your bag to save even more space.
For a travel pillow the model is very compact. It is about half the size of a regular “U” shaped travel pillow. It does offer support for just one side of the head but somehow the pillow works. It is made out of a soft fleche material and a very soft filling.
It has a unique design that closes the space between your shoulders and head, providing all the support you need from a pillow while traveling. It also has a shape, which lets you alter and twist it to any position which you deem fit, that is, for adequate support and comfort. Not only is the J-pillow suitable for plane-traveling, but it is also ideal for bus and car-traveling, home-reading and even camping.
Can be squeezed down to a small size
Can be flipped into various positions depending on your needs (multi-functional).
The pillow is extremely soft and feels nice against the skin. It has just the right amount of firmness, and holds its shape without pushing the head too far forward when in place. It didn’t lead to any post-flight neck pain or headaches (a not uncommon occurrence) even though it doesn’t hold the spine in a neutral position.
The pillow can be placed on either side of the head, depending on which way you think you’re likely to lean during sleep. And it can be folded up, for additional support on one side. Despite its design, the J-Pillow can fold away neatly into a travel bag which the company claims is smaller than its competitors.
The J-pillow can be cleaned easily and also be washed in a washing machine. As this memory foam travel neck pillow is more flexible than the usual standards, you can store it while traveling by just squeezing it into a ball and toss it inside your bag, or just attach it to the sling of your bag with a snap-loop fastener.
The shape allows better chin and jaw support than the regular design of traveling pillows.
J-Pillow is the most comfortable travel pillow I’ve rested my head on – and I’ll never board another long-haul flight without it. It’s so functional and innovative, it’s a wonder we haven’t seen a product like this sooner.
Size wise the pillow isn’t that big so carrying it around won’t be a problem.
The padded J-pillow is quite big but easily clips to your hand luggage. There is also an inflatable version of the J-pillow for sale with all the same features but also the ability to fold flat.
The pillow is made out of plush polyester with a polyester fiber filling, which basically means it’s soft. And I mean soft. So while it doesn’t come with a pillow cover, the whole thing is machine washable so that’s a plus.
The handy travel loop means that you can still carry it around easily, despite not coming with a compact bag.
You can machine wash it, unlike other pillows where you can only machine wash the covers. This saves you from a great deal of trouble since you do not have to put in much effort just to clean and use it again.

What reviewers didn't like

May not stay in place well if you tilt your head back
It kept sliding down the window and leaving my neck at a slightly uncomfortable angle. After two hours of repeated readjustment, I had a crick in my neck.
The J-Pillow is pretty bulky and roughly the size of my head. When compacted, it still takes up a good amount of space.
Not quite as effective on longer flights if you don’t have a window seat.
- T3
The only downside is that this pillow is kind of bulky and odd shaped.
There is no contoured support in this.
It won’t fit in its place properly if you are using noise-canceling or other bulky headphones.
The only issue that some users might have with the J-Pillow is its size. For some it will seem a bit small but for the vast majority of people it should be just big enough.
Loses fluffiness over time.
Not as comfortable if you want to wear glasses
It’s not a small travel pillow, and since it’s not inflatable, it doesn’t get any smaller for transporting.
Perhaps the biggest downside of the pillow is the way it looks while being worn; like a big blue Pac Man is eating your head.
It is not drooled proof which means that it cannot be wiped clean, you will have to wash it entirely.
Although it can be squeezed into a ball and stuffed into a bag, the J-Pillow is still bulky
However, there have been reports that the J-Pillow doesn’t fit everyone well. Though it purports to be a one-size-fits-all device, a few people have noted that if you have a large neck, the J-Pillow may not fit. One commenter even complained that the J-Pillow seems to have been designed for an average woman and may not work so well for a large man.
Some users do not recommend this pillow for sitting on the aisle of a plane, train or bus since it works best when you have something to lean your head against. As a result, your head tends to drop as you sleep which eventually wakes you up and can give you a sore neck.
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