Trtl Ergonomic Adjustable Travel Pillow

Last updated: August 22, 2023

This machine-washable travel pillow comes in tons of fun colors and two sizes — adult and junior. It promises to keep your head in an ergonomic position while you sleep upright, and can easily be adjusted to make your trip more comfortable.

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Key Takeaway: This travel pillow will help you stay comfy during your next long trip. And when you get home, simply tosh it in the washing machine.

In our analysis of 236 expert reviews, the Trtl Ergonomic Adjustable Travel Pillow placed 1st when we looked at the top 18 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The Trtl Pillow has been strategically designed to prevent a stiff neck while trying to sleep when travelling. Perfect for travel, the Trtl Pillow stops the need for you to lean against the airplane for head support, during rest. If you’ve tried foam airplane pillows, inflatable airplane cushions, travel bean pillows or an inflatable headrest, you’ll know how long it takes to find the best inflight pillow, especially when the provided airplane pillow can be disappointing. The Trtl Pillow is scientifically proven to hold the head in a better ergonomic position than a u neck pillow. A traveling pillow that you can use in the air, on a train, a bus or even on the sofa. The internal Trtl neck support system is combined with the Trtl scarf, a super soft, hypoallergenic polyester fleece wrap designed for optimum warmth and maximum comfort. This plush and fluffy neck pillow is much more cosy than most travel blankets for airplanes. The Turtle neck brace effect is created by the internal support system which designed to fit snugly between your face and shoulder, with strengthening ribs providing cushioned support in a neutral position. The internal support system is combined with a layer of foam, making the Trtl Pillow the best neck pillow for flying if you want to feel comfortable and relaxed. If you’re looking for a head support for air travel, which is also portable, lightweight and machine washable; we think the Trtl Pillow could be perfect for you. It’s also compatible with your favourite sleep mask, ear plugs and headphones. Take some tips from a turtle, and try the Trtl on your next flight.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

The wrap comfortably surrounds and supports the neck and head. Easy to put on to use for long periods of sleep.
Trtl Pillow’s fleece-covered plastic frame provides unshakeable support to one side of your neck while remaining comfortable to wear.
Trtl Pillow allows you to maintain an upright position, with all the same comfort of a typical U-shape pillow. Simply wrap it around your neck like a scarf and it will support your chin and neck whilst preventing your head from falling forwards. It's super soft too which is great for long journeys.
- T3
The Trtl pillow has the sort of super soft texture you will fall in love with. It feels so smooth with its fleece fabric and is machine washable, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning it.
Fleece is soft and plush which makes it comfortable.
Due to its lightweight, you will feel great convenience in carrying it with you.
Trtl Pillow is stylish as well as comfortable and functional. It’s available in different colors, and is soft to the touch thanks to the fleece finish.
It uses an innovative design that makes it half the size of a regular travel pillow.
Although it looks thin as a piece of fabric, it contains comfortable inner cushion and strengthened ribs to support your neck. This soft travel pillow is easy to use as well; you wrap it around your neck to have it support your chin and head while taking a nap.
Excess fabric can conceal mouth hanging open.
- Tuck
The fleece cover is very snugly and warm, which I really do enjoy. I tend to get pretty cold on most airplanes, trains, and busses with A/C, so the fleece wrap is perfect for adding a bit of warmth around your neck during long journeys.
It is much more compact – it’s approximately half the size of a regular travel pillow, and it weighs merely 148 grams. It is easy to carry and won’t take much space in your hand luggage.
Lightweight & Compact: The Trtl Pillow weighs just under half a pound and is easily compacted to fit in your carry-on bag or on the outside of your rucksack. For travellers looking to avoid the bulk of a traditional U-shaped travel pillow, this is a good alternative.
The Trtl Pillow is a wrap around style pillow made from a soft micro-fleece cloth. Unlike other pillows, this one has no filling, but rather an internal support system that you adjust to fit against your head and neck. When unfolded, it looks like a scarf and is fully adjustable to customize to any body shape and size.
In my quest to find the best travel pillow, I’ve come across some very unique and quirky designs, but the Trtl Pillow is the first scarf looking one I’ve come across.The Trtl Pillow is like your average scarf, plus a flexible plastic insert for support, called the ISS (Internal Support system). The ISS gives your head something to lean on, even when you’re sitting up straight. To make leaning against the plastic more comfortable, the Trtl Pillow has a thin foam insert between the support system and the user’s neck/jaw/shoulder.
There’s no doubt that the Trtl pillow is an attractive design. It’s a contender for the most stylish pillow in this review because it looks so much like a regular scarf. But it’s also eminently practical.
The small size and lightweight of just 148 grams makes it ideal to carry in any mode of transport. You can either put it in your bag or if you are in a rush, then merely fix it on a sling of the pack.
The Trtl pillow is easy to wash and dry in the machine.
It looked like an infinity scarf and the fleece material looked super cozy.
Can be wrapped over mouth and nose to protect from germs (yours or your fellow passengers!)
We love the Trtl neck support travel pillow because it's totally unassuming (it could easily pass for a fleece scarf). Plus, it's been scientifically proved to keep your head in a better position when sleeping upright.
The Trtl Travel Pillow is a small, lightweight pillow option that fits easily into luggage. Best of all, it’s completely inconspicuous… No one will even know you have a pillow in tow.
Trtl pillow instructions make it easy to use, if you're not sure, check out the Trtl pillow video

What reviewers didn't like

Doesn't provide direct head support like more traditional travel pillows
However, it’s not so great if you tend to shift position while you sleep.
Restrictive .
- T3
Appropriate if you are 16 years old or more.
One of the major drawbacks in this design is that the fleece material can be suffocating for hot places.
Because of the lower flexibility of its bracket, you would need to take extra care while storing it in other luggage.
Despite its innovative design the travel pillow is not the most comfortable one that money can buy. It works great but having the hard insert does take away the comfort that a soft pillow would offer.
Not compatible with over-ear headphones or earbuds.
- Tuck
People with longer necks will find that the Trtl to be a little short, and will have to tilt their necks unreasonably far to meet the Trtl’s plastic brace. This can definitely result in fast discomfort for those with taller necks.
Only captures tilting in a single direction
The Trtl Pillow retails for $29.99, which is slightly higher than the average cost for a travel pillow online.
May need to be adjusted for headphone and earbud use.
Plastic support can be uncomfortable at times.
The braces only flex lightly so they cannot be compressed and fit into the back entirely.
Sadly, this travel pillow wasn't giving me the neck support I had hoped it would.
The internal neck support system is non-adjustable.
Some wish the pillow included a carrying case, while others lament that the pillow doesn’t fold flat.
Can’t adjust the support system but in the Trtl Pillow plus model you can
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