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The Best Travel Hand Sanitizer

Last updated on November 15, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Travel Hand Sanitizers

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Purell Travel Hand Sanitizer With Jelly Wrap, 8 Pack

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Travel Hand Sanitizer With Jelly Wrap, 8 Pack

Including eight bottles, this option gives you a mix of two sanitizer formulas with different scents. The alcohol concentration is 70%, and one of the formulas features aloe and other natural ingredients.

Overall Take

Handy DesignThese small bottles feature a built-in clip so that you don't need a separate holder.

 Runner Up

Everyone Travel Hand Sanitizer Spray, 6 Pack


Travel Hand Sanitizer Spray, 6 Pack

This set gives you six two-ounce bottles of spray. The formula has an alcohol concentration of 62% with some essential oils included. You can choose from two scent options.

Overall Take

Convenient to UseConsider this pack of travel sanitizer if you prefer the convenience of using sprays.

 We Also Like

EO French Lavender Travel Hand Sanitizer Spray, 6 Pack


French Lavender Travel Hand Sanitizer Spray, 6 Pack

Available in a pack of six, these sprays come in two-ounce bottles and feature a lavender scent. The alcohol concentration is 62%, and the formula focuses on natural ingredients.

Overall Take

Gentle FormulaThese sprays offer the benefits of both convenient use and natural ingredients.

 Strong Contender

Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizer

Bath & Body Works

Travel Hand Sanitizer Gel, 5 Pack

Featuring multiple random scents included, this option comes with 5 bottles that contain one ounce of sanitizer. The alcohol concentration is 71%, and some varieties have essential oils.

Overall Take

Lots of VarietyConsider this collection if you want to have several scent options and prefer very small bottles.

Buying Guide

Whenever you travel, you’ll likely come across times when you lack convenient access to a sink where you can wash your hands. Travel hand sanitizer can help you out in these situations since it can kill common germs on your hands and doesn’t require any rinsing. You’ll especially find it useful after you’ve had contact with frequently touched surfaces and before you eat meals and snacks.

While everyday hand sanitizer usually comes in larger sizes such as four or eight ounces, travel hand sanitizer bottles usually contain just one or two ounces. The small and lightweight bottles allow for convenient carrying whether you’re attaching a bottle to a keychain or stuffing it in your bag. Travel-sized bottles also help prevent issues with size restrictions that you can experience when traveling by plane.

You’ll encounter travel hand sanitizer in foam, gel and spray forms that can all effectively sanitize your hands. Sprays dry faster but can have a stronger smell and make it harder to tell if you’ve covered your hands thoroughly enough. While gels and foams have a longer drying time, it’s easier to smear them around on your hands, and the smell may not be as strong. In addition, you’ll usually find that gels and foams have a more economical cost than sprays.

Before you opt for any travel hand sanitizer, check the ingredients carefully to ensure you get effectiveness and avoid harmful substances. You’ll want to look for a product with a 60% or higher alcohol concentration to properly sanitize your hands. Steer clear of formulas that mention methanol as an ingredient since there are dangers associated with it. You might opt for products that contain certain scents to help mask some of the alcohol smell or feature aloe to help with dry skin.

When shopping around, you’ll often find packs containing multiple bottles of travel hand sanitizer. This option comes in handy since you can put a bottle in different places such as in your purse, carry-on luggage, car, hotel room, fanny pack or backpack. You can even save some for use at home. However, you’ll want to carefully consider the quantity so that you don’t buy so much you can’t use it all before the sanitizer expires.

What to Look For

  • To make it more convenient to carry and access your travel hand sanitizer, consider opting for a holder that has a loop you can connect to your bag or a keychain. These accessories fit small bottles of liquid sanitizer and come in many styles and themes. You can also make your own if you’re crafty.
  • You’ll get the most benefits from your travel hand sanitizer if you learn to use it properly. After you squeeze or spray the sanitizer on to your hands, rub them together and make sure the sanitizer reaches all areas of your hands. Continue doing this until everything is dry – avoid the temptation to wipe some sanitizer off during the process. You’ll usually spend around 20 seconds for this.
  • Check the expiration date on your travel hand sanitizer and toss it once the date passes. Also, make sure you avoid storing it somewhere very hot or in the sun – such as in a closed car in the summer. You don’t want to risk using something that has lost its effectiveness.
  • While using hand sanitizer is beneficial, you should still use water and soap to clean your hands if you can. This especially applies if you have visible grime or something toxic on your hands. You should take around 20 seconds to thoroughly clean your lathered-up hands before you rinse and dry them off.
  • Hand sanitizer is toxic if swallowed, so avoid letting children use it unattended. Also, be aware that you can experience eye issues from the ingredients, so keep the sanitizer away from your eyes.
  • You can always have a large bottle at home and refill your travel hand sanitizer bottles whenever needed.

More to Explore

If you plan to bring travel hand sanitizer bottles in your carry-on bag for a flight, you’ll want to understand some rules to avoid issues at the security checkpoint. Since these bottles are so small, you shouldn’t have an issue unless you’re taking many bottles with you. The usual restriction is 3.4 ounces per bottle for travel-size containers, and you’re limited to what fits in a quart-sized bag. You can put whatever won’t fit in your checked bag instead.

In addition, the Transportation Security Administration temporarily allows you to have a single 12-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer in your carry-on bag due to a medical exemption. You should be aware, however, that the larger bottle will require a more time-consuming screening process.

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