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The Best Cruise Luggage Tags

Last updated on March 22, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Cruise Luggage Tags

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Cruise On Waterproof Pouch Cruise Luggage Tags, 4-Pack

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Cruise On

Waterproof Pouch Cruise Luggage Tags, 4-Pack

Princess uses an e-tag system that gives essential crew members the information they need without displaying your full name and cabin number to other passengers and crew. These pouches are both clear and waterproof so the e-tags will be secure inside. The rings are stainless steel to resist rust and last through multiple voyages.

Overall Take

Easy to UseIf you’re cruising with Princess through 2023, these tags are customized to fit the e-tags Princess provides.

 Runner Up

Jollyants Metal Eyelet Cruise Luggage Tags, 5-Pack


Metal Eyelet Cruise Luggage Tags, 5-Pack

Available in both wide and narrow versions, these luggage tags are designed to work with most cruise lines, including Carnival, Princess and Norwegian. The eyelet is secured with metal and the ring is made from sturdy nylon coated braided steel to give you peace of mind that your tag will remain affixed throughout your journey. The tag seals at the...

Overall Take

Classy and SimpleThese tags bring a classy, simple design to your luggage for all your cruises.

 Strong Contender

Highwind ID Badge Holders & Cruise Luggage Tags, 6-Pack


ID Badge Holders & Cruise Luggage Tags, 6-Pack

Secure both your luggage and your identification badge with this set of four luggage tags and two badge holders. The badge holders come with lanyards to allow you to comfortably keep your ID badge handy.

Overall Take

Perfect for First-TimersIf you're a first-time cruise passenger, this set of four luggage tags and two badge holders is a perfect starter kit.

 Also Great

Easy Read Register Vinyl Cruise Luggage Tags, 8-Pack

Easy Read Register

Vinyl Cruise Luggage Tags, 8-Pack

These wide cruise ship luggage tags are compliant with tags from a variety of popular cruise lines, including Princess, Carnival and Norwegian. You’ll get eight loops with extra durability to ensure your tag stays attached. Each tag measures 7 1/4 inches by 3 1/2 inches, making these ideal for using on cruise ships with larger tags.

Overall Take

Stock UpStart your luggage tag collection with this set of eight holders, which you can keep handy for all your future cruises.

Buying Guide

Lost luggage is a well-known hazard of traveling, but in those unfortunate cases, your luggage will often be delivered within days of arrival at your destination. When an airline loses your bag, there are requirements that they reimburse you for damage and loss.

But what happens when a cruise ship loses your bags? Theoretically, your bags should be somewhere on the ship once you’ve carried them on board, but those vessels are enormous, making it easy for a bag or two to be misplaced. In some cases, bags are confiscated if a prohibited item is found inside, but if that’s the case, they’re typically fairly easy to track down. It’s when a bag somehow loses its way between boarding and your room that you can have a tougher time.

That’s where the right cruise luggage tags can come in. When you have a cruise scheduled, you’ll typically get documentation as part of the before-cruise check-in process. That documentation will include electronic luggage tags, which you then affix to your luggage. These tags have information crew members can use to determine your name and cabin number. The best thing about these tickets is they don’t have your identifying information printed on them. Only authorized crew members will know which guests go with each piece of luggage.

Cruise lines might issue paper documents, but they aren’t responsible for providing holders. You can, of course, attach the paper directly to each suitcase, but that doesn’t protect the paper from damage. A plastic holder will completely encase your paper ticket, ensuring that it not only doesn’t get separated from your bag, but it also is safeguarded against exposure to rain and dirt.

Not all luggage tag holders are created equal, though. If you’re going to invest in these protective devices, make sure you look for one that’s designed to remain attached to the suitcase even if it’s tossed in with other items.

What to Look For

  • Luggage tags usually come in sets. Often, they’re sold in groups of four, six or eight. For families or travelers with multiple bags, a larger set can come in handy. However, you could also consider setting some of your tags aside for use in future cruises.
  • Durability goes beyond how well the plastic sheath protects your luggage tag. Your tag will attach to your bag using a ring that goes through an eyelet. If the ring isn’t sturdy enough, you could find it doesn’t hold, but the same goes for the eyelet. Look for a holder with an eyelet that’s reinforced to avoid tearing when pressure is applied.
  • If you forget your cruise luggage tags on the day of your trip, don’t worry. Most cruise lines can provide one at check-in, although they typically don’t supply protective holders.
  • Unless you’re fortunate enough to live within driving distance of the port, a flight will be part of your cruise vacation. That means you’ll also need luggage tags to ensure your suitcases get from your departure point to your destination. Although having the cruise line information on your luggage will help, also make sure you have your name on your luggage during your flight in case it’s lost between airports.
  • Not all cruise lines use the same luggage tags. Check the dimensions of the tags used by your cruise ship to ensure you’re getting a holder that will accommodate it.
  • Those who plan to cruise often might want to invest in luggage tags that use a rust-resistant ring to secure them to the bags.
  • Some luggage tag sets come with ID holders that include lanyards. This will come in handy for maneuvering around the ship. If a cruise ship ID badge isn’t included, look into purchasing one separately.

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You don’t just get video of the ocean, though. Royal Caribbean builds in a virtual balcony along with sounds to make the experience authentic. You can adjust the volume of the sounds or even shut them off if you need some peace and quiet. One great byproduct of the new feature is that it allows you to quickly glimpse what the weather is like before leaving your cabin for the day.

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