Travelmate Plush Adjustable Neck Pillow

Last updated: August 22, 2023

This neck pillow offers exactly what you need in a travel pillow. It has a washable cover and comfortable memory foam inside to keep your head and neck supported when you need it.

We looked at the top Travel Pillows and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Travel Pillow you should buy.

Product Details

Key Takeaway: This neck pillow offers exactly what you need without unnecessary frills.

In our analysis of 170 expert reviews, the Travelmate Plush Adjustable Neck Pillow placed 13th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

New! The TravelMate(R) Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow is specifically designed in such a way that it has just the right softness to provide the most comfortable support for your neck. Unlike anything on the market, this newly released and improved version has a built-in removable (memory foam) insert so you can adjust the thickness of the pillow based on your preference. Why is this such a desirable feature? The answer is that you want to be able to adjust the thickness based on your sitting positions. For example, if you sit relatively straight, you want to be able to reduce the thickness so it will not push your head forward to the point that puts too much stress on your neck. When it comes to pillows, the old school of “one size fits all” just doesn’t cut it since what works for others might not work for you. By dialing in the ideal restful position just for you, you now can sleep comfortably whether you are sitting straight on an airline seat or resting on a recliner at home. The thermo-sensitive memory foam will mold to your body’s natural contours for a custom fit. It helps relieve the tension in your neck and shoulders due to prolonged sitting. Use it on a plane, car, or anywhere you need the extra support for your neck and shoulders. You will definitely like the soft and comfortable feel of this pillow. The cover is made of high-quality, machine-washable velour cover. The built-in elastic strap makes it easy to attach the pillow to a carry-on luggage without taking up extra space. Simply put, you get a high-end product at a fraction of the cost of what you pay at upscale specialty stores. We all know how it feels after a long flight. So do yourself a favorite and get this pillow! If it does not help you to do what it is advertised, just return it in 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked. Direct from the manufacturer and only available on Amazon, every product comes with the trademark “TravelMate” on the packaging. U.S. Patented.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

This neck pillow offers exceptional neck support and keeps your head upright.
Removable foam insert allows you to adjust position based on preference. It also works with earbuds/headphones.
It has machine washable plush velour cover, an elastic strap, and a light and compact design. It is also non-irritant, conforms to the orientation of the neck perfectly for better support, and wicks heat efficiently from the body for maximum comfort.
It supports your neck and head in perfect alignment.
Because of its removable and washable cover, you can clean it easily. It also contains thermo-sensitive memory foam, it completely contours your body for maximum comfort.
The removable insert allows you to adjust the thickness of the pillow. This pillow is more affordable than other travel pillows.
The best thing about this pillow is that the thickness is easily adjustable. Moreover, it consists of memory foam which ensures that you are able to rest quite easily.
This is simple, comfortable (thanks to high-tech memory foam), and easy to pack. We love that you can adjust the thickness to suit your comfort needs.
This is an easy to remove cover made from soft velour material. At the back of the pillow, there is a strap that you can easily strap on the seat for stronger grip.
This is a great and top-quality travel pillow that is very ergonomic and zippered. With this, you can easily remove the plush velour cover that is machine washable.
The pillow can be carried easily by attaching its elastic strap on a backpack or luggage. Thus it would save your precious luggage space for you.
It has a built-in removable insert so you can adjust the thickness of the pillow based on your personal preference and sitting positions, helping to syupport your neck and head in perfect alignment.
The pillow feels so comfortable and cozy. This prevents neck pain and discomfort after a long time of sitting down. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to travel a lot or work in an office/at home sitting down for a long time.
New technology which allows full adjustment to your own preferences.
Removable back cushion to make it a flat back.
This particular model features a built-in removable insert feature that allows you to adjust the thickness of the pillow based on personal preference.
The cover is removable and machine washable so you can easily keep this pillow clean between trips.
- Heavy
Users are beyond satisfied with the material, seeing how the memory foam filling molds perfectly to one’s neck providing comfort and ease. The Travelmate comes with a velour cover which comes in a pleasant dark blue shade.
It boasts built-in removable memory foam that you can insert to adjust its thickness based on your preference. The pillow will help you support your head and neck in perfect alignment.
- The Z9
Easy to use and keeps you very cool while asleep.
It is zippered and machine washable. Because of this, you can forget about the wastage of time when you need to wash these pillows.
The quality of the memory foam in this pillow is excellent, and the removable insert makes you able to adjust the thickness of the pillow depending on your preference. The straps make it attachable to your carry-on luggage to enhance ease of portable.
It features an inbuilt elastic strap for ease in attaching your pillow in the carry-on luggage.
The extra smooth surface won’t chafe the skin and also promotes good breathability to prevent sweating.
Thankfully, a built-in strap means that you don’t have to cram it into your luggage.
You can use this pillow to relax your body, or to even help you sleep soundly, even in an upright position. This pillow is made of high quality memory foam that adapts perfectly to your neck, but then bounces back into shape upon release. It provides the right level of softness to make you feel comfortable.
It contains a built-in insert that’s removable to allow you adjust its thickness to your personal preference.
Built-in elastic strap will make it very easy to connect to the carry-on luggage without using up extra space.
Travelmate is known as one of the most reputable manufacturers of neck and head pillows, and this particular product certainly testifies to that, as it helps the user maintain his head and neck alignment.
It is a dream come true for those who travel frequently. It easily attaches to your carry-on luggage with built-in elastic straps so you can take it anywhere you go.
It has removable inserts that allow you to customize the pillow thickness and height to suit your own unique luggage. The velour cover has a zipper that makes it easy to adjust the inserts, and you can also remove it and machine wash it if needed.
This U-shaped neck pillow looks like it's no-frills, but it's equipped with a memory foam insert, additional interior bolsters to fluff it up to your desired loftiness, a velvety, machine-washable cover, and an elastic carrying strap.
It has an insert that is easy to remove so you can readily adjust the thickness to accommodate your seating arrangements. It helps you to sleep soundly due to the comfort and support that it gives your neck.
The cover is zippered and made of high-quality, machine-washable plush velour fabric.The built-in elastic strap makes it easy to attach to a carry-on luggage without taking up extra space.
These travel neck pillows offer you a simple quality design and ‘memory foam’ – it remembers what it is, and springs back to what you see, after you squashed it into that small ruck sack pocket.
It has a built-in removable insert so thickness of the pillow can be adjusted. It has a built-in elastic strap to make it easy for attachment to luggage, so it’s a great choice for travels.
This pillow is made from conforming memory foam, and it has a zippered, machine-washable velour cover. It easily attaches to the outside of a suitcase with a built-in elastic strap, and it is available in navy blue.
It is very convenient to wash and comes with a zippered plush velour cover. It also has a built in elastic strap which can be attached to your carry-on luggage, making it a great neck support pillow for travel as well as home use.
This is machine-washable cover and very affordable.
The core is genuine memory foam, so not only does it mold into your neck/head when in use, you can squish it upinto your bag if the elastic band on the outside isn’t for you.
Their standard memory foam U-shape neck pillow is a huge hit. This is likely due to its simplistic approach and attractive price point.
The pillow has a removable insert, allowing you to adjust the thickness to your preference. No matter how you're sitting, you can adjust the pillow to help you stay comfortable.
It is made from top quality, thermos-sensitive foam that helps to maintain the head and neck alignment very well. The pillow has a zippered cover that is washable with either hands or machine.
A truly solid example of quality pillows for travel, this model is lightweight, compact, and has a built-in elastic strap that helps to attach the pillow to your baggage.
It has an elastic to attach to your carry on.
It’s made of high-quality memory foam and is machine washable, as well. It comes with a built-in elastic strap that makes it easy to attach to your carry-on luggage when you're traveling.

What reviewers didn't like

It does not adequately support the chin.
No chin support so there’s potential for your head to fall forward. It was not dense enough to support my neck comfortably.
It is not breathable because of its memory foam material. It might make you feel hot while sleeping.
Some users have had issues with receiving pillows with tears, loose threads or misaligned zippers.
Becomes warm and soft in hot and humid conditions.
Some may find it a bit thick and hard.
It might be a bit thick and hard for some users.
Can’t be compressed and stowed in luggage.
Unfortunately, there is no color selection.
- Heavy
However, seams can rip on rare occasions.
You are likely to get a counterfeit/fake TravelMate Memory-Foam Neck Pillow for a lower price so make sure to check the trademark TravelMate so you’re not duped.
Unfortunately, the label is located outside the cover rather than inside.
Does not have support under the chin.
Only comes in color blue.
U-shape can feel restricting around the neck.
It’s a bit bulky, and does not come with a carry bag or a snap to attach it to your carry-on luggage.
Material isn’t waterproof therefore needs to be washed regularly.
There is no way to adjust how tight or loose it is on your neck. This could be frustrating for people with abnormally large or small necks.
It can get hot wearing it.
Some people say that this pillow doesn’t collapse very well because it is made of memory foam.
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