Crafty World Perfect Nap Thermo-Sensitive Neck Pillow

Last updated: August 22, 2023

This velvet-like neck pillow offers a soft and comfortable outer layer that caresses your neck. The filling is firm but adjusts to your body as you use it to help you settle in and feel relaxed. During our testing, we found this pillow to be soft and comfortable. It made us feel supported, without feeling like we had a bulky pillow around our neck. We could still move our heads with ease.

We looked at the top Travel Pillows and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Travel Pillow you should buy.

Product Details

Key Takeaway: This great looking neck pillow covers all the basic comfort needs of the traveler.

In our analysis of 170 expert reviews, the Crafty World Perfect Nap Thermo-Sensitive Neck Pillow placed 9th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Kiss discomfort and neck pain goodbye! The travel neck pillow is scientifically tested to be the ideal pillow for those suffering from chronic neck, shoulder, or upper back pain. EXPERIENCE LOVE AT FIRST NAP. Sleep peacefully all throughout your flight or journey. The perfect companion for those traveling in planes, cars, trains, buses, and more. It provides optimal neck and shoulder support to give you a more relaxing trip. MAXIMIZE YOUR COMFORT AT HOME OR IN THE OFFICE. This is the perfect travel pillow even for those who don’t travel. The neck pillow is versatile and can be used for extra support when sleeping at night, relaxing at home or working in the office. PROVIDES YOU WITH THE PERFECT FIT EVERYTIME. Created using high quality thermo sensitive memory foam, it easily and comfortably molds to your neck for the perfect fit. It comes with a soft velour removable cover that’s soft to the touch. LIFETIME MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. In a very unlikely event where you think that the pillow isn’t the “perfect fit”, we offer you a lifetime manufacturer guarantee. Add the Comfort Master Travel Pillow to your cart now and experience extreme comfort fit for royalty.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

The case also has an elastic strap sewn into it so you can easily attach the pillow to your luggage.
Easy to attach to luggage and memory foam filling is a good firmness.
The elastic band for attaching the pillow to your suitcase located at the back of the Comfort Master is a welcomed added touch to the no frills yet comfortable pillow.
The body-hugging special thermal sensitive memory foam used to make is soft yet durable, while its removable and washable microfiber pillowcase is easy to maintain. For those with a tight budget, The Comfort Master is affordable.
The Comfort Master is made entirely of memory foam, so it’s quite soft and squishy while still supportive for the head and neck, given that it wraps right around the neck and below the chin on both sides.
- Forbes
It also very durable as it is made from the best memory foam. The travel neck pillow can also be used both in the office and at home, hence a versatile pillow you don’t want to miss. It is the perfect neck pillow for anyone suffering from upper back pain, shoulder pain, and chronic neck pain.
The pillow allows you to sleep peacefully throughout your flight and journey. Other than traveling, you can use it at home or in the office to maximize comfort. It will offer you the perfect fit every time; thanks to its high-quality thermo sensitive memory foam.
- The Z9
The manufacturer promises a five-year warranty on the product as well as a money-back guarantee for those unhappy with the purchase.
The entire pillow can be put in the washing machine, so you do not have to worry about where you bring it. It comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. You can buy this pillow in three colors: blue, grey, and purple.
Created with high-quality, thermo-sensitive memory foam, it conforms to your neck for the perfect fit. It provides comfort and alleviates neck pain. Another plus: it comes with a lifetime manufacturer money-back guarantee.
It has been tested to be such an ideal pillow for the patients who are suffering from the chronic neck, shoulder, or upper back pain. Produced with the premium quality thermos sensitive memory foam, it will mold to your neck comfortably and perfectly. It also comes with a soft velour cover.
It comes with money back guarantee which is a great landing just in case you don’t like the product.
It eliminates neck pain as it molds to the shape of your neck offering extra comfort and support during sleep. Can be machine washed.
It's thermo-memory foam construction provides 360-degree support around your entire neck, doesn't overheat, and compress to an impressively manageable size.
Thanks to the thick memory foam, it molds perfectly to your neck and head, providing amazing support.
Caters to anyone seeking ultimate neck and shoulder support thanks to its renowned therapeutic material.
It features an advanced therapeutic design, this pillow is made from thermosensitive memory foam and it provides an unparalleled shoulder and neck support, it is very versatile and it is perfect both for adults and for children.
The special elastic strap connects with most carry-on luggage. The cover is made of comfy velour that’s removable for cleaning. it comes with a lifetime manufacturer money back guarantee.
Users love its memory foam composition and superior neck and shoulder support.
It also has a removable cover, so it can easily be washed and aired out. Aside from that, the pillow has an elastic strap attached, so it can be affixed to your luggage in a matter of seconds.
This pillow has 5-year money back guarantee.
It has a versatile design which makes it ideal for home and office use, as well as in planes, cars and trains
This is the perfect travel pillow even for those who don’t travel. The neck pillow is versatile and can be used for extra support when sleeping at night, relaxing at home or working in the office.
The Comfort Master is made entirely of memory foam so it’s really soft and squishy, and the microfiber exterior is also quite soft. There’s also a thin elastic strap attached to the rear of the pillow, designed for attaching it to the handle of your suitcase while in transit or to your headrest during use.
This new product with developed and attractive design foam pillow is there to provide more comfort as well as effective therapeutic support as opposed to ‘bean’ filled or the inflatable travel pillows.
It features therapeutic design and it is ready to offer your neck and shoulder the optimal support. It is versatile and great for traveling on buses, airplanes, in a car, trains, camping, lying on your couch watching your TV and so on. It has washable cover and elastic carry strap. It will mold perfectly to your neck and give you maximum comfort as well as support and this pillow suits adults and children.
This therapeutic neck pillow maintains proper neck and head alignment so you do not have to wake up feeling stiff and painful. This travel pillow has been proven to relieve upper back, shoulder and neck pain as it comes with ergonomic thermo sensitive memory foam.

What reviewers didn't like

One thing to note is that the memory foam does not compress quite all the way when pinched between your neck and the back of your seat.
This is not machine washable and/or dryer friendly.
All this plushness unfortunately equates to some bulk. To mitigate the bulkiness, you could potentially roll up the Comfort Master like a cinnamon roll, making it more compact. The only issue is that you’d have to find a way to keep it compressed.
However, the Comfort Master faces the same problem I noticed in all of the U-shaped travel neck pillows I tested: they push your head uncomfortably forward when you try to lean back.
- Forbes
The U-shape design sometimes makes user feel like he or she is wearing a neck brace
It may not be comfortable for people who have long necks.
Compared to some of the best travel pillow units which are inflatable, this one takes up more space in your luggage.
However, the back of the neck pillow is a bit too thin. If you are a heavy person, you might feel slight discomfort after a few hours.
Tends to get hot after a while due to thicker cover material.
A couple of users have reported issues with the quality of the cover, claiming that the seams have ripped open after just a few uses.
A few complain that the pillow pushes your head forward yet only if you don’t recline your seat to a position where your pillow feels comfortable
When you tilt your head back to sleep while sitting in a high-backed plane or train seat, the back of the pillows push the head forward in a way that can be uncomfortable for a lot of users.
Sometimes the price can be a little higher. On the other hand, some may have reported it is less durable than other similar products.
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