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Dreamtown Kids Plush First Travel Pillow

Last updated: October 28, 2022

Dreamtown Kids Plush First Travel Pillow
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We looked at the top Travel Pillows and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Travel Pillow you should buy.

Overall Take

Not only is the Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow one of the more affordable travel pillows on the market, but it's also a top pick for its category. Parents can feel confident giving this pillow to their little ones, as it is 100% hypoallergenic and mold and mildew resistant. It also receives high marks for comfort.

In our analysis of 236 expert reviews, the Dreamtown Kids Plush First Travel Pillow placed 4th when we looked at the top 18 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Dreamtown Kids, LLC is a company that was founded based on a love of children. We’re parents ourselves, and sometimes we’re picky about what we use or give to our kids. With so many options out there the decision can be tough! We believe that through imagination and application dreams come true and anything is possible! So, we decided to make it a little easier for parents like us, by providing quality products that we’ve already done the research on, weeded out the best options and designed and approved what we know works for kids. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, with many more products coming out in the near future. We hope you enjoy Dreamtown Kids products, too!

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

Chiropractor-approved, meaning it provides your toddler all the support they need.
The texture and consistency of this pillow is ideal for keeping your child’s cervical spine in healthy alignment. Because of that...This design is conducive to healthy development, minimizing the possibility of strains and misalignment.
These materials are also great for resisting mold, mildew, and mites, and are 100-percent hypoallergenic. If you need any more assurance, this pillow is recommended by chiropractors.
Chiropractors recommend this pillow for toddlers who are learning to use a pillow. It provides great support for the toddler’s neck during sleep.
The only toddler pillow on the list that is not only made in the USA but also recommended by chiropractors. The Dreamtown Kids toddler pillow contains less filling than most other varieties in an effort to prevent neck kinks and, by association, visits to the chiropractor later in life.
One great thing about the Dreamtown Kids is that it’s breathable. The poly/cotton blend chosen for this pillow won’t mold or mildew over time like some others on the market.
Surprisingly, the pillow is easily cared for, as it comes with a machine washable cover, which also contributes to its durability. Plus, it is breathable and entirely hypoallergenic.
Providing enough support for your toddler’s neck while sleeping, you can be sure it will cause no allergies as it is 100% hypoallergenic, mold resistant and mildew free.
It's very easy to cleanse, made with the machine washable polyester and cotton blend.
This is a chiropractor tested and approved pillow that has checked to find it is not only good for your child’s back and spine, but proven to help your children get a better night’s sleep.
Both, toddler pillow and pillowcase are 100% hypoallergenic, resistant to mold and mildew.
This pillow and pillowcase are hypoallergenic, mold resistant, and mildew resistant, so you can feel good about the fact that your child is sleeping on a safe pillow.
- Heavy
The included pillowcase has a special weave that has a recycled cotton poly blend with zero chemicals. This unique blend is hypoallergenic as well as mold and mildew resistant. It also means that you can machine wash and dry this pilowl without worrying about it shrinking or leaching chemicals.
This pillow is made in the USA to high standards, and the smaller size ensures that your toddler can take it with them when they’re out and about.
It is having a cover of 100% organic cotton. There is something about organic cotton shell which makes is of a better quality than others. Organic shell is natural and promises the best care and comfort. Free from harmful chemicals. You won’t have to buy another separate cover if you are up to buy one from Dreamtown Kids.
They don’t use any flame retardants or chemicals so you can sleep easy knowing that there are no harmful fumes or odors by your little one’s face.
Dreamtown kids pillow is breathable pillow for toddler. Mothers absolutely love this Dreamtown Kids white toddler pillow because it is an amalgamation of polyester and cotton that helps the kid to sleep comfortably in their cocoon.
Pillows are designed in consultation with a chiropractor who specializes in upper cervical chiropractic care to provide the perfect amount of filling to support growing spines without being too bulky for comfort.
Similar to other best toddler pillows, the unit is resistant to mildew, bacteria, and is hypoallergenic. Your baby will, therefore, sleep peacefully without experiencing any side effects.
It is one of the best because it has been recommended and is highly approved by chiropractors as toddlers' first pillow.
The synthetic pillow is covered with 100% hypoallergenic cotton poly blends that can easily resist molds, dust-mites and mildews. Its poly blend materials and polyester won’t let your child suffer from allergic reactions while using it.
The pillow is machine washable and durable it is 100% hypoallergenic and breathable which makes it best for the toddlers of ages 2 and above.

What experts didn't like

The pillow needs to be re-fluffed otherwise could end up flat.
Hard to find a pillow case that fits.
Some parents found the material seemed to be scratchy.
A low thread count means that this is not the softest toddler pillow available.
One thing to keep in mind is that it can become a bit lumpy if washed wrong. To avoid this issue, follow the manufacturer’s instructions before washing it in the machine.
You may need to constantly re-fluff to avoid the pillow going flat.
Some complained about the texture being rough and scratchy.
The polyester casing might be a bit uncomfortable.
Some report it being lumpy and easily deflates.
Pillow case may not be too soft.
May need to wash the pillowcase a few times to make it soft.
- Heavy
This pillow seems promising, since the price is relatively low. However, it might mean that the filling and pillowcasing are both lower quality. The ticking does seem to be a bit scratchy and isn’t as soft as some of the other options, so a pillowcase is an absolute must have with this pillow.
Stitches may not hold up to the washer without loosening.
This pillow may not be the one you are looking for if you are in need of the softest pillow available.
Some users stated that the filling becomes clumpy after washing and needs to be manually manipulated and fluffed once dry.
It requires re-fluffing after every few months
Some buyers complained that Dreamtown Kids pillows are too thick and fluffy to be comfortable at first, especially for young children.
Goes flat after a few months
It might lose its shape after a few washes.
You have to refill the pillow otherwise it can end up being flat.
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