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The Best Costume For Men

Last updated on September 20, 2023
Best Halloween Costume for Men

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One of the most important elements to consider when buying a costume for men or women is recognition. Will people be able to tell who you’re dressed up as? It can be annoying to constantly explain what your costume is supposed to be. That’s why it’s important to choose a costume where people can immediately tell what or who you’re channeling.

A men’s horror robe costume looks exactly what the Grim Reaper looks like, and comes complete with a hood and mask. If you’re into ancient role play, then an Egyptian King Tut costume is a great option. Typically, this type of costume comes with an Egyptian skirt with embellished waistband, plus a royal Nemes headpiece and Eye of Horus necklace. If making people laugh is your goal, then go with an inflatable dinosaur costume, which allows you to become a T-rex for the day.

If you’re heading to a party or walking around outside, it’s nice to be able to be comfortable. Some costumes can be cumbersome to wear for long periods of time, while others are more enjoyable.

The H&ZY Victorian Knee-Length Jacket Costume for Men is easy to wear and move around in. On the other hand, the California Costumes Men’s Horror Robe Costume may get a bit stuffy if you have the mask and hood on at all times. The California Costumes Storybook Prince Costume For Men has a lot of elements to consider, like the skirt, pants and sash, so it may become a bit unwieldy. Most inflatable costumes come with a ventilation fan, so you can avoid breaking into a sweat while wearing the suit.

Make sure that your costume is available in your size before you get your heart set on it. Some costumes come in seven sizes, so there are lots of options. There are robes that only comes in three sizes. Some costumes only come in one adult and one child size.

Some people only wear their costume once and then retire it from use. Others prefer to purchase a costume that is made of high-quality material and can last at least a few wears. Consider how many times you want to wear your costume, which will inform the kind of quality you’re looking for.

The California Costumes Storybook Prince Costume For Men is made out of 100% polyester. Depending on how well the costumes are taken care of during wear, they should be able to last more than one year.

Keep in mind that the costume may require accessories that don’t come with it, but complete the look of the costume. For example, men’s flight costume typically does not include the aviator sunglasses that are necessary to complete the look. Men’s horror robe costumes may not include the scythe, which is an integral element of the Grim Reaper. Some Jedi robe costumes don’t include the lightsaber, which compliments the costume.

Our Picks For The Top Costumes For Men

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 Top Pick

FEEAA Machine Washable Maui Tattoo Costume For Men

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Machine Washable Maui Tattoo Costume For Men

Have you always wondered what you'd look like with a body full of tattoos? If so, grab this Maui tattoo costume for men. The costume is constructed from a soft cotton and has a slim fit to make it appear as though the suit is really your own body. The waist is also decorated with large green leaves, giving you that island feel.

Overall Take

Tropical ThemeSince this costume for men is machine washable, you'll be able to reuse it many times.

 Runner Up

Cosplaysky Adult Jedi Hooded Robe Costume For Men


Adult Jedi Hooded Robe Costume For Men

Star Wars fans will fall in love with this Jedi costume for men. It's designed to be comfortable to wear and comes with a tunic, tabard, belt, pant and robe. Since the costume comes in nine different sizes, you're sure to find one that fits your body type.

Overall Take

For Star Wars FansYou can purchase this Jedi costume for men as a complete set, or as two separate pieces.

 We Also Like

H&ZY Victorian Knee-Length Jacket Costume for Men


Victorian Knee-Length Jacket Costume for Men

Thanks to the cotton/polyester construction, this costume for men is super comfortable to wear. The vintage tailcoat is quite fashionable and made with real flap pockets with buttons and braiding. It works well for a variety of costumes, such as a Victorian gentleman or the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

Overall Take

Regal DesignYou'll find this costume for men is available in blue, red, black and purple.

 Strong Contender

California Costumes Storybook Prince Costume For Men

California Costumes

Storybook Prince Costume For Men

This costume for men comes straight from a fairytale. The costume will transform you into Prince Charming with its decorative jacket with epaulets, sash and belt. It's important to note that you'll need to purchase a pair of pants separately, or use a pair that you already own to complete the look.

Overall Take

Royal and ElegantIf you plan on taking your princess to a party, why not show up as her Prince Charming using this costume for men.

What to Look For

  • It is important that you compare your specific measurements with the size chart provided by the company you’re interested in buying from. One company’s size small is another company’s medium.
  • Always follow the cleaning instructions listed on the tag of the costume. Many can be washed and dried normally; however, some costumes come with specialty pieces that must be carefully cleaned or they risk becoming damaged.
  • If you’re attending a costume party with your spouse, you may want to coordinate your costume to match theirs.
  • The cost of a costume for men varies based on several factors. You can expect a generic character to cost less than a popular movie character. Additionally, the number of pieces in a costume set affects the price. Full set costumes are more expensive than costumes that only come with the top portion of the costume. Consumers would then need to use their own pants or purchase a pair separately to complete the look.

More to Explore

Dressing up in costume isn’t just for children. According to Statista, an astounding 11.7 million adult Americans were planning on dressing up as either a vampire, superhero, witch, pirate or zombie for Halloween in 2019. This figure doesn’t even include the adults who planned on wearing a more unique costume.

You’ll find many Guinness World Records associated with adult costumes. Here are a few interesting winners:

  • The “Largest Balloon Costume” record goes to Tom Kent from London. Mr. Kent’s cartoon custom made entirely of balloons measured 262 centimeters in height.
  • The record for “Fastest Marathon in a Superhero Costume (male)” went to Matt Gunby from London. He completed the marathon in 2 hours 27 minutes 43 seconds. He was dressed as Wonder Woman.
  • Andre Ortolf from Hamburg, Germany is the proud record holder of the “Fastest Time to Dress in a Santa Costume.” He accomplished this feat in 30.94 seconds.