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The Best Baby Shower Games

Last updated on June 23, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Baby Shower Games

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LOTUS-A Emoji Pictionary Baby Shower Game

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Emoji Pictionary Baby Shower Game

This fun variation on Pictionary has you using emojis to guess baby-related answers. It comes with 30 cards made from premium paper. Answers are included to make it easy to choose winners.

Overall Take

Extra SturdyHigh-quality cardstock ensure the cards that come with this game hold up over many uses.

 Runner Up

ADJOY Pin The Pacifier Baby Shower Game


Pin The Pacifier Baby Shower Game

This fun take on pin the tail on the donkey will get everyone on their feet. It comes with a large poster, an eye mask, a blindfold and 54 stickers. Simply place the sticker on the poster while blindfolded and see who can get the closest to the baby’s mouth.

Overall Take

Colorful OptionLiven up your shower with this new take on a classic featuring fun, vibrant colors.

 We Also Like

Papery Pop Newborn Facts Quiz Baby Shower Game

Papery Pop

Newborn Facts Quiz Baby Shower Game

This set includes four games ideal for 30 guests. Each guest gets a double-sided card with questions about the mom-to-be. The cards are made from high-quality paper that resists smearing and wear.

Overall Take

Easy to UseSimple and straightforward, this game has guests showing off how much they know about the. mom-to-be.

 Strong Contender

Gersoniel Assorted Activity Cards Baby Shower Game


Assorted Activity Cards Baby Shower Game

Fill up your party agenda with this set, which includes bingo, baby description games, guess who games, a baby form of “Price Is Right” and a baby word scramble game. The set includes 20 pencils and enough cards to pass around.

Overall Take

Versatile OptionYou’ll get all the entertainment you need in one set, which includes five different games.

Buying Guide

Pregnancies are on the rise, with fertility rates increasing over the past couple of years after steadily declining in the previous decade. If you’re one of the many happy expectant parents, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate, and a baby shower is a great way to include your friends and relatives.

But if you’re the one in charge of planning that shower, you’ll quickly realize how much is involved. You’ll need to choose a place and time for the event, send invitations, line up refreshments and purchase party favors.

Then there’s the event itself. Refreshments and gifts will be a big part of the agenda, and partygoers will want plenty of time to chat. But at some point, it’s time to bring out the games and let everyone participate in the entertainment.

As you’re developing an agenda, though, you might find yourself struggling to come up with ways to keep the fun going. But it all starts with knowing your audience. If the people you invite are supportive and excited to celebrate the upcoming birth, the right activities should come naturally.

There are several different types of baby shower games. Some focus on quizzing attendees on how well they know the mom-to-be. These games are best for smaller, more intimate baby showers where everyone knows the guest of honor well. Then there are games that focus more on the baby. Guests might play “Price Is Right”-style games that seek to determine who knows more about motherhood. These are better if your guests are already parents.

But there are plenty of games that work well no matter what the guests. Games like Bingo or pin the pacifier on the baby are perfect if your guest list includes a combination of moms, childfree guest, friends, family and/or coworkers. You can even find game sets that pack in a variety of fun activities, along with party favors and decorations for an all-in-one solution.

What to Look For

  • Unless you’re planning a surprise baby shower, make sure you sit down with the mom-to-be to get her thoughts on the big event. With her guidance, you’ll ensure the day is filled with enjoyable activities involving all the expectant mother’s favorite people.
  • Choose the venue early. Hosting the baby shower in a home or other free space can save money that you can then put toward other elements, like food and party favors.
  • It’s best to give the right amount of notice for any baby shower. Digital invitations have become acceptable, but for more formal showers, it’s best to go with paper via postal mail. Send the invite approximately six weeks before the scheduled date to give guests plenty of time to RSVP and shop for gifts.
  • Make sure the mom-to-be has set up a registry or wish list prior to sending the invites. This will not only make things easier for the guests, but it will help ensure the mom-to-be gets gifts that won’t have to be returned.
  • Baby showers usually last from two to three hours. You’ll need at least a half hour at the start for everyone to arrive, socialize and grab refreshments. You can also set up a way for attendees to write personal thoughts to the guest of honor.
  • If guests don’t know each other well, consider games that will help serve as icebreakers.
  • Themed baby showers are very popular. If you go this route, you might want to search for games that fit the theme before you settle on it. You might find some themes don’t lend themselves well to activities.
  • Although party favors aren’t necessary, they can be a nice touch. They also provide a memento for attendees. Small items like personalized pocket hand sanitizers or soaps can be affordable while also keeping it classy.

More to Explore

Pre-birth celebrations for moms are a relatively new invention, but motherhood has long been celebrated. In ancient times, the festivities came in the form of purification rituals, with later civilizations celebrating with gifts for new moms after they’d completed the hard work of giving birth. In the Victorian era, tea parties were held for expecting moms, and that tradition continued throughout the 1800s and into the early 1900s.

Based on various editions of Emily Post’s Etiquette book, it’s believed the modern version of baby showers came about in the 1930s. In that era, it was called a “stork shower,” and it typically only included the closest friends and relatives of the mom-to-be. It was also deemed inappropriate at that time to hold the event in the afternoon.

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