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The Best Place Card Holder

Last updated on October 12, 2023

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Jofefe Metal Wire Mini Place Card Holders, 20-Count

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Metal Wire Mini Place Card Holders, 20-Count

Available in gold, these ring-style holders come in a pack of 20. They have a minimalistic design and stand at around 2 inches high. They're versatile enough for small cards and larger documents like photos.

Overall Take

Versatile, Minimalistic DesignIf you want something minimalistic yet versatile, these petite holders are a good choice.

 Runner Up

Gray Bunny Harp-Clip Weighted Based Place Card Holders, 16-Count

Gray Bunny

Harp-Clip Weighted Based Place Card Holders, 16-Count

Made of steel, these holders come in white, gold or chrome to suit any occasion. Made for small cards, they have a height of 1.5 inches and a design with a round base and a thick clip. You get 16 in a pack.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsConsider this option if you need sturdy holders that come in multiple color options for flexibility.

 We Also Like

Radezon Spiral Base Stainless Steel Place Card Holders, 10-Count


Spiral Base Stainless Steel Place Card Holders, 10-Count

Featuring silver and gold color options, these wire holders come in a pack of 10. They have a simple ring design and are 8.75 inches tall. They look elegant enough for formal events but suit everyday use too.

Overall Take

Simple Yet ElegantThese tall holders have a simple and elegant design that fits both formal and informal gatherings.

 Strong Contender

Toncoo Blank Place Cards & Wire Place Card Holders, 24-Count


Blank Place Cards & Wire Place Card Holders, 24-Count

This all-in-one option includes 24 gold holders alongside 24 cards. The holders come in a simple ring style made of wire. The small cards are white with gold borders, and they come in a tented style.

Overall Take

Convenient CollectionYou'll find this set handy if you're looking for simple holders and the convenience of included cards.

Buying Guide

Place cards are popular for weddings, dinners, parties and other events where table and seat assignments matter. A place card will typically show the guest’s name alongside their place assignment. While some place cards come in a tented format that can stand up, a place card holder has a clip that makes it easy to hold and display any place card on a table. This accessory also suits outdoor settings where the wind could easily blow away loose cards.

You can find place card holders in many shapes and styles. Available in various heights, the most common ones are made of wire and feature a spiral base and a shaped clip on top to secure the card. More low-profile designs are short, made of metal or plastic and resemble thick clips with a weightier base. If you’d like something more unique, there are place card holders with bases that look like small wooden stumps or blocks for a nature theme.

Your event’s theme and the tables themselves can guide you on the type of place card holders to buy. For example, the wooden ones can suit a Thanksgiving dinner, while elegant wire holders that are gold or silver can work well for a wedding. If you plan to seat guests at small tables, going with low-profile clips might be a good option for saving space.

Make sure that the place card holders are sturdy enough and properly sized for your cards. Place cards most often come in a business card size for which manufacturers design the holders. So if you plan to use larger cards, make sure the clip can adequately support them. You’ll also want to choose holders with a height that suits the specific card size and table.

While many options just include the holders themselves, you’ll also come across sets with matching place cards. You might find this convenient if you didn’t already buy cards separately, and it may be a more economical option in some cases. However, you might prefer the flexibility of choosing your own place card style or having some made professionally.

What to Look For

  • Review your guest list before you buy packs of place card holders so that you get enough. You might want to get an extra pack too in case you end up with some last-minute guests.
  • Your budget can guide you on the right type of place card holders to buy. If you need enough for a very large wedding, you might go with something simple to avoid overextending your finances. On the other hand, you might feel more willing to splurge on fancier place card holders if you only need a few packs for a small dinner party. You can always divide the package’s cost by the number of holders to see how much you’d pay for each one.
  • While the place cards displayed will help your guests find their place once they locate the table, still consider having a seating chart. Ideally, you’ll display this near the entrance so guests won’t miss it. When designing the seating chart, you can either list guests’ names by table or use alphabetical order. If you want, you can also have escort cards at the entrance to guide guests to their tables.
  • Some manufacturers include a recommended place card size for their holders. If they don’t, you can get an idea if you look at the product images to see the types of cards shown in the holders.
  • Make sure that you stick the place card securely in the holder’s clip.
  • To avoid confusion, verify that you’ve put the place card holders at the right seats for each guest.
  • Display the place card holders somewhere easy for guests to see, especially if there are other table decorations that get in the way. The text on the cards needs to be easy to read to help guests, so be careful with small text or fonts that make letters look confusing. You should also check for any spelling issues.
  • You can also use place card holders to display photos or notes at an event or in your home. Restaurants may find them useful for holding small menus for diners. 
  • If you have concerns about the place card holder getting bumped over easily or knocked down by the wind, look for something with a heavier base.

More to Explore

When chosen well, your place card holders can both offer helpful guidance to your guests and add some style to the table. However, you can also use them alongside decorations or customize them to provide an even nicer experience for guests.

For example, you might put a small vase with flowers beside the holder or have small decorations nearby related to the event’s theme. Candles can work as well, but you’ll need to make sure they aren’t so close they could set the place card or other table items on fire. Additionally, you can decorate a simple holder with small flowers or paint it to make it look fancier or match the decor better.

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