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The Best Wedding Guest Book

Last updated on October 9, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Wedding Guest Books

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LEMON SHERBET Metallic Floral Polaroid Wedding Guest Book

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Metallic Floral Polaroid Wedding Guest Book

Featuring a gold and white theme, this option can work for any kind of event and features simple lined pages with a floral theme. The 32 pages have gold edges, and you get a few markers for your guests to use.

Overall Take

Versatile and ConvenientThis elegant and versatile guest book comes with a couple of markers for convenience.

 Runner Up

Christian Art Gifts Inspirational Scripture Quotes Wedding Guest Book

Christian Art Gifts

Inspirational Scripture Quotes Wedding Guest Book

This guest book has a white and gold theme and features Biblical quotes on the back and on some of the 160 pages. The cover says "Mr. & Mrs.," and you get a decorative box to keep the book in.

Overall Take

Unique ThemeIf you'd like something with an inspirational theme, consider this guest book for your wedding.

 We Also Like

bloom daily planners Silver Foil Floral Wedding Guest Book

bloom daily planners

Silver Foil Floral Wedding Guest Book

Available with four plant-themed cover styles, this book has 120 pages with simple lines to write messages. The edges of the pages are either silver or gold depending on the style you choose.

Overall Take

Multiple Design OptionsYou'll find this option handy if you want a guest book with a cover and pages featuring a plant or flower theme.

 Strong Contender

WITH LOVE Mr. & Mrs. Better Together Wedding Guest Book


Mr. & Mrs. Better Together Wedding Guest Book

Having an embossed floral cover with a tagline and a gold and white design, this guest book has 160 structured pages for leaving messages and telling your love story. The book has an inspirational theme and a place for a photo.

Overall Take

Structured Page LayoutIf you want something more structured with diverse page types and columned pages for guests, this book can meet your needs.

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a keepsake for your special day, you should consider getting a nice wedding guest book where your guests can leave you special messages. Not only will you be able to reflect back on your wedding when you review the guest book, but it will make it easier to track who joined you on that day. You can also add special touches to the guest book by including pictures from your wedding on the pages.

Many wedding guest books look simple on the outside. They typically feature a sturdy cover with a solid-colored background. White is especially a popular color, but you can also find gold, black and gray guest books. While less common, some guest books have covers that may resemble wood or have a fancy fabric over them.

The cover usually has silver or gold metallic writing on it in an elegant font style. This text might simply say “guest book,” or it could reference the couple by saying “Mr. and Mrs,” “Mrs. and Mrs.” or “Mr. and Mr.” Some wedding guest books also feature a tagline or metallic decorations such as flowers and leaves.

Along with choosing a wedding guest book with a nice cover design, you’ll want to pay close attention to how many pages it contains. Many options have 100 or more pages to suit even large weddings. However, you can always look for options with more pages or even buy an extra guest book if you expect an exceptionally large number of attendees. 

The page layout matters since this affects how everything will be organized and how much space guests have to write in. The simplest pages feature just blank lines without labels, while others look more structured with separate columns for the guest name and the message. If you want something more complex, you’ll find guest books that have separate pages for different types of guests. For example, these could have sections for each partner’s family, attendants and general guests.

It’s common for wedding guest books to have pages for other purposes as well. For example, the book may feature pages dedicated to pre-printed quotes with a certain theme, or it may have pages where you provide facts or special memories about you and your spouse.

What to Look For

  • You should plan to buy some accessories for your wedding guest book. Most importantly, you’ll need to have some pens for your guests to write with, and these may come with some guest books. Make sure the pens show up well and dry quickly so you won’t have smudged writing in the book. You might also want some adhesive dots squares to attach photos to the pages in the guestbook, stickers for decorations and a holder for the pens.
  • It’s good practice to send thank you cards to everybody who attended your wedding. You can reference the wedding guest book to recall the names of attendees and their messages so you can customize your responses.
  • It’s common for a wedding guest book to come in a decorative gift box. This is convenient since the box can protect the book before and after your wedding.
  • You don’t want to spend money on a wedding guest book just to have only a few guests end up signing it. To encourage everybody to participate, make sure you have the guest book displayed somewhere prominently such as at the entrance and perhaps set up a small decorated table showcasing it. You can be more direct and either announce the guest book to the attendees yourself or put up a sign encouraging leaving a message.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the wedding guest book. Make sure the binding is strong so the pages won’t fall out over time. Choose a book with a sturdy cover and thick pages that don’t tear easily or allow ink to bleed through.
  • You can dress up a simple wedding guest book cover by adding a small picture of you and your spouse to the cover. You can also have your names engraved on it or simply use a metallic pen for this. For consistency, try to use a pen that matches the font color of the other cover text.
  • You might wonder what kinds of messages you can expect to see from your guests. While some attendees might just write a general note of congratulations, those who know you more closely will probably leave more personal messages. Generally, you can expect each note to be around one line; however, this can depend on how much space the guest book pages provide per guest.

More to Explore

After your wedding day, you might wonder what you should do with your wedding guest book. You could simply store it away with your other wedding items until you want to look back on it someday. If you do this, make sure you place the book in a protective box and avoid storing it in a damp place.

Alternatively, you could display the guest book on a table or even hang it in a special frame on your wall. If you want something especially interesting, you might create a time capsule with the guest book and other special items belonging to you and your spouse. You could later open it up on a special anniversary.

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